Naagin Season 2 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 12th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ventine’s day party contiues. Rocky starts searching Shivangi. Manav laughs that Shivangi and Rudra that they cannot harm him until he has Garud Kavacch on. Rudra says they will burn him and kill, even if he does not give kavach. He drops furniture on floor and burns it. Manav calls Rocky, Nidhi, Susanth…Fire spreads all over room. Nidhi hears Manav’s voice and informs everyone. Suhanth says his voice is coming from room and they all rush up. Shivangi and Rudra leave out as snakes. Rocky and others break door and find Manav severely burnt. Nidhi shouts to call ambulance. Shivangi comes from out and says she already called ambulance. Rocky, Sushanth, and Robin take him to ambulance. Shivangi thinks she will kill Manav before he reaches hospital. Along with

Nidhi, she sits in ambulance. Manav points at Shivangi and stammers Shiv…Shivangi says he is remembering god and asks nurse to give him oxygen mask. Manav falls unconsious. In hospital, Rudra in doc’s disguise says Manav is not yet burnt completely and takes him to ICU. Avantika an Sesha discuss that someone tried to kill Manav. Rudra from Manav’s room messages Shivangi to come and take revenge. Shivangi enters via window as snake and bites Manav. Manav shouts and dies. Family rushes in and doc says he is no more. Whole family starts crying. Sesha realizes snake bit him and searches Shivangi. She finds Shivangi already present among family.

Back home, Sesha informs Avantika and Yamini that a snake bite Manav and she still doubts Shivangi, so she will disguise as Gautami and will try to find out secret. Nidhi holding Manav’s ash cries vigorously. Robin asks her to keep it and rest. She resists. Whole family asks her to keep ash pot aside. Shivangi says Nidhi that she can keep it. Yamini and Avantika see Sesha disguised as Gautami walking towards Shivangi’s oom. Yamini starts her drama that she cannot tolerate her nephew’s death. Shivangi leaves to her room and cries that Manav killed her mother and deserved death. Rocky comes and thinking she is crying for Manav’s death consoles her and says he knows she could not see Nidhi’s pain, so she came up. He says she is part of his family now and hugs her. Shivangi thinks she is not part of culprit family. Rocky says she should go down and console Nidhi. Shivangi says she will come behind him. Sesha as Gautami stops her. Shivangi sees Gautami’s fingers and realizes that she is Shesha. She starts talking about Rocky and says Ruchika/Sesha loves Rocky a lot, but he loves only her, she is sad for Ruchika. She tells Ruchika helped her save Rocky twice, she is very good. Gautami asks who gave her nagmani. Sesha says a man who was good by heart. She then silently leaves. Shivangi goes and informs Gautami about Sesha’s trick. Gautami says she feles she is stuck between nagins. Shivangi then goes to Rudra and informs him what happened. Rudra suggests to kill Yamini next as they cannot kill Sehsa and Avantika easily and will have to plan more.

Shesha informs Yamini and Avantika that Shivangi looks innocent and does not know anything. She asks Yamini to find out who nag and nagin are. Avantika gets her bees and flies wih Sesha and Yamini on bees. She takes them to her palace where Avantika’s minister and bees are trying to revive someone. Yamini in her usual jokergiri syle asks who is this big bee. Avantika says her minister. Yamini yells why did not she inform her before. Avantika sends everyone away. Yamini is shocked to see Vikram’s body and panics that he was dead and his body was burnt, then how did he escape. Avantika says his heart was beating and asks Sesha to tell next. Sesha says Vikram went into coma, so Avantika with bees took him to her palace and Sesha disguised as Vikram held her breath until docs prounced Vikram death. Once they kept body to burn, she slid out of wood silently. Yamini starts her jokergiri again that they both are not only animals, they are dayan, chudail/withces. Avanitka says only Vikram can tell who the nag and nagin are and Yamini to go back home. Yamini leaves.

At home, Shivangi and Rudra diguised as Sesha and Avantika discuss that nagmani is hidden in panchner haveli. Yamini comes and silently hears their conversation and yells that bee and snake don’t want to tell their plan to her. She leaves for Panchner Haveli. Shivangi tries to follow her, but Rocky enters room. Shivangi says she was thinking about Manav’s shanti pooja tomorrow. Rocky says not to tell anything and says they will go for dinner to cheer up. Shivangi thinks she has to go at any cost and sees Yamini leaving in car. Once Rocky opens cupboard to take out clothes, Shivangi silently leaves as snake.

