Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-16-20

Shivanya applies bandage and says

Shivanya:Ritik now take rest.

Shivanya makes him sleep.Ritik acts as if he is sleeping so Shivanya goes from there.

Ritik opens his eyes and thinks

Ritik:Tomorrow I have to go to Panchner haveli hen u will come to know what is the secret.

At morning Ritik sees Shivanya sleeping on floor and thinks

Ritik:Shivanya you are very much caring.I really love your nature.

Ritik goes to washroom to change.After he comes out he sees Shivanya is not there so he goes down and sees her in kitchen and goes to her and says

Ritik:Shivanya today their are many meetings so I can come late tonight so please tell to everyone.


Ritik goes from there.

Ritik comes to car and thinks

Ritik:Today I will find out why I get unusual flashbacks.

Ritik sits inside car and goes to Panchner haveli.

He reaches Panchner haveli and goes inside.

He goes inside and is seeing here and there when he hears a sound from back.

He turns and sees Siddharth.

Siddharth:Yuvraj you killed my Suman now I will kill you.

Siddharth comes to Ritik.

Ritik:Siddharth I don’t know you properly then how can I kill your wife Suman.

Siddharth:Don’t tell lie.

Siddharth stabs the knife to Ritik.


Ritik falls down.Shivanya comes there and sees Ritik.Siddharth runs away.


Shivanya goes to Ritik.

Shivanya:Ritik open your eyes.


Shivanya have tears in her eyes.

Shivanya:Ritik I am here only.

Shivanya tries to make him stand.And finally Shivanya with difficulties takes him to car.

Shivanya:Driver drive the car fast please.

Driver starts the car.They reach hospital and driver helps Shivanya take Ritik to hospital.

Doctor:What happened to him?

Shivanya:Doctor please first start the treatment.

Doctor takes Ritik inside the operation theater.

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:If I would not reach in time then what would happen?


Ritik sits inside car and leaves for Panchner.

Shivanya also follows him.

Flashback end

Shivanya is worried for Ritik when she again gets a flashback

She sees her self in a dark room and then sees a man whose eyes are only visible.

He comes near her and says

Man:Shivanya I will kill your husband.

Shivanya is shocked.

She comes back from flashback as doctor comes and says

Doctor:He is fine and thanks to you that you came in time or we would not be able to save him.

Shivanya gets happy and goes to Ritik.


Shivanya sits beside him and says

Shivanya:Ritik I want to ask you one thing that who was the man who stabbed you?

Ritik:It was Siddharth who came at morning.He was telling that I killed Suman his wife.But I even don’t know her.

Shivanya:Something is wrong.

Ritik:I also think so.

Shivanya:Come we have to reach home.

Ritik gets discharged.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya’s sweet moment and Shesha to see this and get jealous.
Guys hope you all like it.

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