Naagin Season 2 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 15th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

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The episode starts with Rockey rejecting Ruchika and Shivangi says yes for marriage..

Ruchika ika shesha gets very angry ?and turn into human form from naagin? shouts- I will kill that girl.
Yamini shouts- are you mad from top or from knees? you want to kill and come into books of police and you have killed that DJ.
Shesha – Aye Yamini! You must be Badi Maa here but you are Yamini for me as you were 25 yrs back.
Yamini- clam down!! And prays to her. Adding give me naagmani.
Shesha- I do not believe you, first get me Rockey than Naagmani.
Yamini- Why you are behind my family boys. First ritik and now Rockey.

Gurudev- Today is Badi Shivratri and she will come sure and today is very big for naag and naagin.


sisters discuss about naag? and naagin?. And shesha is shown about getting old.
Just than Door knocks of Bekary.
Shivangi- whoes there?
Rockey come forward and take Shivangi out.
Rockey- Shivangi, how come this happened? How come in 3 days anyone be so close? How come in 3 days become so important that her life is important than mine? I love❤ you just in 3 days. I can even die for you?
He holds shivangi near car and say all this.
Shivangi pushes him aside.
Shivangi- how can you say this? You say you can die? Call your family and tell them about me? Call your finance and tell her?
Adding you can’t and ask him to leave. And rockey leaves.
Shivangi sister comes- Why did he came? And what did you say?
Shivangi- I told truth. How can he propose me?
Her sister- You are getting engged, stop crying and lets go and see fight of Adi.

Shivanya- Guruji!!
Guru ji- All the things that seen by eyes are true. That boy was saying truth.
Shivanya- the naag and naagin are behind naag mani and may be those are behind shivangi. Thats why I am getting Shivangi before her 25 yrs of age.
Guru ji- only Shiv ji! Can tell about her destiny. Pray to him. May be you are not naagin? anymore but you are more near to Shiv ji.
Shivanya hugs shiv ji- plz shiv ji! Save my daughter from that curse. And think I should leave before anyone sees me.

Shesha comes to same temple and turn to human form and thinks that anyone from my naag? family will tell me. And all turn to human form and start dancing on naagin tune.
Shesha- Shiv ji, tell me where is shivanya??
Plz today show me her place. Just than she sees the same naag naagin who were shown in first episode.
Shesha holds them by neck- where is shivanya?
Naag- We don’t know.
Naagin- If we have knew, we would not tell you!
Shesha kills them both and thinks my community is not helping me. And gets clue that she is here only and turns into shivanya form.

Adi is fighting and wins the fight.
Rockey comes there- Shivangi, need to talk you?
Shivangi Rejects and ask him to leave.
Shivangi’s sister praises adity.
Rockey- If I win will you talk to me?
Shivangi- You can’t win!
Rockey- Its a challenge.
His brothers stops him but he challanges adi.
Refree declares aabout fight.

Shesha in form of shivanya walks on market and try to find about shivanaya and listen kirana head man.
Kirana head man- Go to Shivanya house and give items they ordered.
Shesha follows him and reaches there and see bhabhi taking items and thinks need to check properly.
Shesha turns into Manav named boy and rings bells and ask about Shivanya.
Shesha in form of Manav- Where is Shivanya?
Bhabhi shows him pic of shivanya with Chandan Garland and inform Manav- Shivanya came here with her child after his husband died! But faith had other plans; she even died with child in car accident.
Manav prays and smiles with naagin ?eyes? and leaves and turns into Shesha and dances.?

Bhabhi- we did what you said shivanya.
When That boy came, i singed to him (her husband) and he put shivanya’s pic with garland.
Shivanya thanks them.
Bhabhi- but he was weired.
Shivanya thinks ?may be mahisheehmati’s have send him. We are not safe here either. I need to marry shivangi as soon as possible.

Shesha- Yamini; shivanya and her baby is dead. And laughs??
Yamini- are you mad! If no one is alive than we both are in deep trouble; as she was only to take us to naagmani.
Shesha- now only, I am alive who can help you.
Yamini thinks that only this black naagin is alive, now I need to kill that girl.

Rockey and Adity are fighting in ring. Rockey’s phone rings and his brother picks and inform Yamini about fight.
Yamini- that girl is also there?
Brother- yes.

Yamini- I will kill that girl.
Shesha- I will Kill her with my Posion and give to Yamini.

Rockey’s brother inform shivangi’s sister about non boxer and breaking up with Ruchika.
Shivangi to herself- I only rejected his proposal and look his acting.
Sister- Shivangi, He is non boxer and even broke his enagement. He really Loves you.
And see for you only he is getting beaten up; as well see yourself, you are also in tension. Rockey loses the match.

