Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-90

Thnx for ur comments guyzz.Now only 10 episodes r left to complete 100 episodes.When 100 episodes will get complete then my ff will be one of the longest ff going.

Shivanya sees an unconscious Ritik through glass.She thinks

Shivanya:I dont know why i am feeling sad for Ritik but one thing is there between us and i will definitely find it out.

Karan comes to Shivanya and says

Karan:Doctor is saying that there is only 1 percent chance of Ritik gaining his consciousness.

Shivanya goes from their without uttering a word.Karan and Sweety get worried for her and follows her.

Shivanya reaches the shiv temple and says loudly.

Shivanya:You took away my Ritik but atleast leave this innocent Ritik.

She starts praying.Karan and Sweety also reaches their and prays for Ritik.

Here in hospital Ritik is still unconscious.His fingers starts moving.He sees a negative view of Ritik and Shivanya hugging eachother.

He suddenly wakes up.Doctor and nurse comes to calm him but he does not calms.

Ritik:Where is Shivanya?

Doctor:If you will calm down then we will call her and she will meet you.

Ritik calms down.Doctor goes outside and calls karan.

Here in temple all the three are praying when karan gets a call and he picks it up and goes out of the temple.

Karan:Hello doctor

Doctor:Ritik has waked up please come as soon as possible and also bring Shivanya as he wants to meet her.

Karan keeps the phone but is confused.

Karan:Why Ritik wants to meet Shivanya?

He goes inside the temple and says

Karan:Shivanya and Sweety Ritik has waked up.

Sweety gets happy and hugs Karan.Shivanya goes out of temple and Karan and Sweety also leaves.

They reach to hospital and enters in Ritik’s room


Shivanya comes to him.

Shivanya:What happened Ritik?

Ritik catches her hand and says

Ritik:Who are you and why you always come in my dream and always you are close to me in my dream?Why?

Shivanya was shocked.

Shivanya:I dont know anything Ritik.

Ritik was about to say something when Karan and Sweety enters the room.

Karan:Ritik do you remember who killed you?

Ritik tries to remember but fails.

Ritik:I dont remember anything.

Sweety:Its okay Ritik and take care of yourself.Soon you will be discharged.


Ritik looks at Shivanya with doubtful eyes.Shivanya was confused by this.

Next day it was rangpanchami or holi.Ritik got discharged and Karan kept a party of holi and invited his friends.Ritik was also their in the party.

Ritik was standing at a corner when someons put colours on his face.He turned and saw a girl standing in front of him.He was really happy to see her.

Girl:Happy holi bhaiya.

Ritik:Same to you Amrita.

They both hug eachother.

Ritik:You were in hostel know?

Amrita:Yeah but i have complete my college.

Ritik:That’s good.

Precap-Ritik finds a secret door.Shivanya goes to Yamini.

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  1. congo for 90th epi

    1. Arni

      Thnx candy

  2. Thank god. Congo for 90th episode…. Good Luck… So sweet episode, I like it as usual..

    1. Arni

      Thnx piyu

  3. Jasminerahul

    rivanya scene was waiting 2 know d truth

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  4. Rivanyaforever1

    Ohhh i am soooo sorry siddhi for this late comment but was really stuck in some personal matter so was not able to read my fav ff
    But now as i read this i was thrilled…. Congrats for ur 90th episode, soon u r going to complete 100 episodesss
    So cuming to the episode it was fab
    Happy to shivanya’s care for ritik please add their scenes
    And i hope soon ritik remember everything unite them please
    And do update soon

    1. Arni

      Thank u very much and no prob

  5. kabhi kabar tik se link bheja karo epi 90 is just awesome awesome rivanya scenes and congo for 90th epi

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      Thnx and i will send u link of my one more ff

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