Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-32 (Ganesh Chaturti special)

Hi guys and thanks for comments in previous epi.After so many days I got more then 10 comments and this episode is Ganesh Chaturti special hope you like it.

The episode starts with Rajbeer and Paridhi leaves.

Yamini:Tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturti and I want that Ritik and Shivanya bring the idol of Lord Ganesh.

Ritik:Of course mom will bring why not.

All get happy

Angad:Bhai I am very much excited for tomorrow as it’s my favourite festival.

All gets happy.

They have dinner and at Rivanya’s room.

Shivanya:Ritik I want to tell you my truth.

Ritik:What truth?

Shivanya:That I am a……


Shivanya is shocked.

Ritik:I know your truth Shivanya.

Shivanya:But how you know?

Ritik:I know because when I use to get the flashback of previous birth then I got a flashback in which I saw you as naagin.I thought it would be not true but when I saw you in real as naagin then I came to know.But I don’t care that whatever you are in just love you.

He catches her hand.

Shivanya:I love you too

They both hug each other.

Ritik:I am very excited as tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturti.You know Shivanya when you were not there in my life then I don’t use to believe in these festivals but now I love them.

Shivanya:I know that and see you will have faith in everything

Both smile and hug each other.

At morning all are seen been dressed nicely.All Raheja family is present except Ritik and Shivanya.

Divya:Now soon bhai and bhabi will come with idol of Lord Ganesh.

They all are happy when here sound of drums and they come to know that Ritik and Shivanya came.

Ritik:Ganpati bappa


Ritik:Mangal murti


Ritik and Shivanya comes and places the idol to its place.

All join there hands and pray to God.Ritik and Shivanya both catches the thali for aarti and aarti starts.

Aarti ends

Ritik:Ganpati bappa


Ritik:Mangal murti


Yamini:This time our Ganesh Ji is looking very nice.

Amrita:Yeah ma it’s most beautiful

Shivanya:Ma I will come in few minutes.

Yamini:Okay beta

Shivanya goes out.


Shesha comes there.

Shesha:What happened Shivanya?

Shivanya:Shesha where were from many days?

Shesha:Shivanya I was thinking how to kill that Ankush Raheja.

Shivanya:No we will not kill him.


Shivanya:Because I don’t want that Ritik geysers sad.

Shesha:Shivanya I will take Ritik away from you.(She thinks)


Shesha:Shivanya now you are gone.

Shivanya:Shesha what are you telling?

Shesha:Yes I want Ritik at any cost as I love him.

Shivanya is shocked.

Shivanya:What are you telling this?You can’t do this.

Shesha:I can do

Shesha stabs knife to Shivanya.Shivanya gets shocked and falls down with tears in her eyes.

Shesha:Finally Shivanya gone away from my way.

Shesha goes from there walking.

Shivanya opens her eyes with difficulties.She remembers her childhood with Shesha then remember her and Ritik’s moments.

She is about to close her eyes but when she sees lord Ganesh then she tries to stand.She stands with many difficulties and joins her hand in front of Lord Ganesh.

Lord Ganesh blesses her telling

Lord Ganesh:Shivanya I bless you that no one will be able to separate you and Ritik in any birth.

Lord Ganesh healed her wounds and goes from there.

Shivanya is angry and takes the knife with which Shesha stated her and goes to her.


Shesha turns and is shocked to see Shivanya.But before she could do anything Shivanya stabs her and she dies.

Precap:New villain’s entry.
Guys I hope that this Ganesh Chaturti specials episode was not boring.Comments loads and stay healthy and happy Ganesh Chaturti.

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      Thanks and in next episode there will be the entry of new villain

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    Nice fan fiction, naagin story is awesome.

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