Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-41


Guys thanks for your comments as I have completed 41 episodes I am really happy.

The episode starts with Shesha smiles evily.

Next day Ritik is in his cabin when Shivanya comes there wearing short dress.Ritik is shocked.


Shivqnya keeps her finger on his lips then starts seducing him.Ritik feels strange as Shivanya is not at all like this.

He thinks

Ritik:She cannot be my Shivanya.

Ritik pushes her and folds her hand she wince with pain.

Shivanya:Leave me

Ritik:First tell me who are you?

Shivanya:I am only Shivanya.

Ritik:I know that you are telling lie tell me who are you.

Ritik folds her hand more so Shivanya pushes him and in snake form goes from there.

Ritik:She is Shesha!How can Shesha be alive?

Shesha goes at forest.

Shesha:How did Ritik know that I am not Shivanya?

Shivanya enters inside the cabin.Ritik sees her and he feels emotional and thinks

Ritik:I dint think also that you will be in front of me then also I can’t come near you.For you I waited but you never came but when you came then I can’t come to you.

Shivanya breaks his chain of thoughts

Shivanya:Ritik sir


Shivanya comes to him and says

Shivanya:There is a meeting on 4 pm.

Ritik:Okay but you also have to come with me.

Shivanya agrees.

Swara is in house and is chatting with Sanskar when he stops sending message.She gets worried when Sanskar enters her house.She runs and hugs him tightly.

Swara:Finally we will get marry

Sanskar:I was waiting for that from 2 years.

Sanskar kisses her forehead.

Precap:Preparation of Swara and Sanskar marriage and Ritik to save Shivanya

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    nice epiisode dear and the precap too seems to be interested .??????

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  2. Jasminerahul Shesha came as Shivanya to seduce ritik.loved how ritik handled her n she ran away.she deserved it.poor ritik is so sad that he isnt able 2 get close 2 shivanya tho he longed 4 her return.plz close d distance btw them.loved swasan romantic scene

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