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Naagin Season 2 18th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shesha reaches home and searches Shivangi. Shivangi comes later. Rocky’s cousins ask Shivangi to play a game with them. Shivangi says she will change and come. Another cousin ask her to bring bhaiya along. Shivangi leaves towards her room. Sesha thinks Shivangi came late, means she is nagin, she will not let Shivangi play with Rocky’s life. Anki 2 takes Yamini in a car. Yamini asks where is he taking her. He says her pet animals Sesha, Avantika and blackmagician Kapalika cannot harm nagin at all, so he is taking her to his guru Mahish. She panics and starts her usual drama. He calls her south indian actress and warns to keep her mouth shut. They reach cave. Yamini does her usual overacting. Anki 2 throws somethig on floor and calls his guru. Half human/half

buffallo Mahish emerges. Anki 2 requests him to give him something that he can identify the nag staying around him. Mahish gives him beetle nut kinda thing and says ichadhari nag’s nails will turn red if this mani is taken in front of it. Yamini takes mani from Anki 2 and says she will test it.

Shivangi goes to her room. Rocky starts scolding her that he will not ask her where did she go leaving him in the middle of road. He knows whom she went to meet. She is planning to ruin Aliya’s life with her boyfriend Rudra, but he will not let it happen. He walks out and stops seeing Rudra speaking to someone over phone. Rudra over phone tells that he is marrying Aaliya to get her property and says he can buy anything after marriage. He then tells Shivngi does not know about his plan, she is a fool to trust him and is divorcing her husband. He made divorce papers for Shivangi and she cannot disobey him. Rocky is shocked. Rudra then goes to Shiangi and tells her what he did.

Youngsters gather family to play antakshari game. An usual drama happens. Rocky takes Aaliya aside and asks her not to marry Rudra as he is not a good guy. Aaliya says Rudra may not be a good guy for him, but he is perfect for her. On th other side, Yamini stops Sesha and starts her overacting. Sesha calls her overacting ki dukan and asks to stop her drama. Yamini revoles mani around her and says she can now identify ichadhari nagin with this mani, Sehsa’s fingers have turned red. Sesha says what drama is this and asks her to prove Shivangi iis chadhari nagin. They both go to kitchen. Sesha tells Shivangi that Yamini wants to have lassi. Yamini sees Shivangi’s nails carefully and says they are so beautiful, if she does anything to them. Shivangi says nail arts sometimes and prepares lassi. Sehsa says her supari/mani failed and asks her to try something else. Yamini takes out her rudra mani locket and tells Shivangi that it is her family locket and wants to give it to her. She dorns locket in Shivangi’s neck. Rudra watches everything standing at a distance. Nothing happens to Shivangi. Shivangi returns locket and says it looks good on Yamini itself and leaves. Yamini tells Sehsa that she told Shivangi is not icchadari nagin.

Rudra takes Shivangi aside and asks why did not Yamini’s rudramani did not work on her. Shivangi says she knew Yamini and her puppet would do same, so she met guruji and goes into flashback. Guruji tells only one thing can help her now. If she loses her skin, she will lose all her powers. Shivangi says she can do anything to get justice to her mother. Guruji chants mantras while Shivangi removes her skin with great difficulty. Guruji keeps skin in a box and asks her to keep it safe, one she wants her powers back, to wear it back.

Rudra goes and sits with Yamini’s whole family. Rocky brings advocate Shirvastava and tells Rudra that he brought his father. Shirvastava says Rudra is not his son. Rudra says he is not his father. Rocky asks who is he then, why did he come here. Rudra says to take over Aaliya’s property. Aaliya is shocked and yells he broke her heart and to get out of her sight. Rocky asks Rudra to leave and pushes him out of house. Aaliya sits crying.

Anki 2 goes to Yamini’s room and asks why did she send her nagmani’s key/Rudra. She tells she will get nagmani and Rudra will help them, but they have to give equal share to Rudra. Anki 2 agrees.

Rocky tells his cousin they should give some gift to Aaliya to calm her down and gets a gold antique piece and searches box for it. He goes to room and finds Shivangi’s box with skin in it. He throws skin from window and takes box. Sesha sees full moon night and rests on garden swinger thinking her powers will increase under moonlight. She finds skin and thinks this is definitely skin of nag who was pestering them, now she will take revenge.

Precap: Shesha burns Shivangi’s skin. Shivangi feels burning and tells Rocky that her whole body is burning. He takes her under cold shower. Yamini takes Rudra near nagmani and asks him to pick it. Sesha watches hiding.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good interesting episode love you shivangi

  2. I dont understand why Rocky is irritating so much..! He’s just there to demand??. M sorry but really fallen for Rudra n rudrangi pair ?????? the part where he pulls her aside ?.. N yesterday’s temple scene..?

  3. Hi all. Oh please unite Shivangi and Rocky. Make Rocky trust Shivangi again. What will happen to Rudra next day?? He will surely get caught.


