Naagin Season 2 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamini is shocked to see Shivangi, Shivanya’s replica. She turns and sees even Shivanya there and realizes Sesha lied her. Shivangi gets out of temple and Yamini’s goon shoots her. She falls down. Shivanya runs towards Shivangi and pleads people for help. Yamini thinks she was searching Shivanya’s child since so many years, how can she kill her, only Shivanya’s daughter can get her nagmani. Rocky brings car and gets Shivangi into car. Shivanya sits with er. Even Yamini sits next to Rocky by hiding her face.

Shivangi’s fiance/street fighter’s car breaks down in jungle. Shesha comes there and insists to fight with her. He says he does not fight with women. She punches him and waarns how dare he is to beat her boyfriend, she loved only two

people in life, earlier Rithik and now Rocky. She shows her nagin form and strangulates him with her extended hand and throws him down. He runs. She becomes snake and follows him, grips him, and ties him head down to a tree. She says she is sparing him so that he should not forget her terror. She throws him down and leaves.

Shivangi is brought to hospital. Doc operates and removes her bullet, but her condition deteriorates. Doc tells he cannot save Shivangi if she does not get conscious in 4 hours. Rocky tells Yamini that he met Shivangi just a few days ago, but loves her a lot. Yamini realizes that bullet was laced with most powerful snake Sesha’s poison and Shivangi may die.

Shivanya goes to temple and prays shivji. Saadhu comes and says she cannot change fate. Shivanya pleads to save her daugher somehow, she is shivji’s big disciple and shivji cannot do injustice to her. Saadhu says she has to do rudra tandav/dance and make shivji happy. Shivanya says she used to do tandav when she was nagin, now she is human and with age,human becomes weak, but she will do tandav for her daughter. She starts dancing and convinces Shivji. A snake enters Shivangi’s room and sucks poison from her body. Shivangi wakes up calling maaa..

Doc informs Yamini that Shivangi is fine now. Rocky comes back and Yamini says he brought Shivangi on time and saved her on time, now she will get his and Shivangi’s marriage. Rocky happily hugs her. Shivanya comes back and nurse says her daughter is fine now. Doc says Shivangi’s critical condition was because of poison and not bullet. Rocky comes and Shivanya thanks him for bringing Shivangi to hospital on time and says she also wants to meet his badi maa/Yamini and thank her. He goes and informs Yamini that Shivangi’s mom wants to meet her. Yamini nervously nods yes. Shivanya walks towards her but nurse calls her and she goes back. Yamini relaxes.

Rocky and Yamini return back home. Yamini tels Rocky in front of everyone that she will get him married to his love and asks her relative to arrange to feed 1000 poor people. Rocky praises her generosity and says even if he becomes 5% like her, his life’s motto will be fulfilled. Yamini goes to her room. Sesha comes and shouts how can she get Rocky married to someone else. Yamini says Rocky loves that girl and she will marry him to that girl for his happiness. Sesha takes snake form. Yamini tells her that Shivanya is alive and Rocky loves Shivanya’s daughter Shivangi, so Rocky will marry Shivangi for sure. Sesha gets back to human form and continues. Yamini scolds her and asks to go now. Sesha leaves.

Sesha reaches Shivanya’s house and enters Shivangi’s room, but does not find her on bed. She angrily throws things and sees Shivanya and Shivangi’s photo. She shouts Shivanya fooled her, she loves Rocky so much and now Shivanya’s daughter is snatching Rocky from her, she will not let that happen. She shouts Shivangi where are you.

Shivangi is seen waiting for Rocky in a park. Rockycomes. Rain starts. Phir le aya dil….song.. from film burfi the background. They both run under a tree but gets drenched. He holds her. Their romance starts. He asks why did she call him here. She says she was told he called her here. They both realizes that their friends fooled them and laugh. She hugs him. He asks to tell the words people usally tell in this environment. She says chai and pakora. He asks what. She says in rain people remember chai and pakoras and runs laughing. He calls her and laughs.

