Naagin Season 2 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 16th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sesha tells Shivangi if she does not pick nagmani, she will kill Rocky and says Yamini let us go. Shivangi stops them and gives nagmani in Yamini’s hand. Yamini gets very happy and starts her usual overacting. Sesha gives her knife and says with this knife, they killed Shivangi’s mother and now it is Shivangi’s turn. Yamini stabs Shivangi repeatedly. Shivangi disappears followed by knife and nagmani. Rocky rushes to babaji and tells him that his wife is ichadhari nagin and she is behind badi maa now, he wants to know where Shivangi is. Babaji closes his eyes and says it is a pure place full of light near nagmani. Rocky asks him to take him there. Shesha turns into Shivangi. Yamini realizes Shivangi had disguised as Sesha. Shivangi says Yamini killed her father Rithik whom Yamini

considered as son, killed her mother whom Yamini considered as bahu, she with her puppets stabbed her mother 8 times, now she will die. Yamini says she cannot kill her as she is Rithik’s badi maa and he will not spare her and she has garud kavach. Shivangi emits laser from her eyes on stones and they fall down. Yamini picks trishul and tries to attack Shivangi and loses her garud kavach during the process. Shivangi says she lost her garud kavach, grips Yamini in her tail and bites her repeatedly. Yamini dies. Shivangi leaves. Rocky with babaji reaches there and shatters seeing badi maa’s body. He holds her and cries. Yamini opens her eyes and tells Shivangi is nagin and she killed Manav, Amar, Nidhi, Sushanth, Sesha, and everyone. He should not burn her body until he takes revenge from Shivangi and dies. Rock cries and pleads babaji to relive badi maa. He tries mantras and nothing happens.

Shivangi reminisces killing each enemy. She goes to Shiv temple and addresses Shivji that whoever she killed are culprits and not innocent. She has taken her parents and Rudra’s revenge and is free now. She thinks of telling truth to Rocky now and heads towards home.

Rocky lies Yamini’s dead body on ice. Babaji tells he should do her last right. Rocky says he will kill Shivangi and fulfill badi maa’s last wish and then do her last rights. He leaves. Babaji asks Yamini if she heard what Rocky told. She opens eyes and gets up and says she heard and even saw, now Shivangi will be killed by her love. She reminisces meeting babaji and requesting him to save her as once Shivangi kills Sesha, it is her turn. Babaji gives her antidote and Shivangi’s poison will not harm her if she drinks this.

Rocky reaches home and imagines holding Shivangi and stabbing her repeatedly. Rubel asks why he is distressed and whom he wants to kill. Mansi and Avni join him and ask what happened to him. He says nothing. Mansi asks where is badi maa, she is not seen since morning. Rocky goes to his room and cries vigorously looking at his family pic. He thinks how to take revenge from Shivangi. He reminisces reading in the book that if ichadhari nagin consummates with a human, she will lose all her powers. Shivangi reaches room and tells she needs to tell him something. He gets emotional and says he lost his whole family. Shivangi tries to console him. He starts luring her and starts romancing. Ang lagade re…song..plays in the background. They consummate their marriage.

In the morning, Rocky asks Shivangi what she wanted to tell yesterday night. Shivangi hugs him. He insists to tell what she wants to say. She asks if he remembers their wedding day and dacoit attacked them. He says he remembers that. She says if he knows who the dacoits were who killed her mother and others. He says who they must be, badi maa, Avantika, Sesha, Manava, Amar. She says that means he knows everything. He says he knew she would fabricate a fake story, why did she kill them all, he knows she is icchadhari nagin. She says she is icchadhari nagin and even killed his badi maa and took revenge. Rocky says he took revenge from her by consummating. He had read in her book if she consummates with him, she will lose her powers. He forced her to love him, he had loved her truly, but she betrayed him. He shouts to get out and drags her all the way till living room and shouts to get out of his house. Mansi asks what is he doing with Shivangi. Rocky shouts she is a murderer and killed Sushanth, Badi maa and others. Mansi slaps her and asks if she really killed them. Shivangi says she did, but did it for her and Rocky’s love. Rocky shouts if she really knows the meaning of love. He gives her confession recording to police and says asks to arrest her. Police arrests Shivangi and puts her behind bars.

