Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-42


Ritik and Shivanya leaves for meeting.

They reach hotel and after the meeting Ritik and Shivanya stops for sometime.Ritik orders juice for Shivanya.

Shivanya:Sir you will not have?


The waiter by mistakenly gives Shivanya wine as wine and juice were same.Shivanya drinks it and gets out of control.

Ritik:Hey what was this?

The waiter checks and says

Waiter:It was wine sir.

Ritik:How you could do this big mistake?

Ritik gets frustrate and takes Shivanya in his arms and Ritik books one room and goes inside and makes her lye on bed.

Shivanya says something and Ritik listens it and thinks

Ritik:How innocent Shivanya is.

He goes near her and sits beside a sleeping Shivanya.He gets lost in her and comes near her

Shivanya slowly opens her eyes and takes Ritik’s name.He keeps his finger on her lips and slowly kisses her forehead.He was not able to control himself.He kisses her neck and Shivanya keeps her hand on his shoulders.Ritik slowly brings his face near to her.Both close there eye and kiss each other.

Next day Shivanya is seen in Ritik’s arms when Ritik wakes up and gets shock to see them in this condition.

Ritik:How can I do this?

He gets up from bed and property himself.

Ritik wakes up Shivanya.

Shivanya:What we are doing here?

Ritik explains everything to her

Shivanya:What!How you can do this to me?

Ritik:I don’t know how it happened but now let’s go.

Shivanya catches his hand

Shivanya:You know that it is very big thing for a girl.

Ritik:So what can I do?I can’t do anything now,come with me.

Both go.Shivanya and Ritik sits inside the car when Shivanya gets unconscious.


Ritik takes her to hospital.

Doctor:Mr Ritik Shivanya is perfectly fine

Ritik:Then why she got unconscious?

Doctor:Because she is pregnant.

Ritik is shocked to the core.

Ritik:What?How is it possible?

Doctor:It’s the truth

Doctor goes from there saying this.

Ritik goes inside and sees Shivanya happy.

Ritik goes to her

Ritik:Shivanya you can’t give birth to this child.


Ritik thinks

Ritik:How can I tell you that if you will give birth to this child then you will die.

Shivanya:Tell know why?

Ritik:Because I don’t want that this child takes birth in this world.

Shivanya slaps him.

Shivanya:First because of you only I got pregnant then you are saying that I should do abortion.How shameless you are?

Ritik feels bad.

Precap:Shivanya to get hit by a car.
Guys I know this is short update and not properly written but please comment as I am in hurry

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  1. Nice episode………and how was ur exam

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  3. Jasminerahul

    its shocking that ritik consummated with shivanya when she was did she become pregnant so fast?her pregnancy was unexpected.poor ritik is a vampire thats y he told not to give b’th 2 this baby.but shivanya misunderstood him.hope their mu gets cleared

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