Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-84

Thanks for your comments and i will write in old style only.

Recap:1 month leap,Rivanya’s honeymoon.

The episode starts with Rivanya breaks the hug and Ritik kisses her on forehead and says

Ritik:Let’s sleep now.I have to wake up early in morning because i have a small meeting here in dehradhun only.

Both go to sleep.

The sunrised and Ritik waked up and got ready for the meeting.He saw that Shivanya was still sleeping.He smiled and sat beside her and took a pen and paper and wrote something.He put the paper beside her and kissed her cheek and went from their.

After he left Shivanya was kind of disturb in her sleeps.

She sees a dream of Ritik sitting inside the car and started driving when the car gets out of control and it hit the tree.The petrol started leaking and it got blast and Ritik died.

Shivanya suddenly waked up with a jerk.


She was trying to find him when she founf the letter which Ritik kept beside her.

She read

“I am going for a meeting hope that i come to you.what if i meet with an accident? Just joking and i love you”

Shivanya was really worried for Ritik.She quickly came to Ritik but it was too late as he already left.Shivanya took her naagin avater and followed Ritik’s car.

Inside the car Ritik was smiling and driving the car when he was not able to turn the car and he realized that the car out of his control.There was a tree in front of him and he tried his best to turn the car but was failing again and again.

Shivanya was following him when suddenly her body started paining and she was not able to move because a naagin cannot love a human but she fell in love with human so she was getting the punishment by loosing her love.


Ritik’s car hit the tree and he got unconscious.The petrol of car started leaking.Shivanya tried her best to move but she was unable to move.The petrol leaked more and the car got blast.

Shivanya was having tears in her eyes and was looking at the blast car.

Tere sang pyaar mein played in background.


Now Shivanya was able to move.She quickly wen towards the car to find Ritik but she would find was a locket of heart shaped which had her and his photo.She weared it and started crying.

It happened the same like the dream she saw.Just the difference was that she was present.


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  1. Fenil

    Great work

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks fenil

  2. Jasminerahul

    sad that ritik’s joke became true.rivanya seeing it in d dream was a surprise.she witnessed d painful.hope ritik is alive

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks jasmine and lets see whether ritik is alive ?

  3. Hi Siddhi,
    Its a humble request pls can u post the next episode or the next season ( as you mentioned in the last episode of naagin love forever ) fast… we are all really waiting for it…
    Thanks in advance

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