Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-80 (mahasangam)


The episode starts with Shivanya is still in half human and half naagin avater.

Vinita reaches to the door.She opens the door and is shock to see Shivanya.

Vinita:Shivanya you hided the truth!

Shivanya:Which truth?

Vinita:That you look more beautiful in designer saree!You are looking very much beautiful dear.


Vinita:Now come down.You also have to apply mehendi.

Shivanya:What’s the need of it?

Vinita:No you have to.Come with me.

Vinita catches her hand and takes her down.The lady starts applying mehendi on her hand.Shivanya looks at Ritik emotionally.He too looks at her with emotionally and angrily.

Lady:Shivanya which letter starts from the name of the man you love?

Shivanya looks at Ritik.

Vinita:Tell know Shivanya.

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:If i will tell r then she may get doubt.

Lady:Shivanya tell

Shivanya:The letter is P.

Ritik was shocked and looks at Shivanya but she was not looking at him.Ritik thinks

Ritik:Oh so you were having affair with someone that is why you din’t came back to me past three months ago.

Ritik was having little tears in his eyes and was also having anger.He goes from there.

After Shivanya’s mehendi was done she went to the temple of lord shiva.

Shivanya:Shiv ji what wrong i did that i am getting this much big punishment?

She joints her hands.Her mehendi got dry but the P din’t got dry so the P got R.Shivanya saw it and was shock.

Shivanya:Shiv ji what you want to do?First you are taking my Ritik away from me then this R?

Shivanya left from there.She was walking on road when a car came in front of her.She covered her face because the headlight was coming on her eyes.The car stopped in front of her.It was Ritik’s car.Ritik came out of the car and went to her and catched her arm.

Ritik:Now i understood your game.You are acting as a innocent but you are really a bad women i have ever saw in my life.

Shivanya:What are you telling?

Ritik:There is no use of arguing with you.

Ritik went away from there and Shivanya started crying.

There was someone who was looking all this by hiding behind the tree.Shivanya went away and the person cane out.It was Shesha.

Shesha:Wow now Shivanya will never marry Ritik.

She laughs evily.

Next day

It was evening.It was Ritik and Vinita’s marriage.Ritik was sitting in mandap.His aarti was done so the pandit asked Karan,Ritik’s vampire friend to bring Vinita down.

Karan asked Shivanya to bring Vinita down.Shivanya went to Vinita.

Vinita:Shivanya today i am really happy.How i am looking?

Shivanya:You are looking gorgeous.Come pandit ji is calling.

Shivanya and Vinita comes down.Ritik looks at Shivanya.

Vinita comes to mandap and pandit starts the ritual.Ritik emotionally looks at Shivanya.Vinita and Ritik stands for taking pheres.In each phere Ritik remembers the moment he spended with Shivanya.The pheres are completed.They complete other rituals and get husband and wife.Shivanya goes from there running.

Precap:Ritik:I really love you.

Vinita:I love you too Ritik.

They both hug eachother

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  1. Siddhi It’s a humble request plzzz don’t drag this track and plzzzz reunite rivanya as soon as possible please .

    1. Siddhi

      I promise that i will not drag.I will surely reunite rivanya ?

  2. Jasminerahul

    sad that ritik thought that shivanya has affair bcz of her lie.but glad that P became R.y did u get ritik married 2 vinita?feel very sad

    1. Siddhi

      Don’t worry rivanya will surely reunite ?

  3. Siddhi , its humble request that plzzz don’t drag this track and plzzz reunite rivanya as soon as possible please it’s humble request

  4. Awesome update.waiting for the next update .And puzzle sarvesh is right don’t drag it and unite rivanya .krrp going ?

    1. Siddhi

      Will reuniite them for sure

  5. Rivanyaforever1

    Well i really would like siddhi if u would drag the story more coz every thing does n, t has a happy ending ???
    And luv the way u wrote??
    And u know i really like the emotional scenes and all……..
    So please update soon?

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks rivanyaforever ?

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