Sesha shouts years ago Shivanya snatched Rithik from her and now her daughter is snatching Rocky now, she will not let that happen. She sees calender and sees 24th and realizes tomorrow is 25th…She leaves Shivangi’s room as snake. Shivangi enters her room and sees all things shattered. Shivanya also comes and asks what happened. Shivangi says she does not know, she had gone to meet Rocky. Shivanya sees broken photoframe and thinks someone had come here, if Mahishmatis sent someone. She asks Shivangi to call Rocky and tell that she needs to talk to his badi maa. Shivangi calls Rocky and tells maa wants to talk to his badi maa. Rocky informs Yamini. Yamini thinks what if Shivanya identifies her her voice. She asks Rocky to bring water and speaks to Shivanya in a different voice. Shivanya tells she wants to meet him tonight and wants to fix Shviangi’s marriage within 2 days. Yamini says she can come. Rocky brings water. Tamini informs Rocky that his sasumaa is coming here.

Shivanya happily tells Shivangi that her papa will come…Shivangi says she told her papa died in a car accident 25 years ago, why did she lie. Shivanya turns over. Shivangi asks to tell truth.

Precap: Sesha breaks mahishamati wall shouting 25 years are over. Yamini tells Sesha she does not need her as she got someone else who will bring nagmani for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Avishi

    nyc episode but how ritwik will come???


    Confusing series… it look as if this season will end within few episodes…
    As 3 din ek episode me pass ho gye or next episode me 25 yrs pure bhi ho gye jab ki 25 yrs hone me first episode me 25 days the or aaj ya fir next week me pure ho bhi gye… and yamini is more young than shivanya, how come???…
    Too much confusion in this series as it is running so fast as if it will end before october ends..

    1. U R right shraddha i also gets confused that is it naagin series or not it looks a total different story compared 2 naagin 1 In 2days episode i wish in the place of rocky if rithik would be there it would be more interesting 2 watch BIGGEST QUESTION IS THAT IS RITHIK ALIVE OR NOT? I THINK LOT OF SUSPENSES, TWISTS ,TURNS WILL BE THERE IN UPCOMING EPISODES anyways lets see wat happens nxt moreover its a ektas show anything can happen


        May be nayana…

    2. Avishi


  3. Wow!!!? its just 9: 04 and you posted the update…. Thanks a lot… Can anyone explain to me the end part of the episode when shivanya and shivangi were talking about ritik????? By the update it sounds like there’s a probability of ritik coming back???!!!…


      May be there is possiblity.. as during ritik’s dead his body was not shown by face and some people were behind them before shivangi birth, there is chances of being ritik alive as i feel that only due to ritik only shesha is out from clutches of mahishmaties and yamini is alive..

  4. Shreya Shandilya

    Well nice episode… But one confusion… Earlier, I mean 2 episodes earlier it was 1 mnth left for her birthday and now its just 2 days left…??? How come..??? ??

  5. Wow rithik returns??☺!!!!
    Guys Pls include me in ur naagin family pls..
    I’m also the dying fan of naagin


      Welcome darshini…
      And your name is nice

      1. Thank you shraddha I 2 luv ur name dear
        And say 4 replying u late

  6. Got a gut feeling that there will be werewolves in this season, taking revenge for the death of that wolf of first episode?….


      Wolf??? When was wolf in this season or even in 1 season?? I did not remember??

      1. Arre that wolf in the cave which shivangi killed


        No plz… its might be that mahishmaties people clan who are behind her.. as people were trying to kill ritik and shivanya before shivangi’s birth…

  7. Siddhi

    Seriously 1 month was left for 25 years to complete and now it is some hours left

  8. How yamini s alivelive? &what s her age now?

  9. Nice episode & eager to watch upcoming episode.Rocky’s hairstyle is not so cool.He was dashing in the role of viraj.Yamini looks young than shivanya.Sesha is damn gorgeous…I like her beauty,style,acting everything then shivanya

  10. achha to h rubber ki tarah khinchne wale serials se better h

  11. Yes Shraddha …there was a wolf in first episode which was killed by shivangi..and how come 28 days passed so early??

  12. Vincy

    It is getting interesting day by day

  13. I want my rithik back with dashing style and marvellous entry
    Not like shivani…bold

  14. Guys sesha will say to yamini that rember u came back from death bzc of me so stop fooling me bla bla bla …. So the thing is there is some mistry behind yamin being alive nd sesha loving rocky nd rithiks death they may not show in next episode bcz rithik is out of india as per now i guess….i hope he comes asap in nagin 2

