Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-52-58

Sorry guys for the late and thanks for your sweet comments so let’s start.

The episode starts with marriage gets complete and Ritik and Shivanya smiles to each other.

After all the rituals are completed both go to their room.

Ritik:Shivanya in previous birth you gone very much far away from me but now you can’t go.Today we will become human and we will will become one.

Ritik cups her face and smiles.He kisses her forehead softly.

Shivanya gets shy.

He takes her to bed.Finally both kiss each other on lips.Ritik removes her saree.Both consumate with each other.

Next day Ritik wakes up and sees Shivanya sleeping peacefully in his arms and smiles.Kent kisses her cheeks and leaves to get fresh.

While taking shower he thinks

Ritik:Now we both have become human.The rule of werewolf’s and naagin’s were that if they consummate with someone who is not like them then they will become human.So now I and Shivanya are human.

He smiles.

Shivanya wakes up.She remembers the night and smiles a little.Ritik comes out of the shower with only towel on him.

Shivanya turns.

Shivanya:Again you came like this

Ritik comes to her.

Ritik:I can come however I want do you have any problem?


Ritik comes near her

Ritik:What problem?

He brings his face near.

Shivanya pushes him and says

Shivanya:I am not romantic that’s the problem.

She goes to take shower.Ritik smiles seeing her naughtiness.

After some hours Ritik is working on laptop.Shivanya comes to him.



Shivanya:See I have made kheer taste it and say whether it is good or not.

Ritik taste it and it was not good.

Ritik:its really tasty

Shivanya:Don’t lie

Ritik stands up

Ritik:I am not lieing.It is delicious

Shivanya:I know that it is not at all good.

Shivanya gets sad and sits on sofa.Ritik sits beside her.

Ritik:Shivanya if it is not good then I will teach you out to make kheer.

Shivanya:You know?

Ritik:Yes I know

Shivanya tightly hugs Ritik.

Shivanya:I love you Ritik.

Ritik smiles and says

Ritik:I love you too.

Both go to kitchen.Ritik starts teaching her how to make kheer.

After sometimes the kheer gets ready.Ritik makes her taste the kheer.

Shivanya:I love the taste.Now I understood how to make nice kheer and now next time I will make kheer.


A dark haveli is shown.And a girl is standing,her face is not visible.

Girl:Whatever you do Ritik you can’t kill me.

She smiles evily.

Precap:Shivanya to fall from mountain.
So hope you like it.I know it was not having much romance but don’t worry in future episodes I will add nice romance.

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    Awesome siddhi, and update reborn love story

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    rivanya consummation was very romantic.they became humans bcz of romance n kheer scene was nice

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    who is that evil girl?Sesha?

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      No she is not shesha

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