Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-113

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Next day

Ritik,Shivanya,Angad and Karan do the rituals.Karan does not have any expression on his face,


Karan is working on his laptop.Sweety comes there and hugs him from back.

Sweety:What are you doing?

Karan:I am sleeping.

Sweety:But you are working.

Karan:So why are you asking?

He gets up and takes his coffee.

Sweety:Why are you talking rudely?

Karan:I have so much of tension.

Sweety:Don’t worry everything will be fine Mr.Karan Dhillon.

She catches his cheeks.

Flashback ends

Karan:See now you are only making me worried.

Karan gets teary.Ritik comes to him and consoles him.

Ritik:Karan you are the only one who is more close to Sweety so you only have to burn the body.

He takes the mashal from Ritik’s hand and with his shaky hands he burns her body.

He sees her body burning and all the feeling of love inside him burns with her body.

He goes from there and sits on a stone near the river.He throws stone in the river and it sinks.Shivanya comes there and keeps her hand on his shoulder.

Shivanya:She is with us only.She is in our heart just her body has left us.

Karan stands up and looks at Shivanya.

Karan:Whatever you say but the truth is that she is dead.

He goes from their and Shivanya gets sad.Ritik comes to her.

Ritik:Sweety was just like my sister.

Shivanya:She was everything for me.She always helped me when I was in trouble.

She starts crying.He hugs her and cries a little.

The sun starts setting.Karan walks on the road unaware of his destination,goes on walking towards the sun.He shi es as the sun sets.He goes on seems like forever.

5 years later

Ritik is now 26 years old and is a business tycoon.He completed his degree and graduation at 24.He now owns his own company named Mehra industries.And about Shivanya she is still finding whether Ritik Mehra is her Ritik.

And Karan,he has become a man with no soul but still caring man.He have loosed his hopes and has no destination or aim in his life.He is a famous business tycoon just because of the help of Ritik as he helped him to cope with his depression.

Ritik’s sister Amrita is now living with her parents.

Angad is now a good person.He works in Ritik’s company as a ceo.

But one thing is still covered,whether Ritik Mehra is Ritik Raheja.Ritik Mehra still loves Shivanya but now does not shows to her and Shivanya feels he now does not love her but she also still loves him alot but she herself is not aware about it.

The sunrises as the bird start chirping.Its a bright sunny morning even though its monsoon.Seems like sun is very happy today.

The sky is clear.A big house is shown.Its of Karan.Inside the house their is a photo of Sweety with garland on it.

Ritik cones down the stairs

Ritik:Shivanya please bring a coffee for me.

He sits on sofa and starts reading newspaper.Shivanya brings his coffee.

Shivanya:Here’s your coffee Ritik.

He keeps the newspaper aside and drinks coffee.

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:I am sure that Ritik does not love me.

She goes from there.Ritik looks at her while she goes.

Ritik thinks

Ritik:I still love you and infact I love you more now but the circumstances are making me to do this.

He continues to drink coffee.Karan comes in hall and sits on another sofa.

Ritik:Good morning Karan.

Karan:Good morning Ritik.

Karan gets a call so he goes to attend it.

Precap:Yamini comes to house.Shivanya and Yamini try to uncover the truth of Ritik Mehra’s life whether he is Ritik Raheja.

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  1. Fenil

    Totally Amazing chappy.
    Fresh time nd new hopes,Depressed Karan trying to cope up with truth.
    Ritik ??:D:D

    who is in your dp dancing pair?

    1. Arni

      Thnx and in dp its ritik and shivanya

  2. Good episode. Felt bad for karan, can feel his pain in your description. I wish ritik and shivanya to confess their feelings for each other soon.

    1. Arni

      Thnx and even I am feeling bad for Karan nd don’t worry both of them will confess their love to eachother

  3. Your dp is awesome Arni.

    1. Arni

      Thnx priya got it with difficulties

  4. Jasminerahul

    cremation scene was painful. hope Shivanya comes to know of ritik’s love and know about ritik’s mystery

    1. Arni

      Dont worry everything will be fine soon

  5. nice arni keep it on

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