Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-38


Guys I am relaxed as I thought no one would like this track but everyone liked it by guys from tomorrow I will not come on telly updates till 30 September because my exams are there and do tell did you liked this track.

Rating stands from his seat and thinks

Ritik:Shivanya it was you only.You came back for me but unfortunately I can’t become yours.Because of that Tanvi,Arjun and Vani I became vampire.


Arjun takes knife and is about stab Ritik but Ritik stops him by catching his hand.But Vani takes rod and hits on his head and he gets unconscious.

Tanvi thinks to make him sad forever so she bites him on neck and all the three leaves from there.

When Ritik opens his eyes he understands that now he is living dead body he is a vampire.

Flashback end

Ritik:I am sure that Tanvi would still be finding me.And if she will see Shivanya then she will kill her.But I will not let it happen.

Here Sanskar and Swara breaks the hug.

Sanskar:I will talk with Ritik bhai about marriage tonight.

Swara:I love you Sanskar

Sanskar:I love you too

Sanskar kisses her forehead.

At night Ritik comes home and sits on sofa when Sanskar comes to him.

Sanskar:Bhai I want to talk with you.

Ritik:What you want to talk with me?

Sanskar:I and Swara are madly in love with each other please make us marry each other.

Ritik thinks and smiles a little and says


Sanskar:I love you Bhai

Sanskar hugs him.

Shivanya is at her home and when she sees moon and goes near window.

Shivanya:It seems that I have known this moon from many many years.

Shivanya is looking at moon when she hears a unusual sound.She comes out of her house and starts seeing from where the sound is coming.Shesha comes from back and thinks

Shesha:Now you are dead

Ritik sense Shivanya in danger so he makes some excuses to Sanskar and leaves from there and with lighting speed goes where Shivanya is.Shesha takes snake form and is about to bite Shivanya but Ritik with lighting speed takes Shivanya aside.

Before Shivanya could see who it is Ritik goes away with the same speed.Shesha is shocked.

Shesha:Who is it?Who saved Shivanya?

She gets angry and goes from there.

Ritik goes to forest.He thinks

Ritik:Today Shivanya got saved but who was that snake who wanted to kill Shivanya?

The question stucked in his mind.

Sanskar calls Swara

Sanskar:Swara bhai agreed for our marriage


Sanskar:Yeah Swara

Swara:Sanskar you can’t believe that how much happy I am

Swara is going to say something when she sees Shivanya in astonished so she cuts the call and goes to her.

Swara:Di what happened?

Shivanya:You know when I was seeing that from where unusual voice was coming then a thing took me aside and it was really very fast.I think it would be a person.

Swara:Di it would be your imagination and don’t take tension and sleep.

Shivanya agrees and goes to bed.

Ritik is still in forest when he feels a hand on his shoulder so he turns and sees one of his vampire friend Karan.

Karan:Ritik what are you doing here?

Ritik:Just like this

Karan:You are here because of Shivanya only know.

Ritik nods in yes

Karan:Ritik listen.We are vampires and vampire can’t love humans.

Ritik:I know but Shivanya is my human life love

Karan:Yeah she is your human life love but you are not a human and you are a vampire.

Ritik:I know and don’t teach me

Ritik goes from there.

Ritik goes from there to road

Shivanya tries to sleep but is not able to sleep but she realises that there a locket stuck in her dress.She takes the locket and thinks

Shivanya:This locket would be of that person only.

Ritik is walking on road when he realises that the locket which was given by Shivanya is not there and he gets tensed

Ritik:Where the locket have gone?I have to find it.

Ritik starts finding the locket but doesn’t gets so he gets back to home.

Precap:Shivanya to get lost in Ritik’s eyes but Ritik to regret her.
Guys hope you like it and from 18 to 30 September I am inactive

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