Naagin Season 2 19th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 19th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamini tells maid Uttara that she is doing good deeds by taking care of orphan child/Rocky. She reminds how they killed Rocky’s parents. She goes into flashback where she with Uttara threatens to tell where their son is. They deny. Uttara stabs Rocky’s mother and kills her and Yamini kills father next and tells they will put dead bodies in car and push car from Pachner haveli’s cliff. Out of flashback,Yamini reminds Uttara how they involved Amar and Manav. Uttar says she did it was joke in her style and she enjoyed it. Yamini says now they have to play lots of game more and her real game will start now.

Manav sees Gautami reading novel sitting on sofa and sits in front of her. She notices him and says sorry, she did not see him. He says this novel must be more interesting

than him and asks her for an outing and drink. She says she does not drink. He says they can have ice cream. She says it is very cold. He says then coffee, she must be thinking he is pestering and walks aside and sees Shivangi in front of him and asks what is happening. He says he likes Gautami, but looks hike his love story will end before starting. She asks if he really likes Gautami. He says yes. She says all girls are different and she is sure Yamini will notice him. Rocky hears their conversation and says Sushanth is never serious in love. Sushanth says this time he is serious. Shivangi asks to trust her now. Rocky asks what she will do now. Shivangi says wait and watch. She goes to Gautami and says she should stop thinking of her past and should mingle with the people of her age. Gautami asks if she should mingle with Sushanth. Shivani says yes. Gautami leaves. Rocky says unbelievable, how did she do this how may boys she trapped like this before. She hits him with pillow. He holds her and asks how many times she tried this trick on him. She shyingly hugs him and thinks she forgot yesterday’s issue.

Shivangi meets Rudra and tells him that Yamini saw him in her real form, even then she did not react. He asks if Yamini said anything. She says Yamini wants to take her somewhere tomorrow. He asks her to go with Yamini to know her plan.

Yamini walks into Avantika’s room thinking to get her work done, she needs to make even nagin her mother. She tells Sesha and Avantika that if they know what she felt when she was on the path of death. Sesha asks what..Yamini yells they did not do anything and if she had not tried, she would not have known where nagmani is. She tells she will take Shivani to panchner haveli and force her to pick nagmani, then she will kill her. Shivangi passes by and hears her conversation and realizes Yamini’s plan. Avantika asks if Rudra and his partner will let her do this. Sesha says she does not even have garud kavach now. Yamini says once they come, she will kill see who Rudra’s partner is and will kill them both. Shivangi realizes Yamini did not see her that day. Yamini continues pestering Sesha and Sesha bites her. Yamini collapses saying she is nagin and can bite her. Her body turns blue. Avantika asks what did she do. Yamini wakes up agin her skin turns normal. She asks Sesha what did she do, else she bite her and her bitten person cannot survive. Sesha says she gave her powers and poison cannot harm her. Yamini starts her drama again. Sesha says she gave her powers just for 24 hours until she gets nagmani. They both walk out.

Shivani hears all their conversation, turns into snake and gets on Avantika’s sari. Avanitka thinks issue is slipping from her hands, she does not know what to do. Her aide bee comes and informs that Mahismati raja Vikram woke up. Avantika flies on bees and reaches her palace. Shivangi is seen on her gown.

Rocky gets a call from someone that he is getting entrepreneur of the year award. He excitedly thanks caller and searches Shivangi. He calls her and her phone is in room itself. Sesha comes and asks he must be thinking where Shivani is at midnight. She says he knows dacoits killed Shivangi’s mother and she is very distressed, so she must have gone to cry alone or discuss her distress with a friend and does not want to discuss it with Rocky, so Rocky should not worry, Shivangi will return wherever she is. Rocky smiles and says thanks a lot and walks away.

Sushanth waits for Gautami in lawn. She comes and asks why did he call her. He expresses his love and propses her and then tries to touch her. She pushes him and says this is not love, this is infatuation. They just met, love does not happen instantly, he should take time, it is midight and she will go now. He sadly says good nirght and she leaves.

Avantika walks towards Vikram. Shivangi gets down and hides behind vase. Avantika says Vikram that she cannot wait more, he is back nnow and should wake up. Shivangi reminisces killing Vikram. Avantika’s minister Saroja comes and Shivangi hides. Saroja greets Avantika. Avantika praises her for curing Vikram. Saroja says soon raja will be cured and will wake up. Avantika says Vikram will tell which nag/nagin killed him. Shivangi thinks she killed him. Avantika asks Saroja not to let Vikram out as only he knows a lot of secrets and nobody should know about it, if someone else will know about it, her life will be at risk, so she should not let Vikram out. Saroja says there is someone else along them. Avantika says who entered her palace without her permission and orders bees to search the culprit. Bees sourround snake/Shivangi. Avantika walks towards them and finds no one. Shivangi rushes to jungle and hides and thinks how to escape frm Avantika’s soldiers. Soldiers show a dead snake. Avantika asks to pick it and says someone tried to use this dead snake to get into her palace, find him/her. Shivangi escapes finally.

