Naagin Season 2 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamini is shocked to see that Shivangi is icchadhari nagin and shouts to stay away. Shivangi says today she will die for killing her mother by tricking her. Yamini walks behind. Shivangi grips Yamini in her tail and throws her from cliff. Yamini falls down into jungle. Shivanggi then goes to severely injured Rudra and asks why did he risk his life. He say for her, she wanted to take revenge. Shivangi says he is totally burnt. Rudra says he cannot tolerating burning and collapses. Shivangi reminisces Guruji telling she can save a human with her poison. She spits poison on her hand and drops it into Rudra’s mouth. Rudra’s body turns blue and then heals. Rudra wakes up. Shivangi cries that she thought she would lose her.

Next morning, Rudra and Shivangi reach shiv mandir.

Guruji says whenever evil comes on earth, god also comes to finish it, this time god came into Shivangi and finished Maheeshasur and Yamini. He also praises Rudra for being Shivangi’s true friend. Shivangi says there is no other true ichadhari nag friend like Rudra. She then says she will go home. Rudra stops her and says they have to find ways to kill Shesha nagin and queen bee Avantika, by now everyone would have known that Yamini is missing. Shivangi says she is more worried about Rocky as he cannot tolerate badi maa’s death.

Rocky and whole family search Yamini in whole house and does not find her. Rocky’s aunt says even she will search Yamini, but what if she herself has hidden and does not want to come out. Rocky asks Sushanth to hire private detectives to find badi maa. Sushanth says his friend Abhishek knows detectives and calls his friend. Three private detectives come and meet Sushanth. Sushanth says they have to find badi maa at any cost. Detectives ask to accompany them. Gautami returns home and Rocky asks where is Shivangi. Gautami says Shivangi went to temple and thinks she lied and don’t know where she is. Avantika and Shesha hear all their conversation and discuss that Yamini must have gone to Panchner haveli. Avantika says her powers won’t work in haveli, but they have to find out Yamini. Sesha says they animals will find out Yamini and leave towards haveli

Rocky calls police over phone, but they ask to wait for 24 hours before filing complaint. Rocky says what do they mean and insists to search Badi maa right now. Shivangi returns home. Rocky hugs her and says where did she go, she is a strength to him, Badi maa is missing and he wants her to accompany him to police station to find badi maa with police. Sushanth says she feels his parents were murdered by someone. He says after seeing Manav and other’s murders, even he feels so and will find out truth after finding badi maa. Shivani walks away with him.

Sesha and Avantika reach cliff from where Shivangi threw Yamini. Sesha says she can smell Yamini somewhere around, steps on gurud kavach and feels shock. Avantika picks garud kavach and says someone took it out from Yamini and tried to harm her, this cliff is near panchner haveli.

Susanth with detectives search Yamini in jungle. Detectives act weird and one of them tells Sushanth that he saw badi maa the other side. Rocky with Shivangi and police search Yamini in police jeep. He says this jungle is behind panchner haveli Inspector says this jungle is very dangerous and even they come here only during emergency. Avantika and Sesha see them and turn into snake and bees. Constable run away from there. Sesha says Avantika let us search Yamini. Detectives take Sushanth near godown and turn their head 360 degrees. Sushanth collapses seeing this. They take her into godown. At Mahismati palace, Avantika’s minister continues treating Vikram when Vikram gains consciousness. Minister calls Avantika and asks her to come back soon as Vikram is back.

Rocky returns home with Shivangi. Inspector comes and says they found a burnt dead body and they suspect it is of Yamini and shows burnt sari. Aaliya says this is badi maa’s sari. Rocky starts crying how will he live without badi maa. Sesha and Avantika also reach and get disheartened hearing Yamini is dead. Yamini enters. Shivangi is shocked and thinks how can she be alive, she has seen her as nagin and will expose her, hides behind curtain. Yamini goes and hugs Rocky. Rocky cries not to leave him alohe says she will never go away from her. She calls their old maid and says she saved her. Rocky identifies her and says she is their old maid Uttara kaaki and they learnt to eat Maharastrian food because of her. Sesha tells why did Yamini brought old maid Uttara. Avantika says Yamini is up to something. Rocky asks Robin to inform Sushanth. Robin calls Sushanth and Sushanth is seen normal with detectives telling there was nothing in godown except dogs.

