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Naagin Season 2 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocky sees Shivangi with Rudra and asks him if she knows Rudra from before. She says he had come the other day if he remembers. He asks what was she talking about. She says she was discussing what she can do with her songarh house. Yamini gathers all family members and announces that Rudra and Aaliya love each other, so she has decided to perform their engagement. Alll family members happily feed sweets to each other. Sesha tells Rocky that Rudra sees weird. He says even he feels same, but loves him, so he cannot do anything. Sesha says at least someone is getting their love.

Shivangi at midnight wakes up and walks to guest room to speak to Rudra. Rocky also wakes up and walks towards kitchen to get water. He stops hearing Shivangi’s voice in guest room.

Shivangi asks Rudra how can he think of marrying Aaliya even after knowing their truth. He says that is the only way to enter this house. She says she will not let him ruin an innocent’s life. He says there is no other way. Shivangi says she will tell his truth to everyone. He asks if she will tell about her also. Shivangi says yes. Rocky misinterprets that Shivangi loves Rudra and walk away fuming. Rudra says he will bring out Anki 2/Akhilesh and she can kill im. Rocky goes back to room and fumes how can Shivangi loves someone else. Shivangi comes and sleeps back silently.

Next day, Rudra and Aaliya’s engagement party starts. Rocky searches Shivangi to speak to her. Sesha stops him and asks if she will get her love. He says yes. She hugs him and thinks he is her love. Rudra comes down with Yamini. Yamini thinks she should not let kaali nagin/Shesha sees Rudra’s birth mark on neck. Rocky’s friend Ishaan comes and asks Rocky to introduce groom. Rocky introduces Rudra. Ishaan says he has seen him somewhere. Rudra says his face is common. Ishaan tells Rocky that he saw bhabi/Shivangi with this boy. Rocky reminisces Shivangi lying that she is going to meet her friend and then lying that she met Rocky only in this house. Sehsa hears Ishan’s conversation and smirks that she will create misunderstanding between Rocky and Shivangi and will get Rocky forever. She changes herself as Shivangi and goes to Rudra’s guest room. Rudra asks what is doing here. She says everyone are waiting for him and takes him out. Rocky gets more disheartened seeing this. He tries to inform Yamini to stop this engagement, but Yamini ignores him and leaves. He then tries to speak to Aaliya, but Yamini takes Aaliya for engagement. Rudra and Aaliya exchange rings and dance on song…Bol na mahi bol na… Rocky reminisces dancing with Shivangi and then imagines Rudra dancing withh Shivangi instead of Aaliya. He breaks liquor glass with his hand. Shivangi rushes to him and asks why did he do this, his hand is injured.

Shivangi messages Rudra it is time to get culprit out now. Rudra silently leaves. Sesha thinks her plan is working and takes Rocy with her to do first aid. Shivangi tells Yamini that she needs her help in kitchen and takes her along. Rudra changes into Yamini and near Akhilesh speaks over phone that once she gets nagmani, she will nnot give a single paisa to oldie Akilesh. Akhilesh fumes and follows her to jungle. Shivangi does not see Rudra and realizing he must have taken Akhilesh out leaves home as snake Rocky continines sipping liquor thinking why Shivangi is doing this to him. Akhilesh follows Yamini/Rudra to jungle and starts searching her. Shivangi comes and as snake lifts her in air. Akhilesh thinks it is earthquake and Yamini’s trick. Shivangi tries to kill him, but cannot and escapes into a hole. Akhilesh runs from there. Shivangi informs Rudra that she could not kill Akhilesh as something is protecting him and it is not rudra mala. They have to find out what it is first.

Shivangi reaches back to her room and gets surprised seeing Rocky already present. Rocky why she is surprised seeing her husband in her room. She says she thought he is in party. He asks where was she. She says with Aaliya. He asks and Rudra…She says yes both. He asks what is happening between her and Rudra…He trusted her so much and fought with everyone t marry her..She says he is thinking wrong.. He holds her hands tightly and asks to look into his eyes and tell she loves him and not Rudra. She says he is hurting her. He says he got is answer and breaks flower plant pot. Shhivangi sits crying and thinks if Rocky really loves her, but he is her mom’s murderer and why she gets atrracted to him.

Rocky walks out. Sesha thinks she has to console Rocky and gets into his heart. She asks him where is he going out, if he fought with Shivangi. He says it is husband and wife’s issue and she cannot interfere. She says she is just thinking why Shivangi lied him, he can share his heart out as she is his friend. He says he has to go and leaves. Sesha thinks she has to create more differences between them and changes herself as Rocky.

