Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-68 to 71

The episode starts with Karan in Ruksana/Shivanya’s room and Karan telling her big secret about to Ritik.

Ruksana/Shivanya:Please tell me Karan which secret?

Actually when you came out of his room I came to know that he became rude with you.When I entered in his room I was shocked to see that Ritik was and was dancing like a small child.Then I went to hall and I saw a paper.I opened it and saw that it’s Ritik’s report.It was written that Ritik is having the disorder of double personality.

Ruksana/Shivanya got shocked.

Karan:When Ritik alone then he behaves like a child or mostly he behaves rude.

Ruksana/Shivanya:But how it happened?

Karan:Because the death of his love he became like this.For some days he got depressed.

Ruksana/Shivanya felt really bad for Ritik.

Karan:Don’t take tension we have to do something.

Karan leaves from there.

She comes out of the body and starts crying.

Shivanya:Ritik now I really hate myself but I have to protect you.

Ritik was in his room.Karan was sitting on bed and Ritik was sitting on chair keeping his laptop on his lap and working.

Ruksana/Shivanya was watching Ritik through the door.

Ritik gets thirsty so he steps his leg to go out.Ruksana/Shivanya quickly hides her self behind the pillar.But oil was spill on floor so she slips.She falls on Ritik.Both of them falls on floor.They get into a eyelock.Ritik feeled that Shivanya was around him.There face were near to each other.

Ruksana/Shivanya remembered the moments she spended with Ritik.

Ritik comes in sense and helps her to stand.

Ritik:Be careful.You always fall on me.

Ritik leaves from there.Ruksana/Shivanya feels bad.

Precap:Ritik’s accident done by Tanvi.Shivanya and Tanvi comes face to face.Shivanya gets boon from Lord Shiva.
Guys hope you like this episode and it’s episode 68,69,70,71.




    |Registered Member

    I liked it but I am sad about Ritik . It was a good episode but write a little long .
    What about the OS competition ? Have you read my Os? Did you liked it ? When will you post your OS ? today is 6th the last date .

  2. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    Really loved it. Sad that rithik is now double personality person. Rivanya’a eye lock was really awesome. Love this scene to the core. Precap is looking suspenseful because of tanvi and shivanya comimg face to face.

  3. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    its shocking that ritik is split personality now.will he get cured?ruksana ritika scene was romantic.when will shivanya’s soul get rid of ruksana’s body n get mouni’s face back?its hard to imagine some other actress with arjun as shivanya.tho its epi-68 to 71 its very short.but loved it.precap is interesting.
    plz update judai.its my fav ff

  4. Nandana


    |Registered Member

    Nice episode dera i really liked it and the precap too is interesting and double personality too is interesting hope the next also will be awesome keep writing dear .

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