    Nthing doing just dragging show with bad graphics and slow repeating story.. the show has lost its charm and crazy fans, which would never ever missed seadon 1 but now watching this show or reading feels just waste of time.. infect it was story and graphics and chemistry of shivanya and ritik who made show 1 on trp and even it got 2 times increase (march and then till june) but now i feel it should end before tym as show is revolving round and round without any motive


      I m sorry if my words hurt unintentinally anyone feeling related to season 2 of naagin

    2. Nandhini

      Totally agree with you yaar!

      1. Alia123khan

        Hi everyone! Totally right shraddha. Rocky doesn’t make sense anyway. Rudra+shivangi look sizzling hot together. Plz makers make rudra fall for shivangi. Then let go sesha with rocky. I don’t mind.
        Hi nandhini!!?

      2. Nandhini

        Hii Alia!!??

    3. Yes u are totally right shraddha….


      Thanks for support

  5. Shivangi+Rudra osm pair…
    Love their chemistry. ..Soooooooo hootttt.. handsome….perfect…
    Rocky name itself is like of a DOG
    May b in future he turns into icchhadhari kutta. ..
    Who knows… with all such rollercoaster twists and turns anything is possible. …
    Really the old Naagin charm has lost…
    Rivanya was bestestest…..
    Shivanya’s hesitance love fear obsession care revenge hatred and so many other emotions were so… beautifully expressed and same 4 Ritvik he was a loving hot handsome hubby and also a no.1 flirt and cud make us smile in whatsoever situation and in total it deserved 2 B luved 2 such gr8 extent
    But Rocky and Shivangi pairing in Season2 is such a crap and waste that i feel like vomiting when seen them 2gether
    But still Rudra and Shivangi pair has the sole and sole potential 2 keep Naagin our fav naagin on top 4ever….
    Pls makers dont 4 Nageshvar’s sake at least don’t disappoint its loyal viwers…
    And present storyline is really really gr8 and better than any other serial inspite of being supernatural the show appears more natural as compared to other so called real like storylines …

    Pls pls pls unite Rudrangi
    They are the best ……
    Rudra is so so so dashing and handsome that his jst one sight makes me fall 4 him all over again and again and again..
    And his intelligence and selflessness makes him just perfect as the lead…

    1. Sathyasree venkat

      Ssss.rocky and shivangi pair is worst


      Ha ha ha icchadari dog.. ??????

    3. What a comment yaar juhi!!!!?????????

  6. And the acting of the villains are also beyond words jst splendid…
    4 the 1st time I don’t feel hatred 4 them
    Every one including Anky Shesha Kapalika…and specially Yamini…. She adds to the special fun statement of this serial…
    All the supporting actors are also wonderful and so… real…
    But the worstestest part or actor is Rocky. ..
    No expressions at all…
    Be it fun tension romance fear anger or whatever. … his only sad latka hua face ADORES the screen ???????
    He’s a real dumbo….

  7. shivani kumari

    Why rocky is not trusting on shivangi.
    what happens in next episodes .i am very exited to know what happens in next episode.
    i love you mouny roy. You are my favourite actress.

  8. Nandhini

    Hii Alia! Hi Utkarsh!?? well…so many ideas for a naagin snake to hide her identity!??
    Dear producers,, cant you see ur fans rage and requests???!!! We dont want anymore rocky and shivangi’s scenes together!!??
    I reckon in next episode gurudev will perform a special pooja and he will get a new snake skin for shivangi!??


      Ha ha ha ha????
      Even this season guru and guru maa do not leave any impression, they more look like agori sadhu but in season 1 even they had class and what a dialogue delivery they use to did..

    2. Hi nandhini!!!! Totally agree with ur words… I cnt understand, in season 1 also, shivanya shed her naagin skin but nothing like this ( losing her powers and all) happened…. But how come suddenly shedding skin makes loss of power???….
      Who knows, gurudev’s puja for new naag skin might land up shivangi in another sea world with fightings with sharks and whales???….
      Rudra rocks… Rocky sucks…..


        Utkarsh leaving skin on full moon light that is on purnima do not decrease their power according to present sadhu

    3. Nandhini

      Yes Shraddha this new guru dev and kapaalika are more looking like agoris and they lack in the way they are doing their job! Season 1 guru maa and guru dev were the best who brought us chills with their brilliant performances! So many things are so poorly delivered in season 2…only Rudra’s character is a ray of hope to watch…i doubt even that wont last for long as they may turn him negative and spoil everything…instead of dragging the show with buffalo man,, anky 2,, silly fights between yamini and shesha, etc., they can show the intekaam to be completed quickly by shivangi and rudra and just wrap up the show on a good note! Its just simple…they must find a way to remove the protective garud/maheesh manis from the killers and kill them all at once instead of waiting for an opportunity and killing them one by one….they can show like this…like…those killers cannot be killed by naag/naagins because of the protective lockets right?? But they can be killed in other ways…like shivangi can keep a bomb in their rooms or mix some poison (i mean not snake poison but drug poison) in their food or creating electric shocks or of some kind similar to that and kill them…only shesha and avantika cannot be killed easily as they already have super powers…then they can show a war between them in the climax and after a serious supernatural battle,, they can end on a positive note of good wins over evil and intekaam completed…
      Utkarsh seriously that may happen as you mentioned?? and they will drag this show by shivangi gaining and losing her powers repeatedly throughout this season!!