Akhilesh enters Yamini’s room and tries to strangulate her with pillow. Yamini wakes up ad hits his forehead with vase. She asks why is he trying to kill her. He asks why did she try to kill him via his puppets. Yamini says those 2 animals thought him as Ankush and attacked him, but he has some protection with him and nothing will happen to him. She asks wha tis that protection and applies medicinne to his forehead injured. He says why should he. She insists and says if kaali nagin will know about his protection, she will kill him, so he has to tell what is his protective cover. He says they both have to go to bhairavnath’s cave for that. She says let us go then and thinks she is great.

Shivangi in her room reminisces Rocky misinterpreting her. Rocky/Sesha enters and throws divorce papers in front of her. She asks what are these. He says divorce papers, he loved her so much, but she betrayed her, so she should sign papers. She walks out and changes back to Sesha and thinks she got Shivangi out of Rocky’s life in a second. Shivangi meets Rudra and shows him divorce papers. Rudra says she should divorce him then. She says it was Sesha and not Rocky and reminisces seeing blue fingernails and realizing it was Sesha. She tells Sesha wants to get her down in Rocky’s eyes, so she will also play a game. He says Akhilesh did not see him as snake, so they both are safe. She says he should follow Akhilesh and try to know what is proecting him, she will be at home and have close watch on Yamini and her puppets.

Akhilesh takes Yamini to a cave. She asks if he brought her here to kill her. He says he would have killed her long ago, why should he bring her here. She asks where is his protective cover. He gets out an old chain. She laughs that old man has gone mad. He throws chain on floor and it turns into half buffalo and half human Mahesh. Yamini gets afraid. Akhilesh warns her do not dare try to provoke him, else he can kill her.

Precap: Yamini tells Sesha that there are 2 more snakes in this house as someone attacked Akhilesh. Kapalika does black magic on Shivangi in snake form, she turn into Shivangi. Yaamini and Sesha are shocked to see Shivangi is icchadhari nagin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BULL MAN!!!!!!???????
    I was just grasping the whole concept behind it but then came its VOICE?????!!!!!
    Yaar thoda to dhang ka character la skte the…. Uska vfx kitna bekar tha….. He is so funny and nothing as compared to the new type icchadhari characters (mongoose and peacock) of season 1….
    Shesha is made so dumb in this season…. Shivangi easily recognizes an icchadhari naag-naagin but till now shesha hasnt ever looked at rudra or shivangi’s nails….

    Can anyone tell me why was garuda kavach given to only the killers of shivanya? I mean why yamini nd group thought that the new naag will attack only shivanya’s killers?? It was after there whole family then why only these ppl??

    1. Mona146

      stupid concept yaar. ichadari mor , ichadari nevla and now ichadari bull. now they describe him as half human and half bull. How can he hide himself in a locket even if he is half human/bull. This show is getting ruined out of ego.

      1. Totally agree mona

    2. Hii Utkarsh! The answer to ur question…maybe yamini’s people thought only they could do all kinds of murders and killings and go away with it…so one of their people have provoked that new naag rudra for revenge(aliya’s dad)…or they might have guessed someone from the naagin clan is again taking revenge for shivanya’s death…
      When i saw the new promo of the icchadhari bull, i lost the total interest to watch! They could have carried the story forward in the normal ways like they did last week without entering any ridiculous characters!

  2. this questions is ask to h.hasan first I want to known how yamini did not die if yamini is alive then what happened to ritik if he die or not then how anuskh is also alive there are note doubt on this serial if the ritik will come r not final question if shivanya is surely die she should not be dead I want only rivanya and I want know rivangi


    Toooo much dragging of concept.
    Even guru dev or guru maa are not good..
    Season 2 is not that much good and attractive as compared to season 1.. in season 1 mystry was unfolding but in this season one mystry creates more mystry..


      And where is gutmi and ritik cousins.???
      When Yamini can be alive, it might possible of alive of ritik even and shivanya too

    2. Yeah season 2 is too confusing shraddha! And inbetween that stupid rocky’s scenes! And woww almost all dead and disappeared people are alive in season 2! People who are supposed to stay alive are unbelievably dead!!


        So true nandhini

  4. I’m from Tamil Nadu watching the show from season 1 and reading the update. This is my 1st comment i’m admitting here season 2 is not much impressive as season 1 because of the lead pair chemistry I’m not talking about the external beauty but chemistry is not magic as season 1.Now v r watching naagini in tamil channel the dubbing version of season 1.It only healing my heart . It is better to separate the lead pair than making them love each other it will satisfy season 2.

