Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-7

Shivanya calls Shesha.Shesha comes there.

Shivanya:Shesha today whatever I saw what was that?

Shesha:Shivanya actually……….

Shivanya:I just want truth.

Shesha:Okay I will tell you truth.

Shivanya:Yeah tell.

Shesha:I love Ritik more then my life and I can die for him.

Shivanya is shocked to hear this.

Shivanya:Shesha what are you talking?First you use to hate him now what happened to you?

Shesha:First I use to hate him because I never saw him.But when I saw him for the first time I thought he is only love of my life.

Shivanya:But Shesha………

Before she says something Shesha leaves from there as Ritik calls Shivanya’s name.

Ritik knocks her door and asks

Ritik:May I come in?

Shivanya:Yeah come in.

Shesha hides behind a curtain.

Ritik:Shivanya I want to ask you something.


Ritik:Are you sure that you are ready for marriage?

Shivanya:Yeah I am ready.I want to protect you from all bad.

Ritik:Okay if you are ready then I don’t have any problem.

The window gets open because of air.Shivanya is going to close the window when she slips and she is about to fall when Ritik catches her by waist.

They have an eyelock.Shesha is seeing this all and she is getting jealous.Shesha thinks

Shesha:I can’t see Ritik with any girl.

Shivanya is lost in Ritik’s eyes but the window starts getting open and close because of air and both come in sense.

Ritik:Are you fine?

Shivanya:Yeah I am fine

Shivanya closes the window and Ritik goes from there.Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:What is happening to me?Why am I getting attracted towards Ritik?

Shivanya is thinking when Shesha makes her come in sense.

Shesha:Shivanya what happened?

Shivanya:Nothing.We will talk about it later now you go.


Shesha takes snake form and goes from there.

At morning Yamini comes to Ritik’s room and sees him sleeping.Yamini comes and wakes him up.

Yamini:Ritik beta wake up.

Ritik wakes up.

Yamini:Good morning beta.

Ritik:Good morning ma.

Ritik goes to get fresh.

After getting fresh he comes out.He goes to hall and sees Shivanya first.He gets lost in her as she is looking very much beautiful.

Shivanya:Ritik come and have breakfast.

Ritik comes in sense and sits in table and starts having breakfast.

Precap:Priest:Ritik’s life is in danger.As he is having Markesh dosh in his Kundli then today he will be affected by markesh dosh.Shivanya have to be with him all the time today.

Shivanya gets very much worried for Ritik.
Guys so how is today’s episode? Guys now no one is posting rivanya’s ff.What happen to you all?You all stopped loving rivanya or what?

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  1. Very nice please update it daily

  2. Wonderful siddhi. Update next episode soon and please do not drag th storyline

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and I will try not to drag as I have a habit of dragging ?

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