Yamini reaches panchner haveli and thinks kali nagin does not want her to take nagmani. She reminisces Sesha talking aout seshnag temple and door. She finds a door and walks in. She sees Seshnag idol and nagmani. She gets very happy that she found nagmani before kali nagin and makhi/bee and tries to pick nagmani, but cannot. Rudra comes. Yamini starts her jokergiri again and asks if he is new bodyguard of nagmani. She continues her drama. Shivangi enters as snake. Yamini jokes that she wanted to meet her and asks to come in her real form. She tells they cannot dare kill her as she is wearing garud kavach. She keeps them busy in her talks and runs away. Shivangi tells Rudra that they have to get Yamini’s garud kavach out. Rudra asks her not to come in her real form in front of Yamini until the get out garud kavach, else she may not be able to enter house again.

Yamini runs and reaches end of cliff. Rudra and Shivangi as snakes follow her. She gets afraid but says they cannot harm her at all and if they touch her, they will burn, so they should run. Let us see who will kill whom. Rudra grips her in tail, but due to garud kavach falls far apart. He then turns into human. Yamini laughs that she warned them not to touch her. Shivani moves front, but Rudra stops her and says he will kill Yamini. He turn sinto half snake and wals towards Yamini. Holds her both hand, but starts burning. Yamini laughs. He gets garud kavach out and falls down the cliff. Yamini laughs but then realizes her garud kavach locket is missing. Shivangi turns into half snake. Yamini is shocked to see her. Shivangi says today she will die.

Precap: Shivangi grips Yamini in her tail and throws her from cliff saying her mother’s one more murderer is finished.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shakaib

    Repeating story….itself like Viren went into coma, here vikram went into coma. Can’t they show something new. It should get award of best worst and repeating drama.

    1. Ha ha ha.. right 🙂 “Best worst repeating drama”…

    2. Distressed Watcher

      Completely agree with you Shakaib, This is the worst show. Got sick of watching it and Yamini’s acting and over makeup is an eyesore. She dresses up even more than the younger stars of the show.

    3. Isaaq

      Shakaib. You watch Naagin as well? I’m so happy to see another sunshine member on here as well?

  2. At Last Yamini Is Die.Bt Dnt Gve Life To Yamini Again.Her Joknh Ar Borng Nw.Nt Gve A Chnce To Avantika & Sesha To Gve Bck Her Life.Dnt Make Ths As Shvangis Dream.Or Yamini Dream

  3. Interesting episode

  4. Good morning guys

  5. Nandhini

    Hii Alia! Hi Shabnam!? 100% true words shakaib…and see naagin 2 has lost its many loyal fans already…there are no comments from our regular naagin fans shraddha,,utkarsh,,etc…you deserve it writers! And distressed watcher i agree exactly as you said…this yamini is totally irritating nowadays…i dont understand how these actors are accepting to act in this crappy script…

    1. Isaaq

      Omg Nandi you too!? Happy to see you on here as well. I’m obsessed with Naagin now

      1. Nandhini

        Yes Isaaq…happy to see you here too?…season 1 is always on top! Season 2 it sucks…

    2. Isaaq

      Naagin season 1 is better though only because of Ritik and Shivanya love story❤️

  6. Sarveshjoshi42

    Naagin Season 1 was best and Season 2 sucks big time due kvb (Rocky) and Mouni jodi . in Season 2 you never needed a new love story instead they should continued with Rivanya love story and how they again saves naagman and childreni from avantika , vikram with Rudra and his wife in this season. adaa khan should have 4 scenes only in season 2 and she is killed by Rivanya and last how does wipe out whole mahismatis clan in Naagin season 2.

  7. mohit agrawal

    Naagim 2 is worst show ..
    Naagin 1 was brtter because ritik was lead character .
    No one can replace arjun bijlani

  8. mohit agrawal

    Naagin 2: Yamini (Sudha Chandran) returns bringing shock for Shivangi and Rudra (Kinshuk Mahajan)The upcoming episode of Colors high on trp show Naagin 2 will show major drama where Shivangi (Mouni Roy) plans to kill Yamini (Sudha Chandran).Shivangi and Rudra brings Yamini to temple befooling her for Naagmani, Yamini easily gets into the trap.Shivangi and Rudra attacks over Yamini, Shivangi shows her wrath over Yamini and attempts to kill her.There Rocky and all others are tensed finding Yamini missing and tries to find her but of no use.Shivangi shocked finding Yamini alive Police comes to Rocky with bad news that Yamini is dead and her body has been found, hearing which Rocky gets shocked.Rocky and others were crying, when Yamini returns in hurt state and shows that she is still alive Shivangi is shocked seeing this.Uttara a new character also enters who has saved Yamini from falling in the valley.

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