Naagin Season 2 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 13th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocky etends his hands towards Shivangi seeing her snake eyes, but then stops and thinks what is happening to him, what is she doing. He leaves. On other side, in takshak lok, takshak nag sainiks greets nag mata who asks where is takshak nagraj Rocky. They say they could not get. Nag mata fumes. Shivani goes to Gurudev and tells she did not find knife in Rocky’s body. Gurudev says Rocky is takshak nagraj now and knife got engrasped in his body and they did it purposefully. He tells today is amavasya and Rocky will remove his snake skin today, she should get mantra out of Rocky’s skin, knife will be destroyed automatically. Shivangi agrees and says she will bring Rocky’s skin to him and leaves.

Yamini with Manjusha walks in market. Manjusha asks where are they going. Yamini

yells in her usual style yells at her. They reach an antique shop. A woman comes out. Yamini asks if she found out how Rocky got his powers. Woman gives a ring. Yamini yells she does not want to get engaged. Woman says it is not a simple ring. She drinks a blue liquid/poison and falls down rolling down in pain. A golden bird emerges from ring and speaks. Woman then reaches towards red liquid/antidote. Yamini gives her liquid. Woman drinks it and gets back to normal. Golden bird gets back into ring. Woman gives it back to Yamini and says it will show what powers Rocky got and asks Yamini to dorn it in Rocky’s hand.

Yamini with Manjusha reaches back home and sees Tanya reciting a story. Rocky comes down fuming over phone. Mahendra asks what happened. Rocky says he is fine. Yamini forcefully dorns magical ring in Rocky’s finger with her emotional blackmail. Aaliya tells them that his friends Madhav and Riya/Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are coming to play volleyball with them (to promote their movie Half Girlfriend). Shraddha and Arjun Kapoor play football with their movie cast. Shraddha/Riya wins. Arjun/Madhav praises her that she won by breaking rule. Riya says everything is fair in love and war. Aaliya with family meet them and they all greet each other. Aaliya says Rocky bhai is college champion. Madhav sees Shivangi standing at a distance and asks why she is standing aside. Yamini says Shivangi does not know to play volleyball and takes them aside. Madhav plays looking at Shivangi’s nervous face. Shivangi thinks it is Rocky’s skin removal time. Madhav wins at first, but Rocky uses his nag powers subconsciously and wins. Madhav acts as injured and excuses himself. Badi maa joins in his place. Madhav asks Yamini why she looks tensed. Shivangi says Rocky is ichadhari nag and today he will remove his skin, she has to take that skin to guruji as Yamini and her puppets have engraved magical knife in his body and guruji will remove it from skin. He trusts her. She says even she is icchadhari nagin. Rocky does not know that they both are nags. Madhav asks her not to worry and informs his friends not to let Badi maa near Rocky. He takes Rocky to a room and says he should be in his team. Rocky’s skin starts itching and he feels pain. He then turns into snake. Shivangi reaches. Rocky collapses and his skin comes out. Shivangi asks Madhav to keep the skin with him and make sure Badi maa does not come here and takes Rocky in her tail. Golden bird comes and blabbers Rocky is ichadhari nag. Shivangi realizes Yamini gave ring to Rocky to know his secret. She kills bird. Madhav goes out and asks his friend Shailesh to not let Yamini away, but Yamini silently slips giving volleyball to Mehendra. Shivangi takes Rocky to changing room. Even her skin comes out. She hides her skin in locker and goes to get skin from Madhav. Madhav gives her skin and promotes his movie releasing on 19th May 2017. Rocky gets up and starts feeling itching again. Riya sees her and calls ambulance. She gets him into ambulance. Nurse identifies her as Riya and says she knows how rich her family is and praises her. Ambulance leaves. Riya gets confused how nurse knows her. Madhav comes and informs her that Rocky is ichadhari nag and after his skin came out, he was feeling weak, but will be fine soon. Riya gets confused. Madhav says he has heard these stories and they are true. They both promote their movie again and say goodbye

Yamini searches Rocky and does not find him. She tells her puppets they should go to jadunath, only he can inform where Rocky is. They start traveling in car. Ambulance speeds up. Driver reveals she is ichadhari nagin. A snake charmer sitting on roadside charms snake with been. Driver feels her skin changing and warns snake charmer to stop playing been. He does not. She turns into snake and kills snake charmer and peons. She lifts Rocky’s body and leaves. Yamini passes by ambulance and sees stranded ambulance without Rocky and peons dead on floor. She says something has gone wrong and only Jadunath can tell them what happened.