Rockey starts leaving and shivangi stops him.
Shivangi- What was the need to do this?
Rockey- The thing that I wanted. All goes to winner for wishing, and you are here. And for me noww I am winner. As Now I also know that you love❤ me.
Shivangi- all this is not true. I am getting married in some days.
Rockey- Than break it. I also did same than why can’t you do? I can see in your eyes that you also love me! I know that you don’t want to accept. Why don’t you accept damtt.
Shivangi- Its not possible. And starts to cry; Rockey is about to hug and sapna comes.
Sapna- lets go shivangi.
Rockey- If you love me, You will come to temple and thats place is best to meet.
Sapna and shivangi turns and shivanya stands there.
Shivanya- Whats going on? Who is that guy whom you were talking?
Shivangi- Its not like that Maa.
Shivanya- Do you love him?
Shivangi- No Maa
Shivanya- Do you Love Adity? If so, than tell me.
Shivangi is thought full and sad??
Shivanya- Love is beautiful thing, I also loved your father Ritik. And this feeling is so nice that even after seperation we love them and live with their memories.
Shivangi Accepts- Yes Maa, I love him.
Shivanya- Lets go and meet him in Mandir. And I will handle everything related to Adi and my daughter is my priority.

Rockey’s sis doing first aid??. Rocking is shown shouting.??
His sister- You were not shouting during fight. And now?
His brother- He was impressing Girl that time ⏰⌚
Yamini- So, you love her so much. Where is she?
Rockey- she was here but went. We will meet her in goddes temple.
Yamini- lts go to goddes temple.
Yamini to herself- Today is Ashtmi, lets give her Bali to Goddess Durga.

In temple..
Shivangi eargerly waiting for Rockey and shivanya ask her to calm down.
Shivanya- First I will talk to him and his family.
Shivangi shys.
Pandit- lets do Maha aarti.
Shivanya- My daughter will do.
Rockey and yamini enters in temple.
Yamini- You go and I just come.
Rockey goes and see shivangi.
Rockey- lets go inn Badi Maa!
Yamini pours sinddoor on his feet.
Yamini- How does shivangi looks?
Rockey- She is doing Maha Aarti and wearing Orange dress.
Yamini calls Sharpe shooter and give him gun??.
Yamini- Kill the girl who is doing maha aarti and wearing orange dress.

Maha aarti is going on and Yamini comes behind shivanya and shivangi. Aarti ends and shivangi turns and Yamini gets shocked.??

Precap- Yamini is shocked??. Sharp shooter shoots shivangi. Thunder☇☇ shocks Shesha. Rockey and shivnaya takes shivangi to hospital.
Shivanya- Shivangi is fine doctor?
Dr.- its difficult to save her.

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  1. Avishi

    Nice episode waiting for tomorows episode

  2. Ramya.riya

    OMG…what a precap…waiting for next episode??

  3. Its very nice update shraddha di…….suprb episode ……mouni looking dammnnn good nd shesha … words to explain her style….just too perfect nd I want to see mouni in bridal avatar as I saw her In instagram……?

      1. Hi shraddha! And welcome utkarsh in the naagin family. And hello to all. Where are nandhini and siddhi?
        Coming to episode, when will this love triangle end?? I wanted something new in this season. Can’t believe that shivangi is shot. Hoping to see her back. Want rithik back.

        I have a suggestion:-
        Rithik+shivanya= rivanya
        Rocky+shivangi= rovangi
        How’s this???? Plz let me know. Its just a suggestion to add an abbreviation to the new jodi of season 2.

      2. Nandhini

        Hii Alia! Dont worry shivangi will be saved. I read in spoilers that shivanya will dance tandav infront of Lord Shiv ji’s idol to save her daughter.


        Hello alia khan

  4. I think that yamini wanted to saved shivangi for the naagmani.

  5. When I watch this new season, I always feel like arjun bijlani should’ve been here…. Karanvir is good but it looks like he is nothing comparison to AB… Also the love story seems forced.. Teen hi episode me story ‘i love u’ tak pahuch gyi…. Kaas ekta aisa karti ki rivanya k do kids hote (mouni and ab) nd ek aur female lead ko AB k opposite la dia jata…. These are just my thoughts…. Does anybody agree with me???? Btw i’m new here


      Welcome utkarsh…
      Nice thinking.. but i think agar aisa hota toh team story nhi sambhal paati..

  6. Thanks @shraddha sharma for posting the update so fast…. I usually don’t get a chance to watch the episodes on TV as I live in hostel… So I just wait to read the updates and watch the episodes when i go home…


      Welcome Utkarsh

  7. Shalini Senthil

    Wow nice going naagin season 2 loving the episodes…pair is good rock and shivangi

  8. Nice precap.. Waiting for nxt epi..missing. Chemistry between shivanggi and rocky..”rocky”naam bhi accha nehi..ek naam Tha ritik…wow…ruchika as usual gorgeous then shivanya…


      Ros chemistry ritik shivanya ki miss kr rehi ho na as rockey or shivangi ki chemistry to show me dikha hi rehe hai.. or may be u want to say something else and i did not understood.

