Naagin Season 2 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivangi leans over sleeping Rocky. Rocky wakes up and scolds her to stop her fake concern and says he will not let her harm his family and will know what she needs. He leaves from there. Shivangi thinks he still loves her and his scolding is making her love him more.

In the morning, Avantika’s bees as human do exercise in home gym. Rocky’s cousin comes ad flirts with them. Anki 2 comes and walks on treadmill. Bees increase treadmil and ask him to tell where nagmani is. He falls down.

Rocky sees coffee and sips it praising it is really tasty. Shivangi tells she has already tasted it, it is her coffee He keeps coffee back and says he has changed his hobby. Shivangi reminisces earlier Rocky lying coffee is not sweet and asking Shivangi to taste it.

Yamini comes and tels Rocky he has to go somewhere. Shivangi thinks Yamini must have planned something. She tells Rocky that he used to complain, she does not give time for him, so she wants to for a lunch date with him to a nearby dhaba. Rocky asks why is she showing her fake concern and says he will go out and she will stay at home. He leaves in his car.

Shivangi tries to walk behind Rocky, but she cannot as belpatra is all around house. Anki 2 ties belpatra on all doors and windows. Yamini in her usual overacting style asks him to be fast, she does not want 2 nags to enter here and tells him plan that she will get Rocky attacked so that Shivangi get nagmani to save him. Shivangi gets tensed when she could not go out, so she calls Rudra and informs him that belpatra is tied all around and she cannot come out, so he should go and save Rocky. Rocky drives his car and Yaminis puppet’s truck come in opposite direction. He takes car aside and another puppet thorws crane clamp on car. Car shatters and Rocky gets severely injured. Puppet calls Yamini and informs that work is done. Yamini leaves house. Shivangi prays shivji to help her. She gets out of house unhurt and goes to shiv mandir. She meets Rudra and tells that belpatra could not harm her. He tells he got dhatura from guruji to counter belpatra’s effect. Shivangithanks him and asks to find out what Yamini is upto. He turns into Kapalika and goes to Yamini. Yamini with her puppets after a bit of drama informs that she got Rocky’s accident as she can for Shivangi to get nagmani to cure Rocky. Rudra goes back to temple and informs Shivangi about it and tells she should not get nagmani. Guruji says Shivangi has to undergo this examination and choose whether to save nagmani or her husband. Shivangi says she will save her husband.

Yamini reaches accident spot and brings Rocky home. Whole family gathers. Yamini acts nd cries. Doc checks Rocky and says Rocky is severely injured and only god can ssave him now. Shivangi reaches home and is shocked to see Rock severely injured. She cries vigorously. Yamin says only nagmani can save Rocky and it is in haveli’s room. She would have brought it with great difficulty, but if patni/wife goes to bring it, nagmani will be nore powerful. Shivangi agrees. Shivangi walks into store room crossing all snakes. Yamini with her puppets wait outside. Yamini walks towards seshnag and prays to give her nagmani to save her husband and will promise that she will return it soon. Seshnag gives her nagmani. Rudra comes and says she cannot give nagmani to Yamini, it is against naglok’s rules. Shivangi says once she saves Rocky, she will return nagmani. Outside, Anki 2 yells if Shivangi is dead. Sesha says Shivangi cannot die as she has nagmani’s protective tattoo on her neck. Shivangi comes out with nagmani and walks towards Rocky’s room. Yamini asks kali nagin/Sesha to kill Shivangi and get nagmani and provokes her. Seshas asks is it a challenge. She says yes.

Shivangi goes to room and keeps nagmani on Rocky’s forehead. Rocky’s injuries heal instantly. Yamini with her puppets come and say it is a miracle. Anki 2 asks him to give nagmani to him, he will go and keep it back and she should stay with Rocky. Shivangi says she will not give. Yamini insists. Shivangi keeps it on bed. Rocky wakes up and writhes. Yamini asks what happened. He says he is having headache. Yamini silently takes nagmani and hides under her pallu and asks Rocky to rest, they all wil go. She walks out silently hiding nagmani. Shiivani thinks she cannot let her take nagmani like this.

Shivangi meets Rudra outside haveli and Rudra asks why did she give nagmani to Yamini, he had warned her already. Rocky sees them together and hears their conversation. Rudra says she has to choose between her love/husband or her mission. If she choses her husband, she can stay here, but if she chooses her motto, he will be with her. She says she will choose him. Rocky is shocked.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this dumb rocky he’s useless,shivangi had took the naagmani and saved his life still he only doubts her, and now the enemies will be even more powerful, Rudra in his fuming look,looks handsome than ever,yamini and her puppets will make things tough for shivangi,and if rudra also turns negative she’ll be in trouble
    dont know what will happens the next

  2. I don’t see the episode because I don’t like that rock drama

  3. Also there is no mention of the fight between Rudra and Sesha when Rudra as per Shivangi’s saying went to stop Yamini & her team

  4. Not watched it..thanks for the update.. Can’t see rocky all the time n as usual they showed rocky throughout the episode as per the update.. ??
    Still hoping Rudra won’t turn negative but he’ll end up alone I feel ..somebody pls ask ekta y she brought Rudra then?

  5. Yeah! they should not make him negative instead he could be shivangi’s pair. but makers made rocky and shivangi unite. I knew that it is shakti arora or gurmeet chowdary is hero as per news. But karanvir bohra appeared as hero in the first episode. I didn’t like his style first. When marriage is happening, he looked a bit nice after wards he again looked bad. Sorry for kb fans.

  6. love rongi.dey r best

  7. Rocky and shivanya are the best

  8. No.i don’t like rocky or karanveer plz wanted to make shivangi nd ruda a beautiful pair.

  9. My love is always with u both rocky nd shivangi

  10. Rocky and shivangi is the best…

  11. Make pair of rudra and sivangi

    1. rudra and shivangi are best pair plz don-t make pair shivangi and rocky .

  12. rudra and shivangi are best pair

    1. A. T………. Aa thou

  13. I love rudra’s character. He has been shown so supportive..I really liked the way he said Shivangi “main tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakta huu” ?? it was so good.. i hope he is not turned negative afterwards..

  14. Mast h rocky shivangi

  15. what rubbish this rocky is????
    his face is like sucked mango he did not match with shivangi in any way
    no chemistry like season 1
    i think season 1 was too better then this.

  16. Only if they give rocky’s role a bit dashing he wil luk gr8….he is nice but like rudra more…or let rudra pair with sesha later on…shesha shud change for gud…so she too wil b happy n leave shivangi with a human finally coz later shivangi too will bcum a human hopefully but this season as forecasted in season naagin1 the guru had said if shivanya’s child commits the same mistake of loving a human that child wud have to face consequences n wont b forgiven like shivanya got d boon of a happy married life

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