        Nailed the ans nandini.. but they will definately bore us… atleast till March

      2. Well said nandhini….. The makers should focus more on shivangi’s inteqaam than introducing craps like bull men….. That poison thing u said can be easily done to kill all except maybe shesha nd avantika…. But they can be also killed in final battle…. Truly rudra is the only hope to watch besides shivangi…. I wanted rudra to go and bite rocky after rocky threw him outside the house…. Hate this rocky….
        Yes shraddha now i remember, shivanya shed her skin on poonarmaasi so that she didnt loose her powers….

      3. Nandhini

        @Shraddha: Till march?!! Rather it would be better if the producers kill us by sending naagins direcyly to our homes!??
        @Utkarsh: Thank you dude!??


        If they will do so than Nandini, I would perfer to have selfi and photos with naagins.. ??????
        And will tell the writers to write story… ???

      5. Nandhini

        Hahaha?? selfie with Naagins!???? good one Shraddha!


        Thanks nandini

  9. Beyond doubt rudrangi is the best. But I guess rocky and shivangi will unite because in the next episode they show both of them getting very close

  10. what so ever rivanya was the best and i wish they ring back arjun again in season 2 replacing rocky the so called lead role but as u said he will perfectly fit for the role of icchadari kutta

  11. Hy everyone can I join naagin family . I love nagin a lot even if it doesn’t get tr trp I love the show sudha mams acting fab

    1. Nandhini

      Everyone are welcome to comment about naagin anytime here friend?

  12. Ichhadhari kutta haahahaha perfectly suits him …!!

  13. i just love rudra. he is splendid . hope rudra and shivangi pair up as lovers . this rocky doesn’t replace rithik character in season 1 but rudra does . hope this rocky should quit the show and script somehow clearing path for rudrangi or ruvangi. i love love their sizzling romance they are admirable to see together . and in this season the makers were forgetting naagin’s character and powers in season 2 as their naagins can talk through telepathy like sesha and shivanya does in season 1 and their shedding of skin doesn’t mean of lossing powers and under fullmoon light they can’t withstand in humanform unlike sesha is resting under moon but this is halfmoon.
    hope rudra and shivangi chemistry is seen.

  14. Are yaar can’t wait 4 Saturday. …
    Naagin episodes shud increase atleast trice a week
    Instead of showing all crap like sasural simar ka and the super dragging kasam colours can DONATE 1 hr 4 the entertainment of its loyal viwers…..

    And pls pls makers don’t turn Rudra negative pls…..
    And the precap was such a crap worst
    Rocky bathing Shivangi…
    Yuck. ……??????
    And it’s confirm again RUDRA wud save Shivangi by bringing that skin back 2 her
    But still shivangi is not grateful to Rudra. …..
    And wastes tym on crying 4 that nonsense dumbo icchhadhari kutta(Rocky) who doesn’t hve brain or budhhi….
    Really I want Rudrangi jodi. ….
    Their pair is sooo….. hottt…. sizzling… and interesting…
    The care 4 each other is perfectly visible in their eyes…..
    Rudra understands Shivangi without any words without any telepathy….
    And when Rudra was about to die….
    I saw the same feelings in Shivangi’s eyes as were Shivanya’s 4 Ritvik…
    And that dance….splendid…..
    And somewhere Rocky appeared like Shesha that day….. Jst exactly same facial expressions…..

    So friends I request u all to reply or atleast say ME 2 to this comment to make everyone know how badly the viewers want RIVANYA BACK IN THE FORM OF RUDRANGI….Pls pls pls….

    1. Nandhini

      Metoo! I want Rudrangi!! Hate the precap!!…i have decided not to watch the whole episode because of that one stupid scene!..that rocky is getting into my nerve and spoiling my interest to watch the episode!

    2. I really REALLY want rocky to be the 6th killer???…. Hope the makers make him the killer and unite rudrangi??

    3. Hii yaar can I join ?… Me too.. U know what’s making me to watch this show is just for Rudra n Shivangi…. N Rudra my god he is looking killer? I hve just gone mad just can’t wait for weekend ..but I hope serial people focus him..they give rocky cool jackets n all.. Pure show-off krta h KV ?
      Shivangi is acting strangely she isn’t concerned vo bechara apni insult kra rha h us dumb rocky se sucking poison from her saving her so many times but Shivangi wants to cry hearing Rocky’s nonsense .. I m hating rocky.. Why they have married shivngi n rocky just after 4 days love story.. Rocky is the only part irritating lyk hell when even anki2 n that Buffalo make you laugh huh

  15. me too. just hate rocky. can’t think of watching the show anymore if shivangi comes to know rocky is good and start loving him, keeping rudra aside

  16. Shivangi will save Rudra again too.. Then she ll faint Rudra will help her again.. These guyz are helping each other and they don’t share any dialogue talking about their friendship.. Yaar koi to scene ho where they sit n talk.. Shivangi can atleast express Rudra is doing so much for her without any relationship.. M not gonna watch that bathroom scene n if she starts ignoring Rudra ?

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