Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-13


Shesha:Shivanya Ritik can’t be yours he is mine only.

Ritik and Shivanya comes down to breakfast table.

All are having breakfast when a 40 years old man comes inside

Man:Where are you come out Yuvraj.

All listen this and runs to the hall that man is their.

Ritik:Who are you?

The man sees Ritik and gets angry.

Man:Yuvraj because of you my wife I no more in this world.

Man catches his collar.

Man:Yuvraj I will kill you.

All tries to free Ritik from the man’s grip.

Finally the man leaves his collar.

Angad:Who are you?And my bhaiya’s name is Ritik not Yuvraj.

Ritik feels that he had seen this man.

Ritik:What is your name?

Man:My name is Siddharth.

Ritik feels that he have already meet him.

Siddharth:I will kill you Yuvraj.

Ankush:He is Ritik not Yuvraj.

Ankush calls the guards and guards take him out.

Yamini:Ritik are you fine?

Ritik is lost somewhere else.


He comes in sense.

Ritik:Ma I am fine.

Ritik goes to his room.Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:Why that man was calling him Yuvraj?

At a road Siddharth is walking.

Siddharth:Because of Yuvraj my wife my Suman loosed her life.


A boy have gun in his hand he targets the gun to other boy.Siddharth and Suman are present their.

Boy:You killed my Shivanya now I will kill you.

The boy shots but Suman comes in between and she gets shot.

Flashback over

Siddharth:What was her mistake?She never harmed someone then why you killed her Yuvraj?

He kneels down and cries.

Ritik comes to his room and thinks

Ritik:Why I feel that I know him very well.

Ritik gets flashback.


A boy is their with Siddharth.

Boy:Siddharth never break our friendship because you are the only one I can share my problem and my happiness.

Boy’s face is not visible.

Siddharth:I will never break this friendship.

They both share a hug.

Flashback ends.

Ritik:Why is this happening to me?

Shivanya goes out of the garden.

Shivanya:I have to take my revenge.I have to kill Ankush Raheja.

Precap:Priest:Shivanya their are some secrets which will be revealed to you and when that day will come then your life will get change.
Shivanya gets shocked.

So how is this episode?And sorry for late update and do read my brand new ff Love our ages.

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