Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-30


Guys I am really happy as I have finally completed 30 episodes.This is my first Ff which have crossed 30 episodes.

Ritik kneels down and says

Ritik:Shivanya will you marry me?

Shivanya gets happy and makes Ritik stands and hugs him tightly.

Shivanya:I will surely marry you.

Ritik kisses her cheeks and hugs her back.

8 months leap

Here Ritik and Shivanya and Siddharth and Suman are in mandap.

They take 7 vows.They complete all the formality and they get married with each other.

Ritik:Shivanya I am really happy that we both have got married.

Shivanya:Me too

Yamini comes to them and says

Yamini:What are you talking?

Shivanya and Ritik:Nothing major

Yamini starts laughing on both and they end up blushing.

Siddharth and Suman too get happy.

Siddharth:I love you Suman.

Suman keeps her head on his shoulder.

Yamini is going when Rajiv who was present there catches her and puts knife on her neck.

Ritik:Rajiv what are you doing?

Rajiv:Ritik you steamed my love away from me.


Rajiv:You got married to Shivanya.She is my love.

All are shocked.

Shivanya:Rajiv what are you telling this?

Rajiv:Yes I am telling the truth how many times I tried to kill him but he dint died.

Siddharth:You blo*dy

Siddharth is coming but Rajiv says

Rajiv:If you will come near then I will her neck.

Ritik:Don’t come near to him Siddharth.

Rajiv:Only Ritik will come to me.

Ritik comes to him.Rajiv leaves Yamini and gets ready to stab Ritik.

He stabs but not Ritik but Shivanya.


Ritik catches Shivanya.Rajiv runs from there

Ritik:Shivanya open your eyes.

Shivanya:Ritik I am going away from you

Ritik:Don’t tell like this we will go to hospital and you will get perfectly fine.

Shivanya:It’s too late.

Ritik:Nothing is late let’s go to hospital.

Shivanya:Ritik I want that you always stay happy.

Shivanya closes her eyes and dies.

Ritik:Shivanya open your eyes why are you not moving.Shivanya

He cries putting his head on her head.


Yamini comes to Ritik and keeps her hand on his shoulder.

Next day Ritik is seen burning Shivanya’s body with tears.

He have blood in his eyes and his blood is boiling so he takes gun and goes inside his car unknown of the destination.Siddharth and Suman follows him.

Ritik is driving when he sees Rajiv and stops the car.


Rajiv turns to him and is shock to see him with gun.

Siddharth and Suman comes there.

Ritik:I will kill you Rajiv.

Ritik shots Rajiv but Suman comes in between and falls down.


Ritik is unaware of what happened and is just willing to kill Rajiv.

Rajiv turns to run but Ritik shoots him and he dies.

Siddharth is angry and goes to Ritik and catches his collar.

Siddharth:Why you killed my Suman!!!

Ritik comes in sense and realise what he did and feels guilty.


He is going to Suman but Siddharth stops him and starts beating him.

Siddharth pushes him away and goes to Suman and starts crying.

Ritik is feeling guilty so goes to the edge of mountain.

Ritik:Shivanya I can’t leave without you.

He jumps and falls in water and dies.

Present day

Rajiv:Ritik killed me because of Shivanya now I will kill him and Shivanya.

Shivanya,Rajbeer and Paridhi reaches hospital.They go where Ritik was there.Shivanya sees Ritik in this condition and goes to him and hugs him.

Precap:Ritik gains conscious.Ritik and Shivanya comes to know the truth of there past life by a old man.
Guys finally this flashback part has finished.Hope you liked that part now the real story starts.

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