Shivangi takes Rocky’s skin to Gurudev. Gurudev does havan and destroys knife. Shivangi asks to check where is Rocky. He checks and finds a snake taking him. She asks to check naginn’s face, but it disappears. Gurudev says something is really bad. Jadunath also does black magic and sees a disaster. He sits in a shock. Yamini and her puppets also get tensed seeing that. A snake woman takes Rocky to Takshak lok and reveals her face as Sesha. She says she will get Rocky forever now.

Precap: Shesha gets takshika’s head and body and says she will get back her powers. She dances holding head. Rocky confronts Shivji his life has changed completely and he is ichadhari nag, how..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. why sesha is back??

  2. I knew that Shesha has been revived. Remember the episode where Rockey touches a statue and it starts coming to life and then guruji saying that just when they think the revenge is over, a new character enters.

    1. Hi friends!!!
      I m dggfgh who commented on last episode.

    2. Sabiha

      Yes I knew it!

    3. Nandhini

      Hello Abhi!?

    4. Abhi i m agree with u becoz remember when shivangi shows takshika head to shesha, shesha becomes a idol n shivangi with her tail destroy the idol and the idol fall down. But when rockey touched one idol the idol was standing

    5. Abhi i m not agree with u becoz remember when shivangi shows takshika head to shesha, shesha becomes a idol n shivangi with her tail destroy the idol and the idol fall down. But when rockey touched one idol the idol was standing

      1. Yeah, I too have that doubt. But they can do anything.

  3. Arjit5

    Hi I am arjit again. Friends jia, nandhini dhi, shraddha dhi, dhananjaya and all. Today’s episode is nice but I missed it. How easily did arjun kapoor trust about naag and naagin. And logically, I have a doubt. Snakes eat frogs and other amphibians but shivangi and rocky didn’t eat them but rocky swallowed a big human. I guessed sesha would return with some powers now she wished to become naag rani and get naagmani. I think season 3 will be of continuation story. Because now there are many enemies. Shivangi now totally will kill nearly 16 or 17 murderers. In season one, it was reported rivanya pair will die at last but shivanya killed all of them except sesha. But in next season, they came back again and killed them. Now anky 2’s wife will not kill them in this season and kill them in next season. Next season, sesha, takshika, anky 2 wife, and others of takshak clan will kill them. And I now want to arise a doubt why yamini and others killed all the guests in the wedding. What will they get from them. Just they can make guests go to their homes and kill shivanya’s fsmily. What use. Very cruelty. But sesha should not see takshika eyes or she should have more powers. Please read my fanfictions and I want many comments. Last week we finished 110 comments. My ffs are Naagin the ultimate love RIVANYA part 1 and 2, Swaragini Ragsan and Swarlak love part 1. Please do read and comment in it.

    1. Nandhini

      Hey pranay! Seriously i searched ur ff but i couldnt find better send the links of the ff over here…

  4. ohh god,what are the writers upto. they brought sesha and takshika back,the stupids have done a complete messup in the story,I cant tolerate this all,what you think my friends?,Is it becoming boring now,I feel so and that dumb sesha,she loves rocky na?,dont she have brain,I became angry seeing this stupidities,I feel crying when thinking about the first season,how amazing it was,main leads and story too
    But these writers are ruining the charm of the show
    reply frnds,what does you all feel about this boring twist?

  5. how sesha came back?

  6. thanks hasan for your quick update
    I havent watched today’s episode
    I was having a function,thank god for not making me watch this stupid episode
    Anyway gdnyt friends

  7. what a surprise………………..b.shesha alive.How many time they will show ”’DIE and ALIVE”’drama.what the meaning of this.AND Shradda and Arjun scene is awesome…..looooove u……will see Half Girlfriend….dost se zada girlfriend se kaam….

  8. Antara

    OMG sesha is back that statue where rocky touched was sesha oh no ab kya hoga? will rocky love shivangi? anyways excited 4 upcoming epi


    Ohhh noooo shesha is back..
    Abhi to show me interest aana suru hua tha, yeh isse fir se spoil kr rehe hai..??????????????


      Nothing much im episode expect promo.


    nandhini, arjit and all fans of naagin.
    How are you all??

    1. Nandhini

      Hii shraddha! I am good!? how are you?? I missed the episode,, watched it on today morning retelecast…the episode was okay…again love triangle???


      I m f9 too..
      I to missed but for me it was more promo than episode

  11. TayyebaIrshad

    sesha is back now let’s see what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on youtube I watch a video clip in which they show that rocky and shivangi will have a fight over nagmani is it true???????????

  12. What the hell is going on. If they can show that shesha is alive then why not Rudra? Her enemies are increasing day by day then she also needs help. And only rudra can help her.
    Plz writers plz bring back rudra.

  13. Sabiha

    Really? What!

