Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-81

Guys i am thinking to end this ff very soon.As i think now this ff has got very much boring.Do tell whether i should end this ff or not.

The episode starts with Ritik and Vinita gets married.Shivanya was really sad and at other side Shesha was celebriting her winning.

Vinita went to Ritik’s room.She was sitting in the middle of the bed waiting for her prince charming who has now become her husband.

Ritik came to the room and was not having expression on his face.Ritik came to Vinita and sat beside her and said

Ritik:I want to tell you something.

Vinita:What you want to tell?

Ritik stands from his place.Looking at his serious expression Vinita too stands.

Vinita:What happened Ritik?Why are you seem serious?

Ritik catches her hand.

Ritik:I love you Vinita.

Vinita gets happy.

Vinita:I love you too Ritik.

They both hug eachother.They break the hug and start laughing.

Ritik:Wow i was not knowing that you would be a nice actor too.

Vinita changes into Shivanya.

Shivanya:I told you first only that i can do acting but you din’t believe me.

Ritik:Now i believe.

Shivanya:Now Shesha had believe that we will never marry eachother and she thinks Vinita married you.

Ritik:But she don’t know that Vinita din’t marry me.You have married me.You took Vinita’s avater and married me and Vinita took your avater and did the acting that she was really hurt by my marriage.

Both hug eachother.

Shivanya:Thank god that we came to know that Shesha is keeping a watch on us.


Shivanya gets boon that she is no more a soul and now she is a icchadhari naagin.

She straightly goes to Ritik.Ritik who was standing on the terrace and was crying got happy when he saw Shivanya.He was about to hug her when he saw Shesha wactching them.Ritik blinked his eye to Shivanya and he started acting as if he hates her.

After Shesha wet they both hug eachother and cried hardly.

Flashback over

Ritik:If Vinita would not helped us then till now you would be in danger.

Shivanya:Now everything is working according to our plan.

Ritik:Tomorrow will be the last night of Shesha’s life.I will kill her and she will not be able to touch me because tomorrow all the naag and naagin will not have their powers.

Shivanya hugs Ritik from back.

Shivanya:Ritik i really love you.

Ritik turns to her and kisses her forehead and says

Ritik:I love you too.

Both bring their face near to eachother.Finally they kiss eachother.

Precap:Ritik catches Shesha’s neck but Shesha hits Ritik on head with wood and Ritik gets unconscious.
Guys hope you like this twist.And do please tell whether i should continue this ff or end it soon.


  1. Clivisha

    Don’t stop this ff siddhi as this twist is really pretty interesting so plz continue this ff take it as a humble request from me…story of urs is really NYC

  2. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    Wow.this was an amazing twist. Never expected this. Rivanya only got married. Ritik’s hatred was only to show Shesha. But when ritik vinita got married you wrote that shivanya was seen upset.if the bride was shivanya how come Shesha saw the sad shivanya?
    You can decide if you want to end it or not. But I am sad that you are continuing only this ff and not any other ff

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