Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-47


Shivqnya sits on sofa and Ritik explains everything to her about her past life and their love story.

She gets all the flashback of her past life and remembers everything.She gets teary and hugs Ritik.

Shivanya:I am really sorry Ritik.

Ritik hugs her back and says

Ritik:It’s okay darling

Ritik kneels down and blood tears roll down his cheeks.

Shivanya:Ritik why are you crying?

Ritik:Because I loosed my family.



After becoming a vampire Ritik went to Raheja house when he gets shocked as he sees fire brightens.

He goes to one of fire brighter.

Ritik:What happened here?And where are the people who use to live?

Brigeter:They all died.

He goes from there and Ritik kneels down and shouts loudly.He starts crying when he sees Tanvi standing and smiling evily.

Flashback end

Ritik:That how I lost my family.

Shivqnya too starts crying.Ritik consoles her.

Ritik:I am trying to find Tanvi from 23 years but still I am not able to find her.

Shivanya:Ritik don’t worry.I will live with you.

Shivanya keeps her head on his shoulder.Swara and San skat comes there and are shocked to see them.

Swara:Di what are you doing with this vampire?

Shivanya:Don’t call him vampire.

Sanskar:But he is a blo*dy vampire.

Shivanya:Shut up Sanskar.I love him and he is my husband.

Ritik sees Shivanya in little shock.Shivanya looks at him and smiles.

Swara:Di what are you telling?

Shivanya:Yeah he is my husband.We married each other some days ago.And no one can say bad to my husband.

Shivqnya and Ritik goes away from there house leaving Swara and Sanskar shocked.

Shivanya and Ritik go to Ritik’s house.

Shesha comes there and sees them together and gets jealous.

Shesha thinks

Shesha:I have to kill Shivanya before she makes my Ritik her.

Shesha goes to the main switch of the house and switch off all the light.Shivanya gets scare and hugs Ritik.Ritik smiles.

Ritik:Don’t get scare and stand here.I will bring candle.

Ritik goes up to bring candle.Shivqnya is standing in hall.Shesha comes from her back.She bites her.Shivqnya shouts and Ritik immediately comes down and sees Shesha but before he could catch her she goes from there.Ritik sees that Shesha bite her on neck so he goes to her.

Ritik:Shivanya don’t close your eyes I will make you perfectly fine.

Ritik takes her in his arms to shiv temple.They reach shiv temple.

Ritik:Shiv Ji please do something and save my Shivanya.If a vampire would bite her then I would be able to save her but naagin bite her then I cannot save her that is why I came here.



Shivanya:Ritik we cannot be one

Ritik:Don’t say like this.

Ritik watch Shivanya in bad condition helplessly.

Ritik shouts.He sees a plant which can save Shivanya from the poison of naagin.

He brings that plant and applies on where Shesha bite her.Plant soaks the poison from her body.Then Ritik kisses her neck.

Shivanya opens her eyes and smiles and hugs him.

Precap:Ritik to attack on Shesha.
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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i really liked it updatte the next soon dear .

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  2. Really nice siddhi

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  3. Jasminerahul

    Gud that shivanya remembers everything.So ritik’s whole family died in fire bcz of tanvi.hope ritik finds her n punishes her.So ritik’s father never got exposed.hope shivanya tells him d truth of his father.loved shivanya defending ritik infront of swasan.loved rivanya hug in darkness.sesha bit shivanya.oh no..thankfully with d medicinal plant ritik cured shivanya.

    1. Siddhi

      U summarised it very properly ☺

  4. so lucky ur exams are getting over siddhi mine is oon 5th october and in between weekends and one day holiday……….episode was fab……….

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    Superb dear

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