    1. That seshas nd yamini converstion is shortd in writn epi u can see dose scenes in episode

      1. Nd one day is left for mashmiti breakng the wall not shivangis bday

  15. VimalSanjana5

    Rithik returns..!! Wow.. Rocky too nice .. And from the above episodes sesha’s performance is damn cutie… And her dressing and beauty are so fab when compared to season 1… And she is so confusing tat she loved rithik and aft 25 yrs she loves rocky.. And wats her age..? And shivanya shld change her attire she s looking so so old wen compared to yamini… Waàck…

  16. Nandhini

    So Rithik will come back??? Let him come and let Rocky go to hell! Actually who is dat rocky?? How is he related to the Raheja family?? Whose son he is?? I want rithik to come back and slap dat stupid rocky and as a good dad he must find a better guy for shivangi!

    1. Nandhini

      But i know this wont happen(rocky going out of the serial) and they will show the marriage of rocky and shivangi and their disgusting romance throughout the series!!???

  17. Dear updater, the part where it says “shivanya happily…” is wrong, shivanya angrily says tere papa ko jis tarah maar diya gaya tha waise tumhe bhi.. nowhere is shivanya happy or says Rithik will come. No idea where you saw that.

    1. the story line indicates that ritick will return. But not arjun the actor as ritick. Anyway this shows storyline sucks and that rocky guy is so ugly.

      1. Arjun will come back as Ritik only because audience will not accept any other actor in Ritik’s Role and Naagin 2 is not performing well also and Tv prime time also has said Arjun will re enter in Naagin Season 2 .

    2. Yes you are right anjali… I saw the episode and there was nowhere any mention of ritik coming back… Shivanya was saying to shivangi that I don’t want you to be killed in the same way as your father… Shivangi says that you told me it was a car accident,why did you tell I lie? That’s it. Nothing sort of shivanya saying happily that your father will come. Writers please write correctly… Don’t give us false hopes. A lot of people here got confused and rejoiced reading that last part of your update…

  18. The guy that plays shivangis fiancee is better looking.

  19. Shayla Romka Narayan

    Ritiki is coming back…can’t wait to see him.

  20. I hate rocky…he is irritating me.. I want rivanya….I want my handsome rithik to come back…

  21. It’s just aweaome serial .I love naggin serial the most thann other serials.There’s suspense that whether ritik is alive or dead.It seems to be interesting. Love this serial

  22. yes there is only one day left for wall to break of mahismati not shivangi birthday as shivangi is born after 2 months from that fight happened

  23. i want ritik back
    rocky is not nice and he is not nice hero to shivangi.
    please bring ritik back ,I like naagin season 1 very much because the romance of shivanya and ritik is nice ,and iam from tamilnadu

  24. Nandhini

    Only one thing dat makes us feel better is shesha’s new naagin look! Its too too good than season 1. She looks stunning now than the black costume she wore in season 1.!!??

  25. nice episode………………………………
    Rithik is coming back

  26. Rithik wl not b there in nagin 2..he is dead..

  27. Stop tlking nonsense abt rocky.. He is a grt actor nd olso he is doing a grt job.. Hatts off to karanvir nd mouni… Vry vry intersting

    1. U r absolutely correct…. Karanvir is acting awesome and even the sequel of naagin season 2 is absolutely interesting….. Guys just suggesting one thing… Just chillax and enjoy the show

  28. Cant bear Shivangi-Rocky romance. Replace him plz..

  29. Hii dying fan of naagin..can i join u….

  30. I have 2 questions
    Firstly if is 118 years old sesha den so is shivanya. Dis makes yamini older than dem as shivanya’s parents were killed by yamini when she was a child. How can yamini be so old since she is human.

    Why haven’t yamini and shesha searched for shivanya and her child before? Why now?

  31. Nice… updates…. thank.. u…updater…wow… ritik.. is coming back.. .. we are eagerly waiting for him….nice serial…

  32. yahoo. rithik ‘ll be back. it was not so interesting serial without him

  33. karanvir is also a good actor but he had usually a complex character and this one is a complete positive character so guys he need some time too boost ho charismatic

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