Shivangi informs Gautami whole story and says why did not Yamini expose her. Gautami says Yamini must be up to something and may want to expose her in front of everyone. Rudra comes and says same. Shivangi tells him about Uttara. Rudra asks her to stay away from her and be careful. Shivangi gets tensed and tries to walk out of room when Rocky enters and clashes with her. He says let us meet Badi maa now. Shivangi gets tensed, but follows him. Yamini speaks and tells she wants Shivangi to accompany her with Uttara somewhere. Rocky says she will come, her life is for her. Yamini asks them to go now as she wants too rest. They both walk out.

Yamii checks herself in mirror and does her usual overacting. Sesha and Avantika enter and Yamini shouts why did they hide that nagmani is in Panchner haveli. Sesha says she does not know where nagmani is and asks what happened yesterday night. Yamini tells she went to panchner haveli and found nagmani there. Rudra with his partner attacked her. She ran towards cliff. When she is about to see Rudra’s partner’s face, she/he spit something on her face and she got blind and could hear just sound, means she did not see Shivangi’s face. Uttar and her team found her in jungle and healed her with jadi booti and made a plan to make her accident look like a car accident.

Uttara applies medicine to Yamini’s forehead. Yamini shouts that she will not spare those 2 nagins and will kill them She continues her drama.

Precap: Yamini tells Avantika and Sesha that she will go to panchner haveli and force Shivangi to get nagmani, the will kill her. Shivangi hears her conversation. Avantika tells her minister that once Vikram is awake completely, she will ask him what secret he knows about her. Shivangi tells Rudra that Virkam knows Avantika’s biggest truth. Shivangi is in room with Rocky and her skin changes to snake skin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. why did nt yamini die she is a hell I hate her and even in last episode she was shocked see shivangi and now she says she don t know the other naagin

  2. Hey guys how are you……………………….
    Nice ki yamini ko kuch nahi dikha……warna shiwangi ka to band baj jata…..thank God bacha liya bt ye yamini maregi KB ye to shesha r awntika se v bdi dayan hai jldi to ni Marne wali bt so funny drama ……..interesting

  3. Naagin 1 is much better for me
    Miss you RIVANYA..more
    Naagin 2 is good but not as much as Season 1..
    And other friends which is best
    Naagin 1 or Naagin 2

    1. I think Naagin 1 was much much better than Naagin 2. In the first season, i was eager for every episode though they dragged a little bit at the end. But this season isn’t that sensible.The start was good but no longer that attractive. I seriously miss Naagin-1.

  4. Bro shivangi says that shivanaya ki beti shivangi aaj tuje maregi

  5. Naagin 1 is best for me and missing RIVANIYA

    1. Me 2 all those moments together I mean rivanya was true romance rocky and shivangi their not even close to rivanya romance

  6. Episode was ok

  7. Dhrubajyoti Nath

    Naagin season1 was best one. Naagin 2 is boring day by day.

  8. Ya right friend but yamini’s drama is interesting

  9. This yamini is irritating marti hi nahi. Nd i don’t like this rocky at all. Season 1 was awesome nd 2 is boring.

  10. Season 1 is super

  11. Season 2 is boring. Couple is boring as is the story. Yes rudra n shivangi have chemistry. They look good together. But Rocky….now if anyone should die it’s him. And this vikram twist???? What’s up with that???? NO story no cute romance nothing. Season 1 rocked. Season 2 Rocky.

  12. Hey guys i am new here, i am a very big fan of Nagin but i am not liking this season 2 at all

  13. But still i like yaminis acting, it will be good she doesnt die now she makes the show enjoyable even though she is evil

  14. Shree Raichand

    Naagin 1 was far better than the season 2. Something is missing in this serial

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