Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-82

I am sorry for late.I try to update but dont get time.

The episode starts with sunrise.Sunrays fall on Ritik’s face and he wakes up.He sees the other side of bed but for his surprise Shivanya was not there.

He quickly waked up from bed and came downstair.He saw Vinita serving food to his friends.Vinita looked at him and winked and smiled at him.

Ritik understood that she was his Shivanya.At other side Vinita came who was in Shivanya’s avater.Vinita as Shivanya showed thumb to him and Ritik too did the same.

He qent upstairs and got ready and came down.He sat on table.Vinita as Shivanya served him breakfast.Ritik catched her hand.She struggled to remove her hands.Ritik gave her a naughty smile.Vinita as Shivanya pinched his hand with her other hand and he left her hand.

She showed him tounge and went away.

Ritik had his breakfast and and secretly went to his room and locked it from inside.Shivanya and Vinita were also their in their own avater.

Ritik sat beside Shivanya.

Vinita:Ritik,you told that you will kill Shesha tonight as she will not have her power but she will obviously will be having her poison.She can bite you and your life may get in danger.

Ritik:I was knowing you will ask this question.I have answer for it.

Ritik removes her small bottle from his pocket.

Ritik:Its the medicine for her bite.Shivanya gave me yesterday.When she will bite me then i will immediately drink one drop of it and her poison will fail to harm me.

Vinita:You are very intelligent.

Shivanya:The credit should go to me as i gave him that medicine.


Shivanya punches him lightly.

Ritik:Now no jokes.Give me some idea so that i will be able to hide my face so that when she dies,my image doesn’t gets in her eyes.

Vinita gives Ritik a black mask.

Vinita:Wear this mask then you will not be able to identify yourself also.

Ritik takes the mask.

Ritik:Thanks Vinita.

After the discussion all left from the room.

It was night and Shesha was in a forest.

Shesha:Now i have to plan to kill that Vinita.But today i can’t kill her because i don’t have my powers.

She is standing.A person wearing black jacket and denims with black mask on face comes near Shesha with a knife in his hand.It was Ritik only.

Ritik came near her and was about to stab her when Shesha turned and pushed him.

Shesha:Who are you?

Ritik din’t said anything and catched her neck but Shesha took a wood and hit him on head with it.Ritik fall down in ground and got unconscious.Shesha came near him and was about to remove the mask when Ritik catched her hand push her to ground.

Shesha got up but Ritik catched her hand and pushed her towards him.He put his hand on her mouth.

Ritik:Now i will kill you.

Shesha was struggling to get free from his hold.Ritik was about to stab her when someone catched his hand.Ritik turned and was shock to see Shivanya.

Shesha was not able to see Shivanya as Ritik was still catching her.

Ritik:Shivanya why are you stopping me?

Shivanya comes close to Ritik and says softly so that Shesha does not hear anything

Shivanya:How can i let my sister die in front of me from my husband’s hand?

Ritik:Shivanya if i will not kill her then she will kill many innocents.

Listening to this Shivanya left his hand.Ritik once look at her and finally stabbed her.Shesha shouted.Ritik quickle took Shivanya at a side so that Shesha do not see her.

Shesha screames again and again and finally dies.

Ritik looks at Shivanya who was sad.Ritik hugged Shivanya.She kept her head on his chest and she cried.Ritik consoled her and kissed her forehead and took her home.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya’s honeymoon.
Guys belated happy new year.My first episode of 2017 ?

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    1. Siddhi

      Where u are in mumbai?

  2. Jasminerahul

    Quite confusing about vinita shivanya’s avatars. How can vinita be in shivanya”s avtar when she is not an icchadari naagin?why does ritik gold vinita’s hand with a naughty smile? Ritik killed shesha.poor shivanya is so sad. Hope shesha doesn’t return. Waiting for honeymoon

    1. Siddhi

      Let me clear your confusion.Vinita is also a icchadhari naagin,shivanya in vinita’s avater was romancing with ritik or u can tell he was catching her hands.

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanks a lot

    2. Siddhi

      My pleasure

  3. Rivanyaforever1

    Thank u for updating this oneee……????
    Coming to the episode
    It was too good.????
    Hope now shesha don,t come again

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and dont worry she will not come back ?

  4. Shakaib

    Awesome update siddhi, waiting for more exciting updates.

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  5. Quite confusing.

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      Ur confusion will be solved soon

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