Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-73


See who is back.The most boring writer of boring ff.I cant understand that how can you all guve comments in this most boring ff.I am not at all good writer then too some people say me best writer.Yesterday 5 months were completed of my ff and i thought to bring some twist after this track.Hope you like the boring twist.

The episode starts with Ritik standing in forest confused.

Ritik:What am i doing here?

He goes to his car and is shocked to see it in pieces.

Ritik:Oh no mt car is no more and my phone also is broken.Now i have to go back by walking.

He starts walking to his house.

Ruksana/Shivanya goes to find Tanvi.She goes inside the haveli where Tanvi was there.She enters and finds a girl facing her back towards her.


Tanvi turns to her.

Tanvi:Ruksana what are you doing here?

Ruksana/Shivanya:I am not Ruksana

She come sout of her body.Tanvi is shocked.



Tanvi:But u killed you with my hands then how are you alive?

Shivanya:I am not alive i am dead!

Tanvi:Means its your soul?


Shivanya catches Tanvi’s neck.She gets unable to breath.

Tanvi:Leave me Shivanya.

Shivanya:I will not leave you as you tried to kill my Ritik.

Her eyes becomes blood red.She shouts loudly and with her long nails she cuts Tanvi’s neck.Tanvi dies.Shivanya becomes normal.Suddenly air starts getting fast.The curtains start flying.Thinks start falling down.Shivanya covers her face with her hands.Suddenly all get stop and a bright light comes in front of her.She with many difficulites opens her eyes.

Shivanya:Shiv ji!

Lord Shiva:Yes

Shivanya touches lord Shiva’s feet.Lord Shiva gives her blessings.

Lord Shiva:Shivanya as you killed Tanvi i came here to give you boon.Now you will be no more a soul.You will get alive again.

Shivanya gets happy.

Lord Shiva:But……but you will not be a human.

Shivanya:Then what will i be?

Lord Shiva:You will be a naagin!

Shivanya gets shock.


Lord Shiva:Yes

He goes away.Shivanya starts transforming intk a golden snake.

She takes human form.

Shivanya:Now i have to go to Ritik.

She is about to go when she sees Ruksana’s body.

She takes her body and with proper rituals she does her antim sanskar.

After that she goes to Ritik’s house.No one was there in house except Ritik.

He goes to terrace and remembers Shivanya.He gets teary.He goes at the corner of the terrace.His leg slips and he is about to fall down someone catches his hand.He was confused that who saved him.He turns and is shocked to see


Yes she was Shivanya.


Both were teary.Ae dil hai mushkil plays in background.Both remember the time they spended with eachother.

Ritik was about to hug her but stops in between.

Ritik:Just get out of my life.

Shivanya got shock.

Shivanya:Ritik what are you telling?I came back just for you.

Ritik:Then why you left me 3 months ago?

Shivanya was not able to answer the question.

Ritik:I will tell you why because you have never loved me.You did the acting of dieing and went some where else so that you can get free from me.

Shivanya:It is wrong.

Ritik:It is correct.

Ritik catches her arms.She feels pain.

Shivanya:Ritik leave me my arms are paining.

Ritik:I will not leave.Let you also understand my pain.You left me so because of that i went to depression.

He pushes her and goes from there.Shivanya starts crying.

Precap:Ritik announces his marriage with a girl.Ritik allows Shivanya to stay at his house.
Guys i know this is a very bad tiwst but please dont throw rotten tomatoes on me.And the winner of naagin os competetion is…….the readers will only tell in the comment box that who will be the winner ?

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  1. Rivanyaforever1

    No! no! Not at all siddhi dear u r one of the most talented writer on this website
    Infact i only started writing because i alwayz followed ur this ff
    And if i come to the episode it was fantastic and beautifully described
    Update soon sweetheart

    1. Siddhi

      Thank you but i am going throught a disease because of that itbis making me think like this

    2. Siddhi

      Thank you but i am going throught a disease because of that it is making me think like this

      1. Rivanyaforever1

        Aree its okay and i believe it was like a treat from u to me for my birthday???


    Nice twist but don’t drag this ff

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks but dint understood of not dragging the ff?


        I meant that don’t drag the story. It will lessen the interest in our readers.

    2. Siddhi

      Will try to do so but i got ekta’s fever of dragging ?

  3. U r a very good writer don’t consider yourself bad

    1. Siddhi

      Okay aisha and thank you

  4. Jasminerahul

    shivanya killed blessed her n so she is not a human,but a shape changing snake.loved rivanya meeting.but ritik thinks she pretended 2 b dead n left he is angry.rlly sad.precap is even more depressing.plz clear mu btw rivanya

    1. Siddhi

      Dont worry jasmine

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