Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-31

Ritik gains conscious.

Shivanya breaks the hug.Paridhi and Rajbeer goes to him.

Rajbeer:Ritik what happened to you actually?

Ritik:When I came out of the car then the car got blast.

All the three are shocked.

Paridhi:I am sure that the evil soul Rajiv would have only done this.

Ritik:What are you taking?He is my friend.

Rajbeer:Then we are too your friend Ritik.

Shivanya:You all are friends?


Doctor comes there and says

Doctor:Ritik can get discharge.

Ritik gets discharge and all comes out of the hospital so Ritik asks

Ritik:What you were saying that Rajiv have done this

Paridhi:Ritik Rajiv is an evil soul who have came to kill you and Shivanya.

Ritik:But why?

Old man comes there

Old man:To take revenge of his death.

All are shocked.

Shivanya:But what we did that he died?


The old man tells everything about there past life.

Paridhi:It’s all true and in past life you both got married but Rajiv killed Shivanya instead of you.

Ritik:Oh then that is why I was getting that unusual dreams and flashbacks.

Shivanya:I was also getting.

Rajbeer:Now we have to somehow kill that evil soul Rajiv.

Ritik:But how?

Rajbeer tells something to everyone.

They all go to Raheja mansion.

They enter the mansion.

Rajiv:So you came to die.

Rajiv is about to attack on Ritik but he falls down he touches him.

Ritik:What you thought that you will kill me.It’s impossible because

Ritik removes the locket of Lord hanuman from his neck

Ritik:We all have wear this

Paridhi:Now it’s time to go Rajiv.

Paridhi throws the whole sindoor on Rajiv.He shouts in pain.

Rajiv:Leave or else I will kill you all

All throw Sindoor on Rajiv.Finally Rajiv gets burned and he gets away forever.

Rajbeer:Yes we killed that Rajiv’s soul.

All get happy

Shivanya:Ritik I want to tell you something

Ritik:Tell me

Shivanya:I love you Ritik

Ritik gets happy and hugs her and says

Ritik:I love you too Shivanya

All the Raheja family too comes there.

Yamini:Rajbeer and Paridhi.

Rajbeer and Paridhi takes the blessings of Ankush and Yamini.

Rajbeer:Now we have to leave for London.

Ritik:So early you are leaving

Paridhi:Don’t worry we will come back very soon.


Rajbeer:Sure bhai

They both give hifi to each other and Paridhi and Rajbeer leaves.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya’s sweet moments.

So finally the evil soul’s track got over but next episode will not be last episode.There will start a new track so take care guys and comment loads.

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