Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-5


Ramya:What are you trying jewellery here,there you are not going to get married to Ritik.

Tanvi is shocked.

Tanvi:What are you talking nonsense mom?

Ramya:I am not talking nonsense it’s true.That Yamini and Ankush are going to make Ritik and Shivanya marry.

Tanvi is again shocked and goes to Yamini and Ankush.



Tanvi:What I have listened that you will make that servant marry to Ritik.

Yamini:Don’t say Shivanya a servant.

Shivanya enters the room.

Ankush:Shivanya beta what are you doing here?

Shivanya:Actually I listened the noise of shouting so I came here.

Tanvi goes to Shivanya

Tanvi:Oh so how much acting you will do?

Yamini:Tanvi talk with manners.

Tanvi gets angry and goes from there and Yamini goes to Shivanya.

Yamini:I will tell sorry to you instead of Tanvi.

Shivanya:It’s okay.

Yamini:I want to ask you one thing.


Yamini:Can you marry my son Ritik?

Shivanya is shocked

Shivanya:But how can I marry him?

Yamini:If you will not marry him then he will get in danger.Please marry him.

Shivanya agrees and goes from there.

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:My plan is getting complete.Shesha gave poison to Ritik and as per the plan is saved Ritik from the poison and Yamini Raheja accepted me as her daughter in law.Now when I will get marry to him then I will kill him and his whole family.

Shesha comes there.

Shesha:Our plan is working perfectly.Are you happy?

Shivanya:Ofcourse I am happy.

Shesha:But don’t get evolve in other relations.

Shivanya gets confused.

Shivanya:Which relation?

Shesha indicates towards Ritik’s photo.

Shivanya:What are you saying Shesha?I can’t fall for him at any cost.

Shesha:That’s like my sister.

Ritik is coming so Shesha goes from there.


Ritik goes near her.

Ritik:Ma told me everything but are happy to marry me?

Shivanya:Yes I am happy.

Ritik smiles and Shivanya also smiles.

At evening engagement party starts.Shivanya comes down.

Yamini:Shivanya you are looking very beautiful beta.

Shivanya:Thanks mam.

Yamini:From now you will call me ma not mam.Okay?

Shivanya:Okay ma.

Shivanya smiles.Angad comes to Yamini and Shivanya.

Angad:Ma,Bhabi Ritik bhaiya is missing.

Both are shocked.

Precap:Ritik is seen in a forest unconscious and a girl is very near to him.
Sorry guys for the late update as my exams were there so can’t update but I will update other ff’s soon.

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  1. Update the next episode soon. Update all your ff’s? When will you update the next episode of this ff?? It was just scintillating

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and I will update all ff’s soon when I am free


    Its ok! Focus on your exams . Best of luck

    1. Siddhi

      Haha my exams are over


        Then try to update fast 3

    2. Siddhi

      Will try to update fast

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