Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-43


Guys I am in tension as tomorrow is my English exam.

The episode starts with Shivanya is angry with Ritik.He goes out of the room then goes a little far away from hospital in a forest.He shouts taking Shivanya’s name.

After some hours Shivanya gets discharge.

They both sit in car and Ritik.He starts driving.

Shivanya:Stop the car.

Ritik stops the car.

Ritik:What happened?

Shivanya:I cannot go with a shameless person like you.

Shivanya comes out of the car.

Ritik:Okay it’s your wish but let see in how many hours you will come.

He goes from there and Shivanya starts walking.

Shivanya is walking when a car comes from her back.The car hits her.She falls on floor.The car stops and the window of the car comes down.Shockingly it’s Ritik.

Ritik goes to Shivanya

Ritik:I am really sorry Shivanya if I would not do this then you would die.I have to hurt you to save you.

He takes her in his arms and takes her to the hospital.

Doctor comes out of the room and says

Doctor:I am really sorry but we could not the child.

Doctor goes from there and Ritik comes to Shivanya and catches a unconscious Shivanya’s hand and says

Ritik:Please forgive me.

Precap:Shivanya to hug Ritik and cry

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  1. It’s scintillating sidhi. Update the next episode when you are free as soon as possible

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and please update your ffs please

  2. D.Dashni

    Good luck siddhi☺Do your best…i actually missed the earlier parts like alot… …will read it assoon ya and w 🙂

    1. D.Dashni

      Will read it as soon as possible and will ping you back my opinions dear *?

      1. Siddhi

        Tomorrow is my exam of English and I am feeling nervous

    2. Siddhi

      Thanks and no problem

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks dear for your comment

  3. Jasminerahul

    so pregnancy can danger ritik caused an accident leading 2 her miscarriage.ritik is guilty too.apology scene was very emotional.i feel sad that d baby died.waiting 4 shivanya’s reaction

    1. Siddhi

      She will not know that ritik had only done the accident

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