Precap: After 45 days, shiv mandir is shown and a man says today wind is blowing in different direction today, everything is same except one story..nagin. Rocky is seen sound asleep on bed. Two snakes enter his room. Shivangi in jail prays Shivji to protect her Rocky.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mujhe kuch smjh nhi aa rha.. Ye Sab ho kya rha h..

  2. wow! today’s episode awesome. last 5 minutes superb. shivangi ki shakti kysa vaapas aathe hain. who will save her. is it rocky’s father. in news they said rocky’s father will be shivangi’s saviour. shivangi in jail. I think she will be pregnant now and will be realeased from jail. there is news that mouni roy won’t replaced in naagin 3. will ritik return. how did yamini kill ritik. why shivanya and ritik ran in first episode. who can kill them. mahishmati can’t come out of their wall for 25 years and yamini died. sesha jailed. Hi nandhini di, dhananjaya, alia khan, jia and others. I am reading these telly updates since january 2016 and commenting from season 2.I think in next season takshika, sesha and yamini will be main evils. and others will be new. rocky’s secret what is it. ok thanks to H.hasan for today’s quick update. reply for my comment anyone.

    1. Antara

      Is this news true then iam happy thanx 4 sharing mouni is perfect 4 naagin role don’t replace her she is doing a fantastic job
      wat abt rithik ? kya story hai ? something new or continuation of naagin 2 anyways happy they even didn’t show wat happn 2 rithik ? who killed him ? or he just alive

    2. Nandhini

      Hii arjit! Why the hell that oldie yamini has to be alive and come again in season 3?!! Yamini please just die!?????

  3. 3 nag/nagin kaha se a gaye…
    Or after break me dikhya tha ki shivangi ne kisi or ka roop liya tha lekin so to jel me he or uski sakti bhi nai rahi… who was the girl jo rocky k pichu knife leke ja rahi thi..

  4. Omg naagin1 was far more interesting…here in naagin2 hardly n e chemistry shown betwn shivangi n rocky…in naagin 1 d love betwn shivanya n hritik was intense….only if they had given a dashing role to karanvir vohra….in this everthin is just so obvious…hope they dont unnecessarily prolong n bore us wit new unending plots…they should start naagin 3 with mouni ofcourse but wit a fresh new story a dashimg hero….no inteqaam again just may b a mystery but sumthin different…i had loved d humour in naagin 1 of hritik n shivanya…but here there’s no humour betwn rocky n shivaangi…

  5. Kya yamini ki mout kabhi nahi hogi. Again shivangi’s daughter will take revenge in season 3.

  6. That is not precap it was last scene.I think that man’s voice is rithik.If Arjun Bijlani returns I will be very happy ??.
    I am very eager to for next episode.In precap a girl tries to kill rocky.And rocky is crying seeing Shivangi photo.and Shivangi truns into a old lady.I think Shivangi didn’t lost her power.

  7. Those Who Are Sad Ke Yamini Kyu nai Mari unnko mai Batadu ke Next week Definetely Maregi 😉 I am 100% Sure
    Cuz Old Promo mein Dikhaya tha 5 Kaatil 5 Khooni hafte
    Then Avantika mari
    Then Sushant
    Then Nidhi
    Then Iss Week sesha
    So Yamini Next Week maregi cuz 5th Week To next week hai

    Precap Actually Ye nai tha
    Precap Showed that Shivangi apna Roop badal rahi thi
    Then It Also Showed that Someone followed rocky with a Knife and Rocly Turned then she smiled ( Maybe She’s Rocky’s Old Friend or Maybe Shesha Is Alive ? )
    Season 3 will Surely arive cuz Of What They Showed About Takshika”s Head
    It Isn’t Destroyed
    That Means Someone will Definetely Revive her (IDK who Is It Going to be) but I think that they’ll Preserve the HEAD for Next Season

