Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-2


All go inside the haveli.All enter inside the haveli and sit on sofa and starts talking with each other when Ritik gets a call on his phone so he goes out of the haveli.

Ritik is not getting network he goes far away from the haveli and finally he gets network.

A girl is spying on Ritik and says

Girl:Ritik now see what I do with you.

She sees a truck coming and with powers she increases the speed of truck so that it comes near to Ritik fast.

Ritik is talking when he sees that truck is in speed and is coming to him only.The truck is about to hit him when a girl pushes him falls on him.

Ritik opens his eyes and sees that a girl is on him.He gets lost in her beautiful eyes.

Girl:Sir are you okay?

Ritik comes to his sense and says

Ritik:Yeah I am okay and you?

Girl:I am also okay sir.

Ritik:Thanks for saving my life and can I know your name?

Girl:My name is Shivanya.

Ritik:Nice name.But what are you doing here alone.

Shivanya:Sir I always roam like this only as I don’t have a proper house.

She gets sad and Ritik says

Ritik:Don’t worry now I will give you a job then you will also have a proper house.

He smiles.

Ritik:Come with me.

Shivanya agrees and comes with him at haveli.

Both enter the haveli and seeing them both together all are shocked.

Yaminj:Ritik who is this girl?

Ritik:She is Shivanya actually she saved me from hitting by a truck so I decided to give her a job.

Tanvi is getting jealous.

Ankush:Okay but Ritik are you okay?

Yamini:Yeah beta are you okay know?

Ritik:Don’t worry I am perfectly fine.Shivanya now you are a servant here I hope you will be loyal to me.

Shivanya:Sir don’t worry I will not let you get upset.

Ritik smiles and she goes from there to work.

Tanvi goes towards Ritik and takes him to her room and locks it.

Tanvi:Ritik today is or u engagement and you are coming with a girl?

Ritik:Tanvi she was in need and she saved me from a tragic accident.

Tanvi:So what it means you will do what you want.

Ritik gets angry

Ritik:Shut up Tanvi.First of all I don’t love you and now you are getting bossy to me.I don’t want to marry you and I will say to ma that I am not interested to marry with you.

Ritik goes to Yamini and Tanvi follows.

Yamini is sitting on sofa when she here’s that Ritik is calling her and she stands sand turns to him.

Yamini:Ritik what happen beta why you look angry?

Ritik:Ma I don’t want to get marry.

Yamini is shocked to core.

Yamini:But why?

Ritik:I don’t want to marry and there is no reason.I just don’t want to tell marry.

He leaves from there.

Precap:Snake to bite Ritik

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  1. Clivisha12

    nice………..are you going to see Jhalak this time because Arjun and Adaa is particpating…….

    1. Siddhi

      I know and I am definitely going to see and thanks for ur comment


    Actually arjun is participating not adaa. Superb twist !!

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks RS for the comment


        आपल्या लेखन शैली प्रेम । आपल्या लेखन FFS च्या विचार प्रेम। (Translated from Google )

    2. Siddhi

      Oh RS so it is translated from google

    3. Siddhi

      Thanks for the comment again

  3. Fantastic very interesting

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and pls post naagin-love makes life beautiful pls update soon

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