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Naagin Season 2 18th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamini taunts Sesha that deaf/Mansi and kids/Aaliya and Rubel escaped from her and she could not do anything. Sesha says they have some power, because of which she could not even touch them. Mansi comes with Rubel and Aaliya and says this Ruchika tried to kill them. Rocky enters and says Shivangi tried to kill them Ruchika’s disguise, he knew from before, so he got raksha kavach from babaji. Sesha thinks that is why she could not harm them. Rocky then goes to Shivangi and they both decide to use Yamini’s puppets against each other to kill each other. Shivangi disguises as Tanya and goes to Jadunath and yells at him that he is so afraid of Shivangi that he is hiding in Yamini’s house. She further says that she even befriended to marry Rocky for nagmani, but did not get nagmani at all.

She doubts he is just a puppet and fit for nothing. Rocky then disguises as jagunath and goes to Tanya and says nagmani is with Sesha and she has to hypnotize her and know where nagmani is. Tanya goes to Shesha and says she wants to befriend her and asks to look into her eyes. Shesha says she sees betrayal in her eyes. Tanya does black magic and hypnotizes Sesha and takes her along. Rocky on the other side goes to Jadunath and tells he wants to talk to him about nagmani and asks to come to his room. Jadunath follows him. Rocky then shows Tanya and Sesha and asks Sesha what happened to her. Sesha does not reply due to hypnotism. Rocky claps and gets Sesha out of hypnotism. He asks Tanya what did she do to Sesha. Tanya says Jadunath asked her to hypnotize Sesha. Sesha grips Tanya. Jadunath asks when did he meet her. Rocky stops Tanya and Sehsa’s fight and says Shivangi wants them to fight. Tanya thinks her guru is playing trick with, now she will see how will play game with her.

Yamini gathers Jadunath and Mahendra and discusses how to grab nagmani. Mahendra says they hid Sesha is takshika nagin and Rocky is also nag. Yamini says even they came to know Rocky’s 27th birthday when he got powers, if he did not know that his wie was nagin. Rocky then asks Mansi to play her game now. Mansi goes to Tanya and tells Yamini, Mahendra, and Jadunath, and Sesha are discussing about nagmani, some takshak lok, and even were discussing to kill Tanya. Tanya gets very angry and heads towards takshak lok to get nagmani. Yamini with puppets goes to Tanya’s room and sees her missing. She asks Jadunath to find out via his black magic where is Tanya. He shows Tanya heading towards takhshak lok. They all follow her. Rocky flies and follows them and then turns into Tanya, thinks he is the next pawn of this game. Shesha says she will kill Tanya. Yamini says let us see who is with her. Shivangi comes. Tanya/Rocky says now only they both have right on nagmani. Shivangi says yes, let us go to takshak lok. Rocky then turns back to himself and hides with Shivangi. Sesha catches real Tanya. Tanya says she brought whole team. Sesha grips her and kills her, then burns her body. Shivangi comes out and says her dear aunt is powerful takshika, but she came into her trap. She says she is nagin and does not kill innocent people. Tanya did not kill anyone, but is a criminal, so she deserved death, so she got her killed via Sesha.

Jadunath reminisces going to Shivangi’s room to find out who is helping her. He takes ash and thinks if there is some clue here, ash will change its color. He does black magic and color does not change. He then goes to Rocky’s room and points ash at Rocky’s cupboard. Color changes. He tries to open cupboard and gets a huge shock and falls down. He then uses his black magic and opens cupboard. He finds nagmani book and reads about nagmani. He then finds pic of snakes and realizes they resemble Rocky and Shivangi and thinks how are takshak and seshnag clan nags be together. He realizes Rocky and Shivangi are together and are acting. He uses black magic and sees Rocky and Sesha in shiv mandir. He thinks to find out what they are up to. Sesha takes Rocky to shiv mandir, shows gurudev and says he is the one who is helping Shivangi, they have kill him. On the other side, Yamini sees Shivangi going into into Mansi’s room and peeps in. She sees Mansi, Rubel, Aaliya discussing that Shivangi and Rocky both killed Ranveer, Manjusha, Tanya and Prithvi and now it is Sesha, Mahendra, and Yamini’s room. She is shocked and thinks Rocky tricked her and now she will how will they play trick with her.

Sesha asks Rocky to go inside Shiv mandir and kill Gurudev. Rocky thinks he can go into shiv mandir, but Sesha cannot, so he will act as unable to step in. He says he cannot enter temple, how will they kill gurudev. Sesha turns into Shivangi, holds Rocky’s hand on her neck and shouts at Rocky not to kill her, she calls Gurudev for help. Gurudev comes out and warns to leave Shivangi. Sesha turns into herself and grips gurudev and throws him in air. Rocky thinks how to save gurudev. He holds gurudev and says they have to spare and capture Shivangi’s wazeer/minister/backbone to trap her. Shivangi silently watches everything hiding. Jadunath also watches hiding and thinks if Rocky is Shivangi’s enemy or is just acting. Sesha with Rocky takes Gurudev to a cave and wait for Shivangi. Rocky ties Gurudev with his magical powers and thinks he is helpless. Shivangi comes there. Rocky shouts if she came to die. Shivnagi realizes Rocky is acting and fights with Rocky. Rocky stabs Shivangi. Jadunath hiding behind pillar smiles that Rocky and Shivangi are acting. Shivangi creates storm and takes Gurudev away. Jadunath thinks he has to inform Sesha that Rocky is with Shivangi, but should wait. Sesha sees Shivangi and Gurudev missing and shouts.