  9. Wow shradda superb update ur update was really awesome and the epi no words to say it tooooooooo good.really shivangi(mouni) looks so good


      Thank you catherine

  10. GOOD GOING naagin rocks especially mouni

  11. Nandhini

    Thank you for the beautiful written update Shraddha!?? well i am really disappointed with season 2 so far…how could the stupid writers kill a healthy God blessed young man (rithik) and bring back dead old lady(yamini) killed by Goddess alive??? They are making a mockery in the name of Gods (yet again after sasural simar ka and many serials)! More than that,, i hate hate hate dat rocky!! Making stupid proposal and Shivangi useless crying like a baby! How can she fall for dat idiot who in the name of romantic connection/vibe misbehaved with her in 3 days???Disgusting!!!! When rocky went inside dat boxing ring i wished he died there! Really stupid love story! Its not even a love story! Rithik-Shivanya had a magic in their chemistry..! The only thing dat keeps me little happy is Shesha! I decided hereafter i wont watch this disgusting so and so love story of rocky and shivangi! I will read only the written updates.The makers spoiled everything in season 2.Sorry if i have hurted any fans…i was a big die hard fan of naagin season 1like all of you guys but now i just hate this season 2.!!!


      Welcome nandhini..


      And agreed with you..
      Don’t get how yamini got alive when she was murdered.

  12. Wow….superb… we r from tamilnadu…we r the great fan of naagin.. even we dont know hindi…but ewe r eagerly watching the serial.. and we can understand. .. nice going drama..we enjoy the thrill of naagin.. from our side we miss arjun bilani.. he is the romantic hero of naagin. If u use arjun bilani in the nagin 2 . We will be more happy.. we miss him a lot… use arjun bilani as a hero…nof naagin 2…anyway naagin is the best thriller serial..

  13. I love the episode..par shivanya ko goli lagni cahithi..double role end ho jata and suru hota revenge ke lie sadhi..toh love story track accha lagta..par abhi bhi accha hea…

  14. Nice start
    Hlo guys can u plzz send me this episode download link

  15. I miss ARJUN a lot

  16. Hie guys, really i agree with every one here… This rocky guy is getting on my nerves?? how can somebody propose somebody in just 3days? Moreover i found one more thing very strange… Shesha took shivanya’s look…how can she take her exact look even when she hadnt seen her?? God knows! And i guess shesha buddhi nehi buddha rocky zaada lag raha hai…. Sorry to say..let me be honest??


    Even I am disappointed with chemistry of rockey and shivangi and with story.. as i think its some how same as season 1 but with little change of locations.
    I am watching this show in hope that might be Ritik is alive and due to him Shesha is out from mahishmatis and shesha made yamini alive…
    And wait shivanya and ritik pair

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Shraddha..i will watch the show if only rithik comes back…if granny yamini can be brought alive,, then rithik also should come! They showed in flash back rithik telling his brother to take care of his family and he went alone without informing shivanya and after sometime some people brought his dead body to his home.Inbetween something happened between rithik,, shesha and yamini i think.They must reveal dat story soon and they must bring rithik back..if they drag this serial by showing the stupid romance of rocky and shivangi and if they didnt reveal the truth to us earlier as possible,, then this season 2 will become a flop.


        So true…
        But one thing I do not get, shesha is naagin thats why she did not get old but how come yamini is of same age near about 40+; as she was and is human.. infect shivanya is shown more old than this yamini

  18. Hi,frnds I Am From Sri Lanka. I Thnk U Al Welcme Me To This!!Seson 2 Is Going Wel Bt Mising Rithik Is So Bad.

  19. Season 1 was better than season 2..I hate this rocky..buddha…and love story is chemistry less..a handsome and young guy shoulb be opposite shivangi…?

    1. Nandhini

      Totally agreed.

  20. OMG I m missing rivanya very badly. Rocky-shivangi don’t rock. Naagin season 1 was the best. Karanveer is good but I think arjun was better

  21. Wow.. wonderful updates and very clearly written.. thanks shraddha di.
    Coming back to epi,I think the magic of love between karan and mouni is not reaching yo heart.. adda always glamor queen.and how could Yamini not dead.. she was killed by Maa kali.. really wanted to know the truth of Yamini and ritik death too…

  22. We miss rithik he is the best hero

  23. Nice episode…. N ur emoji r interesting …waiting for next episode

  24. I hate karanvir…episode is good…. But arjun is rock… I want arjun biljani is back…

  25. Diya

    Oh I loved the episode !!! I can’t understand how yamini became alive again !!!
    @Shraddha Sharma Very nicely written . Good update

  26. Shakaib

    Naagin 2 rocks.

  27. sudha chandran

    Arjun bijilani please come back nagin2

  28. I want rithik to come back…for me without rithik this serial is nothing for me

  29. I want rithik to come back…for me without rithik this serial is nothing for me

  30. iam from tamilnadu iam want arjun bijilani is back in hero character please put arjun only he only rock in hero caste

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