Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-12


At morning Ritik gets up early so he decides to let Shivanya sleep.He goes to change.

After he changes then he comes to Shivanya to wake her up when he gets a sudden flashback

He sees a boy and a girl but their face are not visible.

The boy catches the girl’s hand and pulls her towards him.He takes her hand and keeps it on his shoulder and he places his hand on her waist.

Both start dancing romantically on wajah tum ho song.

Ritik is able to see girl’s eyes but he is not able see of boy.

Ritik’s head starts paining.He and he falls unconscious.

Shivanya gets up and goes to Ritik.


Shivanya tries to wake him up.She takes the glass of water and sprinkles the water on him.

Ritik wakes up but still his head is paining.

Shivanya:Ritik are you okay?


Shivanya helps him to get up and makes him sit on bed.

Shivanya:What happen Ritik?

Ritik:Shivanya I got a flashback which was very much unusual.

Shivanya:Which flashback?

Ritik:I saw a boy and a girl.They were dancing romantically and I was not able see their face but I saw girl’s eyes.

Shivanya:How was her eyes?

Ritik is about to tell when he sees Shivanya’s eyes and he gets lost.


Ritik comes in sense and says

Ritik:They were exactly like you.

Shivanya is shocked and thinks

Shivanya:I also get same flashback.And the boy’s eyes exactly look like Ritik’s eyes.

Shivanya:Ritik don’t worry you will come to know who was that girl and boy.

They both hear Yamini’s voice.Yamini comes inside room.

Yamini:Ritik and Shivanya come down breakfast is ready.

Shivanya:Ma who made breakfast?

Yamini:Actually I thought to give you a holiday today.

Shivanya:Okay ma we will come down.

Yamini is going when she sees Ritik and asks

Yamini:Ritik beta why are you looking worried?

Shivanya is about to say when Ritik stops her and says

Ritik:Nothing happened ma we will come down soon.

Yamini goes from there.

In a forest Shesha is there

Shesha:At any cost I have to make Ritik my but how?

Shesha is thinking when a voice comes from back.

Girl:I can help you to make Ritik all yours.

Shesha turns and is shocked.

Tanvi:Why are you shocked Shesha?

Shesha:Tanvi what are you doing here?

Tanvi:I came here to help you.

Shesha:I don’t need your help.

Tanvi:You can’t make Ritik yours without my help.

Shesha thinks and says

Shesha:Okay but what I have to do.

Tanvi tells something in her ears.

Shesha:What a great plan now Ritik wil become mine.

Both laugh evily.

Precap:Shesha seduces Ritik
How is the 12th episode?Hooe u all like it and thanks to all who commented on my ff.And guys why you all have stop writing ff on naagin?pls tell or else I will get angry with u all and I will not reply to ur comments.

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  1. mouni roy fan

    wow siddhi. very nice episode.vaise where do u stay cutie?i stay at calcutta.near salt lake. we have our own bunglow there.

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks dear and I leave in kharghar navi mumbai

  2. It’s fantabulous

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Shreyaa?

  3. D.Dashni

    Good work dear!Keep writing better and you will definitely have a long way to go??Stay blessed !

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      Thanks Dashni?

  4. Nandana

    nice episode siddhi and i really liked it ???☺

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    Awesum epi di
    Sry for the late comment
    Nw only i got i ternet

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  6. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Awesum epi di
    Sry for the late comment
    Nw only i got internet

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