Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-29


Siddharth drives towards home and says to Ritik that he will make him and Shivanya meet Suman.

Next day Siddharth takes Rivanya to Suman.

Siddharth:Ritik and Shivanya she is Suman and Suman they are Ritik and Shivanya.

Shivanya:Nice to meet you.

Ritik gets a call on his phone so he goes out of the house to attend the call.

Ritik is talking in phone when a man comes from back and keeps his hand on his shoulder.

Ritik turns and sees Rajiv.

Ritik:Rajiv you here?

Rajiv:Yaar don’t you know that I am Suman’s brother?

Ritik:Really?Oh so my brother like friend is in love with your sister.

Rajiv:Oh I was not knowing that he is your friend.


Rajiv thinks

Rajiv:Ritik I have to stop you at any cost to stay away from my Shivanya.

Rajiv:Come inside

Ritik and Rajiv go inside and Suman sees him and runs towards him and hugs him.

Suman:Bhai where we’re you I missed you very much.

Rajiv:Me too dear sis.

Rajiv takes Suman’s hand and takes Siddharth’s and entangle them together and says

Rajiv:I want that my sister stays happy and she will stay happy when she will marry you so can you marry my sister?

Siddharth says happily

Siddharth:Of course why not

All get happy so Ritik signals Shivanya to come out.Shivanya goes out and Ritik says to everyone

Ritik:Guys me and Shivanya have some work so we are going bye guys.

Ritik goes from there.

Shivanya:Ritik why called me out?

Ritik:Because I want to take you somewhere.


Ritik takes a cloth and ties on her eyes and says

Ritik:It’s a surprise

Ritik makes Shivanya sit inside car and he drives towards a place.

They reach the place and Ritik helps Shivanya to come out.He opens the cloth and she sees a beautiful haveli.

Shivanya:Wow so beautiful

Ritik:I know because this haveli is of my father.We are in panchner.

Shivanya hugs Ritik and says

Shivanya:I love you Ritik

Precap:8 months leap and Ritik and Shivanya and Siddharth and Suman’s marriage

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