Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-26


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The episode starts with all the three smiling when Yamini says

Yamini:Now you both go to sleep it’s late.

Siddharth and Yuvraj:Okay

Both go to their room and sleep.

At morning they get up and get ready for the college.

They leave for college.

Yuvraj comes out of the car and starts flirting with girls.Siddharth comes to him

Siddharth:Come on Yuvraj now stop flirting and let’s go.


Siddharth gets a call so he goes from there.

Yuvraj is going when he bumps into a girl and the girl is about to fall but Yuvraj saves her by catching her by waist.

Both share a eyelock.

Yuvraj helps her to stand.

Yuvraj:Are you fine?


She is about to go but her duppata gets stuck in his locket.

Yuvraj tries to remove it but fails so the girl comes near to him and removes the duppata from his locket and goes from there.

Yuvraj is standing there and is staring the girl when Siddharth comes there

Siddharth:Now with which girl you will have fun.

Yuvraj:No yaar.I just meet a girl and you know it feel like I know her.I just want to know who is the girl.

Siddharth:How is it possible Yuvraj?

Yuvraj:It is possible.We will ask to dad to find about her.

Yuvraj calls his father.

He picks up the phone

Yuvan:Hello beta

Yuvraj:Hello dad

Yuvraj tells everything to him and he says

Yuvan:No problem I will find now.

Yuvan cuts the call.

Yuvraj and Siddharth are going when girl comes there and says

Girl:Hay handsome

Yuvraj:What you want?

Girl:I want you,I love you

Yuvraj:Do you understand the meaning of love?

Girl:Yeah love means fun

Yuvraj:No love means when two people get into a strong bond for all the births.


Girl:What nonsense

She goes from there

Siddharth:Yuvraj what happened to you?

Yuvraj:You know when I meet that girl then I understood the meaning of true love.

Siddharth:Means this girl having something different


Yuvraj goes from there.

Yuvraj goes to office and the principle tells him

Principle:Your dad told me everything the girl you are finding she is new admission in the college and her name is Shivanya.

Yuvraj:Thanks sir for giving me information

Yuvraj goes from there.

Yuvraj goes to Shivanya.

He sees her sitting on a bench so he goes and sits beside her.

Yuvraj:Hi Shivanya

Shivanya:How you know my name?

Yuvraj:Just I guessed your name by your face.

Shivanya:What is your name?

Yuvraj:My name is Yuvraj Singhal.

Shivanya:Oh nice name.


Yuvraj was having the problem of asthma so he was getting problem to breath so he tried to find his spray but he was not getting it.

Shivanya got worried unknowingly for him and she too started finding it but it was lost.

Yuvraj:Shivanya……I ha….ve asth….ma problem….and my…….sp…ray has got lost.

Yuvraj’s eyes start getting close.

Shivanya calls someone but no one was there so she was not having any option but to give him oxygen.

She hesitatel bringed her face close to him.She kissed him in order to give him oxygen.For the sometime his eyes were getting open so Shivanya saw that the spray is far away so she goes and get the spray and gives to Yuvraj.

He gets fine but he gets high fever and so she goes far away and calls Siddharth.

Siddharth gets worried for Ritik (the name has changed)

Shivanya and Siddharth takes Ritik to his home.

Yamini sees Ritik and gets worried for him.She calls doctor.

Doctor comes after sometime and says

Doctor:RITIK is fine just because of asthma problem he got fever but no need to worry he will be fine soon.

Doctor leaves from there.

Shivanya too leaves from there.

RITIK slowly opens his eyes and finds himself in his room.


Yamini goes to Ritik and caresses his head.

Precap: Shivanya remincing the kiss of her and Ritik

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