    1. Sathyasree venkat

      Fact.the leading pair is not good.i hate rocky and shivangi pair.rithik and rudra is better compared to rocky.naagin is better than naagin 2.i love rithik shivanya pair

  5. Goddd, what’s happening.. At least it’s interesting just to watch shivangi in naagin avatar to take revenge and lead rocky is yuck. He has same sad face throughout even if he is smiling angry or romantic. When rocky and shivangi are together, no chemistry, no feel and nothing.
    Missing rithik, shivanya chemistry. Wowww there were days just to see rithanya.. Here it’s disgusting to see rocky.

    However loving rudra and shivangi chemistry. Loved their dance too.


    1. Sathyasree venkat

      Agree with you. I also miss rithik

  6. Alia123khan

    Hi guys! Stupidity at a limit yaar! Icchhadari bull! I mean like really??!!
    Loved rudra and shivangi together. Rocky is nothing without shivangi. I was so happy when rocky was telling shivangi that she doesn’t love him. Makers should make rudra fall for shivangi.
    Hi nandhini!!??

    1. Hii Alia!?? shivangi after completing ur intekaam please sign those divorce papers and give them to rocky! Dont feel any attraction towards him…ur guy rudra is there for you!

      1. Alia123khan

        Totally agreed with you nandhini. Rudra looks so so handsome. Rocky isn’t suitable for this role.?

  7. Yea I also want rudra and shivangi pair. Afterall knowing the truth that shivangi is a naagin there will be a tough revenge war between yamini and shivangi. The only one to support her is rudra so they must need to be always together. I’m not satisfied with rocky as the male lead. Missing Ritik alot. Rithanya’s pair was awesome

  8. Rudra and sivangi dance was so good ,I love there chemistry

  9. Hi friends ,i am commenting first time for this serial. I am big big fan of naagin 1but,when I know that rithik is not acted in this serial I just stopped to watch this serial .now I’m watching my favorite serial shakti in is very interesting and haya r d best jodi in d world. Makers pls I request u to bring arjun back then only season 2 will be hit like season 1.otherwise change d hero plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.arjun u only suits for shivangi plsssssss come backkkkk.if u return means then only I start to watch this serial.

    1. Sathyasree venkat

      Rithik is best.Rocky is worst

  10. Jack Of Hearts

    Mahishasur vs. Naagin; interesting. Let’s see if Shivangi becomes Maa Durga to kill this new age Mahishasur.

  11. Guyz I luved season 1 very much but season 2 is not at all interesting n the only reason nowadays I’m watching this show bcz of Kinshuk mahajan urf Rudra n his chemistry with Shivangi….Rocky is not suiting as a main lead for this show…n I also think the makers should pair Shivani with Rudra then it will be very interesting to watch….otherwise they r shiw soon gonna drop the no.1 position in TRP rate What u guyz think????

  12. Goddd, that rocky doesn’t look like lead at all.. Loving shivangi with rudra…. At least change lead so that nag and naagin unite.. Missing rithanya… After rudra’s entry it’s nice. But how come mahisasur and yamini killed by kali maa is back to life. It’s pain to see rocky with shivanghi.. Make rudra unite with shivangi and punish sesha

    1. Sathyasree venkat

      So true

  13. I am starting to hate this show… They have ruined my favorite Shesha….

  14. Director should have written script to justify season 2. If he try to introduce more twists and unnecessary drama lead to failure of the Naagin 2. simple interesting and unfolding of twist whenever it is required can save season 2 . One more important thing is introducing season 1 characters without proper reason also one of the draw back of season 2. Hope director and writer needs to take utmost care from now onwards. Otherwise forget about TRP every body will forget Naagin 2

  15. The show is quite boring now. The writers should avoid to make unnecessary twists in the story. Otherwise the show will be ruined. It has already lost many fans. If the dragging will go like this the trp also will be dropped. Dont know why they made karanvir bohra the male lead. He is not matching with shivangi. No one can replace arjun. He rocked season 1. missing him badly

  16. rocky is perfect.not arjun

  17. Shivangi+Rudra osm pair…
    Love their chemistry. ..Soooooooo hootttt.. handsome….perfect…
    Rocky name itself is like of a DOG
    May b in future he turns into icchhadhari kutta. ..
    Who knows… with all such rollercoaster twists and turns anything is possible. …
    Really the old Naagin charm has lost…
    Rivanya is bestestest…..
    Shivanya’s hesitance love fear obsession care revenge hatred and so many other emotions were so… beautifully expressed and same 4 Ritvik he was a loving hot handsome hubby and also a no.1 flirt and cud make us smile in whatsoever situation and in total it deserved 2 B luved 2 such gr8 extent
    But Rocky and Shivangi pairing in Season2 is such a crap and waste that i feel like vomiting wgen seen them 2gether
    But still Rudra and Shivangi pair has the sole and sole potential 2 Bring its lost TRP….
    Pls makers dont 4 Nageshvar’s sake at least some don’t disappoint its loyal viwers…….

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