  8. Jo rocky ke piche knife lekar ja rahi thi wo shabnam hai
    shabnam from jamai raja

  9. Antara

    they didn’t show how rithik died? who killed him & wat happnd why yamini is alive always? so in naagin 3 there will be takshika—– sesha—Yamini but i think naagin1 has something intense than nagin2 who will explain 2 rocky that shivangi is telling truth ? who will help her? will she know that yamini is alive

  10. Crazy Nagin fan

    Why is rocky’s character so dumb.. Rithik was far better than this.. Anyway, Hey guys I just have one questions whom do u all wish to see as lead hero in nagin3 (because i heard it will start) among this 5- 1)ARJUN BIJLANI 2)KARANVIR BOHRA 3)SIDDHANT GUPTA 4)RAVI DUBEY 5)SHABBIR AlUWALIYA……….. Plz plz plz reply to my comment (I don’t know whom ekta maam will select but still) PLZ PLZ PLZ REPLY and if you don’t have your favourite in list than also plz say whom u think plz plz because i am curious to know who will be lead in nagin3 so plz reply plz

    1. It would be nice with Arjun. Others don’t look nice with naagin. I don’t know about Siddhant but others will not be a match for Arjun bijilani

  11. Crazy nagin fan

    Hey riya are u sure its sabnam from jamai raja is she also now icchadhari animal or bird.. Plz guys reply to my comment and do u have any idea who will be lead hero in nagin3

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah its shabnam of jamai raja


  13. this is still the continuation of season 2 only
    there will some new naagins it seems not shabnam bt sam from jamai raja dat id reyna Malhotra is the new naagin

  14. rocky father is also coming back

  15. Akkwinderkaur

    This episode is awesome. Shivangi killed all the murders, but the sad part is that rocky did not believe her. I wish shivangi get her all the powers back to save her husband

  16. guys i have a doubt…how could shesha be 119 years old when she is only some yrs(approx 2-5) elder than shivani…when shivani parents were killes she was 5yr old and even shesha is also a child…now may be shivani age would be 50 or 55 then how shesha could be 119

  17. SOHAN

    Hi everyone the voice was of ritik im damn sure…… And shesha cannot be of 119 yrs……. Plus i think rocky is an icchadhari nag because he is immune to the nidra vish…… If that’s the case then this is the secret of rocky…. And then shivangi will not loose her powers…….

  18. if rocky also an icchadhari nag, how come he can stand when he himself called the sage to his house to catch naagin. he can stand the music that irratates all naagin? if so. this drama story gets more interesting and more plot twist

  19. SOHAN

    He is not complete nag i think he is sure having some power that he dosent know about that is why he is immune to nidra vish and mirror magic…..

  20. Hi all friends
    If mouni roy is confirmed as lead in naagin 3, I’ll be happy if Arjun is the male lead,no one can replace him
    coming to the episode it was good
    I think shivangi hasnt lost her powers
    cant see rockys dumbness
    there will be entry of some new characters, anyway we can wait and watch

  21. Is the sound heard in precap ritik’s ,
    If he returns back
    Anyone know about latest spoilers plss inform

  22. Nice Epi.Is Wil Be The End Of The Drama??Thus Shivangi Lost Her Powers??

  23. Hei Nandani Wht Hapen To U?Did U Stop Reading The Updates??Is Nxt Wek Wil Be The End Of Drama?Plz Kill Yamini Also Without Going To Nagin 3 If It Cntinuse It Wil Be Boring For Viewers.

    1. Nandhini

      Hello dhananjay..i didnt watch the episodes and follow telly updates coz i was little busy…hmmm…they are going towards the climax in season 2…you are right…yamini is so boring so better end her chatacter…but new characters takshika in next season will be interesting along with shesha…

  24. Chaaya

    Hi all, I come to read the updates, I participate mainly on other TU forums, but I had to comment: I really like Sohan’s reasoning about Rocky. I hope you are right. Enjoy all! Can’t wait for the weekend.