Sihvangi reaches shiv mandir and tells Rudra and guruji that Vikram will wake up soon and will inform that she is the second nagin. Rudra says they will kill Vikram. Shivangi tells that Vikram knows Avantika’s death secret and if they kill him, they cannot know about it and if don’t kill him, he will reveal her secret, what to do know. Rudra tells about rakhas and god’s story that during their fight, rakshas could not be killed as they are immortal and god’s guru told to capture rakhas team to win the battle. Guruji says if havan fire turns blue, Vikram wakes up. Shivangi says Rocky must be wait for him, so she will go. Rudra says she should be worried about Vikram and not Rocky. Shivangi leaves and reminisces Avantika’s words again and thinks how to stop Vikram from revealing her truth, then thinks she is just worried about Rocky and how will he react if he will know that she is nagin, she cannot lsoe him

Rocky prepares sandwich and juice dinner and waits for Shivangi in lawn. Shivangi without noticing him thinks she forgot keys, how to get into home, she bends to become nagin. Rocky notices her and asks what was she doing down. She says shew as searching her bindi and asks what is he doing here. He says waiting for her and says they did not spend time together and he promised her that he will not ask her where she goes, her dearness only matters to him, so he thought he will make Rocky special sandwich for her. She says she had gone out as she has her past and will inform him when time permits, till then he has to trust her. He says where relationship is, trust is by default and feeds her sandwich.

Saroja sees Vikram not on his treatment bed and worriedly thinks where raja sahib went. Vikram says he is here and asks why she shouted as if a prisoner escaped. Saroja says he was unconscious, so she was worried not seeing him on bed. He says e will go and inform who tried to kill him. She stops him. He says it must be Avantika’s order not to let him, laughs and says Raja does not need anyone’s permission and warns to move aside. Saroja says she cannot disobey rani. Vikram angrily pushes her. She confines him in a web. Vikram shouts now he realized it is rani Avantika’s plan to confine him here. Even he is raja and nobody can stop him. He breaks web and throws bees on her. She shouts in pain. Vikram says he knows Avantika will be happy seeing him and even worried that he will tell her truth. He will go to Panchner and inform everyone who tried to kill him and see if Avantika’s death secret is still present in Panchner.

Guruji with Rudra performs havan and sees havan fire turning blue. He informs Rudra that Vikram is awake now and is around Panchner haveli.

Yamini waits for Shivangi and thinks why she did not come yet, she is waiting for Shivangi since morning. Shivangi comes and asks if she called her. Yamini says yes, she had informed her that they have to go, let us go. Shivangi sees Rudra standing outside window. Yamini asks what happened. Shivangi says she forgot her purse and walks to her room. Rudra informs her that Vikram is around Panchner haveli. Shivangi says even Yamini is taking her to Panchner haveli, there is some secret in it. Rudra says he knows she can handle Yamini alone, but should take his help. She asks him to spy on Shesha and Avantiak. He says he will not let hthem reach haveli. Shivangi thinks she has to know what is in Panchner haveli.

Precap: Avantika says her death secret is in Panchner haveli and nobody knows about it. Rudra tells Sesha that he will get her Rocky and she should get him Shivangi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shakaib

    Episode was nice after so much time, hi nandi di and isaaq di, I reckon that Avantika’s death secret is honey as she is bee so poisoned honey maybe her death secret, I hope they show something hatke this time. Might avantika death create suspense in story.

    1. Nandhini

      Hey shakaib! I think when honey gets over from her honeyyard the queen bee will become powerless and she may die.

      1. Shakaib may happen.. But I want that now they show Hugh voltage drama on this twist at least.

  2. Nice episode but the triangle of love will now become dangerous rudra and Saesha joining hands, Omg

  3. NYC episode

  4. Nice Epi.As I Told Last Week Yamini Doesnt Died.We Hve To Wait Smtme Watchng A Jokes.I Thnk Rudra Wil Kil Vikram & So Shivangi Hve To Find Avantikas Death Secret So Drama Wil Extend Further..

  5. Hei Nandi Did U Present In Chakravartin Asoka Samrat Tely Update Cments??

    1. Nandhini

      No..i comment in SNS and Shani serials.

  6. awesome# episode……..4 suspenses in naagin2 huuurrreeee…….show is becoming so interested day by day!!!!!!

  7. No comment

  8. ye hai tadakta aur bhadakta twist

  9. Awesome Episode, I appreciate Your Team Work, I become Very Exited When I see Your Team Work, Its Very Amazing. Keep It Up Brother.
    If Any One Want To Download All Episode Of Nagin Season 2 Then Click The Bellow Link Thanks

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