Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-35

Ritik:Ma I am fine don’t worry for me.

Yamini hugs him.

They are happy when there happiness gets away when they see Tanvi coming.


Girl:I am Meera not Tanvi

Yamini:Stop doing your drama.

Meera is confused when two people come there.

Boy:I am Arjun Meera’s brother

Girl:And I am Vani Meera’s sister.

Arjun:She is not Tanvi she is Meera.

Ritik:But there is a girl named Tanvi she exactly looks like her.

Ankush:It maybe a coincidence but she is my friends daughter

Meera comes to Ankush and takes her blessings.Ritik was having anger in his eyes even he was knowing that she is not Tanvi.

Ankush:Beta I was waiting for you only.

Ritik:But dad why dint you told me?

Ankush:At just morning I got call from my friend

Ritik goes from there.Shivanya follows him.

Ritik goes to his room and stands near window.

Shivanya:Ritik I know you are angry.

Ritik turns to Shivanya.

Ritik:I know she is innocent but then too I feel angry when I look at her.

Shivanya keeps her hand on his shoulder and keeps his head on her shoulder.

Ankush shows Arjun,Vani and Meera there rooms.

Meera thinks

Meera:So Ritik still remember me.I will kill Shivanya as because of her I dint marry Ritik and her sister Shesha killed me because of that I am a vampire not a human.

Shesha angrily comes to Tanvi.

Tanvi:So did you made Ritik yours?

Shesha:You stupid girl because of you Ritik has gone very far from me.Now you are not any use of me.

Tanvi:Shesha I am telling do not even touch me.

Shesha:I will not touch but I will kill you.

Shesha takes snake format and bites Tanvi.Tanvi dies.

Flashback end

Tanvi:For Raheja family I am Meera and for my siblings I am Tanvi.

Arjun:So did you decided the plan?

Vani and Arjun comes to her.

Vani:Yeah you have to kill Shivanya my vampire sister.

Tanvi:I will kill Shivanya at any cost.

She smiles evily.

Vani:But tell us your plan to kill Shivanya.

Tanvi tells something to Vani and Arjun.

Arjun:What a great idea it is now no one can save Shivanya from the doors of death.

Next day as per the plan Tanvi takes Shivanya out.

Tanvi:Shivanya I don’t know you properly but I know that you are really caring.

Shivanya:Thanks Meera

They both are walking at a greenery area.

Tanvi is walking when a man wearing mask catches her and keeps knife on her neck.

Man:Don’t even move or else I will cut her neck.

Shivanya:Leave her

Man:Don’t move from your place.

The man takes Tanvi at forest.Shivanya follows him but she sees no one there.

Shivanya:Meera where are you?

Tanvi:I am here

Shivanya turns to her and before she can understand when happen Tanvi stabs her.

Tanvi:I am not Meera I am Tanvi.

Shivanya:You cheated on me

The man who was wearing mask comes there and removes his mask.He is Arjun.Vani too comes there.

Tanvi:It was our plan to kill you.

All the laughs evily and Shivanya session them helplessly.

Shivanya falls on ground and takes Ritik’s name.

Here Ritik feels that Shivanya is in danger.

Ritik goes out and tries to find her.He goes to the forest where Shivanya is there.He goes inside the forest and sees Shivanya and runs to her.


Ritik:Shivanya…Shivanya what happened to you?

Shivanya:It’s too late Ritik but please never leave me.

Ritik:Shivanya please don’t say like this.

Shivanya:I am going Ritik but I will always be there in your heart.

Ritik:Shivanya just shut up

Shivanya:It’s too late Ritik.

Shivanya takes her last breath in Ritik’s arms.


Ritik cries seeing Shivanya no more in the world.

Precap:Tanvi,Arjun and Vani to come in front of Ritik.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that sesha had killed tanvi 2 get Ritik.So she became a vampire.But how did she become a vampire after her death?Tanvi is back as Meera to kill shivanya.why does Vani say that she wants 2 kill her vampire sister Shivanya?I’m confused.Shivanya is a snake,not a vampire,right?Sad that tanvi stabbed shivanya.She died in ritik’s arms.i feel very sad.did shivanya really die?plz don’t kill her.plz make her survive n punish tanvi n gang

    1. Siddhi

      Dear Shivanya is not a vampire and if you want to know what will happen next then do read my ff’s next episode

      1. Jasminerahul i understood that vani was calling meera my vampire sister.why does vani hate shivanya…
        how did tanvi turn a vampire after death?

    2. Siddhi

      As she wanted to kill shivanya but she died so she became vampire

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