  25. hi everyone I read that actually in nagin
    Wikipedia ki 25 saal pehele jab nagin 1 ki end ki thodi si pehele hi yamini ka badh hua Tab avantika ne yamini ko jinda Kiya tha uski Shakti se. so yamini insaan ki tarah budhi bankar nahin maregi sayad . She has powers. so she can be murdered by sivangi or good powers.Aur han sayad fir se jinda hona aur power ki bajay se wo sivaniya se old nahin lagati thi at the beginning of nagin 2. There’s​ a mystery that why sivaniya had lost her nagin power again after nagin 1. It will be cleared soon.bcz she was telling other nag couple that she was no more nagin and has become human so she will stay in town s in starting episodes and was seen as a middle age look or older than yamini as she was human not a nagin more. sivaniya was also worried about sivangi about the curse .what was that and why she had been cursed by whom it will be clear soon in coming episode. Rocky is nephew of yamini. It means Rocky is son of ansuk mali’s brother. But it may not be true as there is something Rocky’s secret.Rithik can’t be died earlier than sivaniya. bt there’s​ a mystery in past 25 years to be opened​ up soon. sesha may alive in nagin3 as she has been into a stone and can become nagin again by some power.

  26. sivaniya in nagin 1 lost nagin power s after consummation with rithik and became human. After that in yajna she got back powers of nagin and became nagin through help of sacrifice of suryavansi raja Sangram Singh’s life. Then She fought and protect magnani. And live life with rithik with sivji’s boon.
    Then please can anybody say me why she had been seen as human in nagin 2 and why she lost her nagin power again?????. please plz

    1. Dipali

      Sangram she got powers only for a while only to fight with sesha and then she again lost it

  27. sorry ,not magnani bt nagmani

  28. why taksila will live again ? It seems everything happening evil and against God powers in this story .Will
    God do something in this story.? evils rise again and again. Lord siva can finish the war with in few seconds.

  29. sesha ne kuch saal tapasya Karne baad ichadhari nagin bani. suru se badi ichadhari nagin nahin. suru se wo bachi insaan ki Roop Le sakti thi. aur dhere dhere badi hue.usne sayad 60/65 saal tap Kari Hain . iss liye she is 119 years old. Rocky did the best actor role and best job in nagin 2. bcz aap ki negative comnts ko usne bahut jhela Hain aur super awesome fantastic realistic acting Kiya Hain.

  30. wah sangram last comment to superb hain

  31. thanks kanak. everybody wants rithik back in lead role up to today.but he is sivangi’s father . How can he become her husband and romance with her? I also appreciate his acting. But This is a story and according to story everything will move on.So don’t blame other and try to understand story.Dipali ji sivaniya ko sakti va

  32. dipali ji u have said right . thanks.

  33. I love mouni roy nd want snothe new face to romance her in naagin 3

  34. Rocky is best actor and he is also awarded best actor in Some debut. I think everyone is jealous of his acting and romance with mouni . I also read that in Karanvora profile that he has done so many hit best serials and got praised for unique acting. He has a good move up to today.He is coming as a hero in new Bollywood movie.He has done a great job in nagin 2. He just rocked this into great extend. He is super fabulous actor.He has awesome chiseled model look . I hope he will come in nagin3 .ok

  35. sry karnvir bhora.Rocky

  36. sangram i think ur right there r people telling that sidhant malhotra will be lead the one playing as kunj in tashan e ishq and i think rocky will be engaged to shabnam in jamai raja.some rumours say that shivangi will die

  37. I think if anyone wants to see romance and interesting story then he or she should watch to dil se dil tak show. bcz it is awesome and super . Nagin 2 isn’t that type at all. lagata hai ki ye jhoot baat ki kahani main kabhi acha nahin hota aur hamesha evil ya burai ki jit ho Raha Hai.They should end this.

  38. Plz make naagin 3 storyline somewhat diff not intekaam agn.and not yamini agn .and shesha should not be sotan agn

  39. Good episode ……..waiting for next episode ..

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