Naagin (rivanya forever)season-2 epi-66

The episode starts with shivanya crying.At evening Ritik leaves for home.Ruksana/Shivanya was walking on road.Ritik’s car was also coming from same road.Ruksana/Shivanya comes in front of his car and Ritik accidently hits her.


Ritik comes out of the car.She was unconsciouso, she was not bleeding.

Ritik:Oh no now I have to take her home.

He takes her in his arms.Because air her hair comes on his face and Ritik stops.He remember shivanya.He looks at Ruksana/Shivanya’s face and gets lost.

He comes in sense and takes to car and drives towards his house.They reach the house and Ritik takes her room.He is going when her dupatta gets stuck in his watch.He turns and again gets lost in Ruksana/Shivanya.He comes near her and removes the hair strand from her face.He smiles a little but realised and removes her dupatta from his watch and leaves.

After sometime Ruksana/Shivanya gets conscious and finds herself self in a big room.

Ruksana/Shivanya:What am I doing here?

She Stisted on bed.Karan comes inside.

Karan:Don’t get up Ruksana.

Shivanya thinks

Ruksana/Shivanya:How came Karan is here?It means I am in Ritik’s house.

Karan:Actually Ritik mistakenly hit you with his car so he bought you here.Are you fine?

Ruksana/Shivanya:I am fine.

Ritik comes inside the room.

Ritik:Ahhhhh I am sorry as because of me you got unconscious.

Ruksana/Shivanya:No its okay.

Precap:Ruksana/Shivanya comes to Ritik’s room.Ritik comes out of the bathroom with just towel.She sees him,both shout.
Hi guys hope you will like it.

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    shocking that ritik’s car unknowingly hit ruksana.gud that she reminds him of scene was very romantic.

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