  14. Zarwa tauqeer

    jab shivangi sesha ko marti hai to sesha neechy gir jayi hai or rocky jisy touched karta hai wo kahri hoti hai to wo sesha kaisy

    1. if sesha is back the story will be more interesting sesha plans to kill shivangi and get nagmani rocky and shivangi kills her

  15. hey im new here watching naagin since season 1

  16. shrradha didi muje bhi is group me join kar lo im a big fan of naagin


      Welcome shivnagi to naagin family..

      1. thanks for joining me and happy mother’s day

      2. thanks for joining me shraddha di


      How are u shivangi?

  17. I like today’s episode.

  18. Hi Arjit,nandani,sohan Do Any Knw Latest News Abt Nagin??Again Shesha Is Back??Hw Cn It Ocur??I Tnk She Is More Powerful Than Before..After Kiling A Person Dnt Bring Him Back It Get Boring.

  19. Happy Vesak To Al Of U My Dear Friends..

  20. why they are So egar to spoil the show? plz have some patience…

  21. Nandhini

    Hii dhananjay,shraddha,jia,pranay,tania,sohan and friends!! We already knew shesha is not dead, she just turned into a stone…anytime she may come back its not a surprise she returned back?? its known fact the makers wil make all ridiculous things…btw arjun and shraddha made great presence??


      Hi nandhini.
      Ya we knew that shesha will be back but i thought she will return in season 3. Amd vaise bhi abho tk to shivangi and rockey ke bich kuch bhi normal nhi hua or yeh aa gyi..

  22. HI shradda di. How r u like another twist of the show?


      Hi tania.
      I m f9, what about u??
      Yes i m enjoying new twist

  23. HOW R U all naagin fan? In previous page we finished 110 comment for the first time of naagin 2 page.we loved first twist another twist is horrible.”’twist pe twist”—i m not liking it..

  24. OMG sheha is back..what happened now?????

  25. How shesha can go to takdhak lok .. As she is also a sheshnaag ancestry naagin like shivangi

  26. I mean tAkshak log…

  27. U R 100% right Nandni Di.but I thought that she will be in season 3 bcoz t she become stone and can be revive..but they bring her in this season .so now they have to kill shesha otherwise they cant go in season 3. what u think nandini di?

    1. Nandhini

      Yes latest promo also they showed shivangi vs shesha fight…i dont think they wil kill shesha in season 2…they might kill either shivangi or rocky or both…lets see…

  28. Rich

    It seems like a never ending tv series…no one dies nd daily a new character is introduced… It is getting non-sense daay by day

  29. Hei,tanya,shardha Sharma Hw Ar U?I Agre With U Tanya..I Was Confusd When She Return So Quickly..Ths Shesha Always Think Only About Herself…Even Betrayd To Her Beloved Sister,,and Nw Her Nag Clan Also..Why Cnt Any One Like God Shiva Cnt Gve A Punishment To Her??


      Hi dhananjaya.
      I think in every show of ekta only villians win leads die.. that same process they are following same here

  30. Nav

    Hii guys iam new in telly updates i watch naagin from season 1 . I wrote some fanfiction for naagin 3 that the story must be like this where is our favourite Rithik is alive .
    Mist read guys Bye

    1. Nandhini

      Sure Nav?

  31. HI, Dhananjaya sis, U R right.shesha’s charecter is such- Betroyal.she didnt even thought about his sis when she fall in love with rithik with sivanya’s she is after her neice’s husbend. how funny………

  32. Sorry the links were wrong. You just search Naagin the ultimate love RIVANYA in your browser. You will get my two articles at the start. To search swaragini just search Ragsan and Swarlak love. You will get it at the first.

    1. That’s ekta kapoor famous think making dead people alive all the time…. It’s like avengers or DC comics where people come back from the dead..

  33. Hei Tanya I Am Nt Grl I Am Boy.Last Wek As Per Arjit Request I Do A Self Intro.Did U Mis It?

  34. sooooooo sorry Dhananjaya bro.I really dont know bcoz i had taken a break after rudra die..thats why i missed it

  35. oh…. last week! yes.. but i didnt notice it.sorry bro…

  36. No Matter Tanya..Just A Comon Thng Occur Betwen Pen Frends Without Knwing Their Real Idnetity..

  37. U R right Dhananjaya bro.

  38. In 2dy Epi Shesha Join Takshk Quen Head To The Body & Gve Life To Her.Then She Tel She Wil Only Die If Takshak King Hand..So Shesha Gve A Knife To Unconcious Rocky & Stab Takshak Quen So She Die & Shesha Plan To Be The Thakshak Quen Whle Rocky Is King.Rocky Learn To Change Him Self By Chanting Shiv Thrice..& After That Rocky Change Him Self To Yaminis Pupet & He Got To Knw That His Thruth Whch Yamini Adapted Him.& Rocky Get Cnfused.

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