Precap: Rocky stabs Shivangi repeatedly wth trishul and says he is tired of her, he does not care if she is alive or dead. She says he is lying why… Rithik comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Will miss Adaa’s adaa?
    Overacting Ki dukaan ‘s overacting
    Naaglok ‘s naagin
    And the most important the sat-sun 8-9 pm schedule ?

  2. tania-the fairy

    I also think so s3 can be the story of takshak nd shesh clan where we can see Arjun as sangram singh.

  3. tania-the fairy

    s3 can be the story of sangram singh nd shivanya s parents

  4. The story is not much understanding. It is shivangi who was stabbed, why because she said rocky. It is not sangram singh, if he is sangram singh, then he saw shivanya, replica of shivangi or the naagin. Why won’t he recognize her. Very confused. But rocky killing shivangi with huge trishul is really bad. The blood was not true I know but really sad. Anyone would die immediately if big trishul is pierces in their stomach. Something fishy. I am waiting to see the next episode. They should reveal the secret this week.

    1. Yes pranay it was Shivangi not her replica
      Rocky was crying while killing her so it might be for saving naagmani
      The makers will reveal the secrets in s3 not next week because they want us to watch s3 like we did s1 n 2
      Maybe it’s a kind of naagmani pooja which involves the sacrifice of a suryavanshi, can it be?

    2. Oohoo pranay Ur dp even my head is blowing up like a hot air balloon ?
      When will ur ff be published.?

  5. I got the latest news. Naagin 3 is the story of takshak and sesh nag naagins. The precap we saw is the story of naagin 3. U can find it in naagin(tv series) Wikipedia page. Mouni, adaa, arjun, karanvir, will potray leads in s3. I am confused. I think adaa khan will be takshika earlier too or sister of shivangi/sesh naagin. It will end on 25th june. Want to see naagin 3 promo. We thought it would be shivangi’s daughter story again but it is story if naag/naagins clans. Then it was informed poonam narula goel will be Anky 2’wife. How she enters naagin 3. Or will she be a villain related to Arjun bijlani.

    1. This states the n3 will have arjun adaa kvb mouni as main characters
      Yes it might the highlights of s3 or maybe this season

    2. i don’t think naagin 3 will by Shivangi’s daughter becuz she was not pregnant at the end of naagin 2 and if she was Pregnant Rocky kill her with trishul

  6. Harshita

    Hmm i think the Precap is about the story of those nag-naagin which were on nagmani book……season 3 can be their story and may be the person as ritik is sangram singh

  7. The one whom rocky killed could be sesha in shivangi avatar as her eyes turned red while it captures ritik face.the one in rithik avatar could be shivangi

  8. Anu
    We are waiting for next episode and also waiting for n3. I am totally confused why sangram singh appear in promo of the last epidose of n2 and why rocky kill shivangi.

  9. One thing I always recall is, in season 1 Shiva give boon to Shivanya that she will be “sada suhagan”. How this statement can be false? I think for that reason they bring back the Ritik.


    If any girl with name shraddha comment its not me as i use my full name

  11. Excuse…….

    Naagin s2 Ka Last Episode Kab He Please Mujhe 8320244788 par Msg Kijiye

  12. What’s there to message u can find it anywhere
    Specially here

  13. Hi Amaara
    How r u dear seeing u commenting for the first time in TU

  14. Hi frnds plz note that my comment will only have green n yellow pattern dp
    Any other commenting in my name with any other colour or pattern of dp is not me


    Naagin 2 will telecast at 7pm tomorrow


      And may be day after tomorrow will be its last episode

  16. Jia

    Hi friends
    Eid Mubarak in advance to all
    Im really happy and eager to welcome eid
    And waiting to see our show as well

    1. Assalamualaikum jia
      Same here
      Eid mubarak in advance to all of u

  17. I heard that Rocky will be killing Shivangi & he will marry Ruchika/Sesha.

    1. Rocky will kill Shivangi
      But marrying shesha is not.known maybe that will happen

  18. Guys, I am back after 3 days. As I have studies, I am unable to read and comment, but waiting for the twist. I have written naagin updates upto 7 episodes with pics. Read them and comment, atleast with the hope that someone will read them, I have written them, i will write all updates in two days and publish. My site is vusit it bye.

  19. Eager for today’s episode
    Oooooooo my favourite n fantabulous show will end this week
    Hi everyone I think n2 has more fans than any other show?

  20. The promo shows Shivangi’s eyes ? red with Ritik’s pic
    Maybe that’s Shesha

  21. sudip senchury

    sabghi lai kina rocay la mareko

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