Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-89

Sorry guys forblate actually there was some problem then i was not able to update.U all might be confused as this account is different but i am Siddhi only i have deleted my account and made a new one so hope u like this epi

The episode starts with Yamini enters inside the house and sits down on sofa.Ritik goes to her

Ritik:Who are you?Why i feel like i have met you before?

Yamini stands from her place and looks at him

Yamini:Because you are my son and Shivanya’s husband.

Ritik was taken aback by this.He was shocked.

Ritik:But how is that possible?

Yamini:Everything is possible in this world.You are rebirth of him.

Ritik:I dont believe in these stories.

Yamini:But its true and that is why i came here to complete my incomplete work.

Ritik was confused

Ritik:Which incomplete work?

Yamini removes knife

Yamini:I have came here to kill you!!!

Ritik gets shocked


Yamini:You died in previous birth but again came back to trouble me.

Yamini is about to stab ritik but he runs away and hides in a bedroom under a bed.

Yamini:For how much time you will hide?Wherever you are i will find you soon.

She starts searching him.

Here outside Shivanya feeled uncomfortable suddenly.

Shivanya:Why i am feeling bad?

She came inside the house and Yamini saw this and hided behibd a long curtain.


Shivanya did not find him and got worried and went outside to search him.

Here in the bedroom Ritik came out of the bed when he turned and saw Yamini.

Yamini:See i told you na that wherever you will hide i will find you.

Before Ritik could run Yamini stabs him repeatedly.Ritik screams.Everyone outside hear it and quickly come inside house.They go towards the bed room and Shivanya is also there.

They open the door and are shocked to see Ritik lied on floor with blood all over him.Shivanya comes towards him and starts crying.

Shivanya:Ritik get up nothing will happen to you.

She takes him towards car and goes to hospital.Karan and Sweety follows her.

After an hour.

Doctor comes out of the operation theatre.Shivanya comes towards doctor.

Shivanya:Is Ritik fine?

Doctor:No he is not.He have been stabbed atleast 6 times and his condition is really serious.If he does not wakes up within 24 hours then i am sorry say but he will be no more.

Shivanya gets shocked.Karan and Sweety consoles her but a question comes in her mind.Why she is concerned and sad for Ritik Mehra?

Karan and Sweety were also sad.

Precap-Shivanya,Karan and Sweety pray for Ritik.
Guys hope u liked it and next episode will be little longer then this one

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  1. Oh no no no no!! please don’t kill rithik….,, Please siddhi don’t do that.., please please please

    1. Arni

      Dont worry dear and thnx piyu

  2. Jasminerahul

    so ritik is ritik’s how old is shivanya now?shocking that yamini tried to kill him.why did she try to kill him?gladly shivanya saw him on time.poor ritik in critical condition.please update judai.
    why did you delete your previous account?

    1. Arni

      Just like this i just wanted to change my name so made new account and deleted old account and thnx keep reading shivanya is something 48

  3. Rivanyaforever1

    Finallyyyyy!!!!!??? u updatedddddd???
    Cuming to the episode……… Pleaseeeee don,t kill ritik???
    Unite shivanya nd ritik soon please siddhi♥️♥️♥️
    And do update the next part soon????????

    1. Arni

      Thnx and will update tomorrow only for u

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