Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-8


I am really really sorry for late update pls forgive me.

And I have a request for Tina Ji that pls continue Naagin love os as I can’t read it but my bro is waiting for ur ff and and Shreyaa pls continue ur all ff.

So I will not talk very much let’s start.

After having breakfast Ritik and Ankush leaves for office.

After they leave priest comes to their house.

Yamini:Pandit Ji welcome.

Priest sits on sofa and says

Priest:Where is Ritik?

Angad:He has gone to office with dad.


Yamini:But what happened pandit Ji why are you worried?

Priest:As you know that Ritik have markesh dosh in his Kundli and today he will be affected by markesh dosh.Shivanya have to be their with him.

Shivanya gets worried for Ritik and thinks

Shivanya:Shiv Ji please save Ritik from all bad.

Ritik is driving car and Ankush is sitting on passenger seat when the car gets stopped so to check what happened Ritik comes out of car and checks what happened and says

Ritik:This car has got a problem now I have to call someone to repair it.

He tries to call but he doesn’t gets network.

Ritik:This network have to go now only.

Ankush:Ritik while coming I saw a person so take help from him only.

Ritik:Okay dad.

Ritik starts walking when a car starts coming from his back.

Ankush sees this but before he could tell the car hits him.


He comes out of his car and goes to Ritik.

The person who was driving car also comes out of car.

Person:What happened to him?

Ankush:Can’t you see that my son was walking.

Ankush tries to wake him up but he doesn’t wakes up.

Person:I will leave you and your son to hospital.

Ankush takes Ritik inside his car and person start driving the car.

Yamini gets a call on her phone.

Yamini:It’s of Anky Ji.

She picks up the call and is shock to here the news of Ritik’s accident.

Shivanya:Ma what happened?

Yamini tells everything and all are shocked and goes to hospital.

Ankush reaches hospital and doctor takes Ritik inside operation theater.

All the Raheja family reach there.

Yamini:Anky Ji is my Ritik fine?

Ankush doesn’t says anything.

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:Means what that pandit told all was real.

All are crying including Shivanya.

Yamini says to everyone

Yamini:When my Ritik will get fine then only Shivanya will marry him as I can’t take risk for my son’s life.

Precap:Ritik gets saved and Yamini decides to marry Ritik and Shivanya tomorrow only.

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