Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-110

Ritik and Shivanya leave the haveli.They are walking between the forest.Ritik is lost in something.

Shivanya:What happened Ritik?

Ritik:I still don’t understand anything.Who I am to you?

Shivanya does not says anything.

Ritik:Answer me Shivanya.Who I am to you?

Shivanya gets teary.

Shivanya:I don’t know.

She looks away from Ritik’s eyes.

Ritik:I understood.I am just a person who is helping you.

Ritik was going when a naag comes in front of him.

Ritik:Who are you?

The naag takes human form.

Naag:I am Avinash and I will take your brother’s form to marry Avantika so thay you both can kill her.

Shivanya:Thank god Avinash you came quickly.

All the three discuss their plan.They each home.Karan comes to them.

Karan:Shivanya where is Sweety?

Ritik:She is still under hostage of Avantika but we promise you that we will save her.

Karan starts crying and hugs Ritik.Ritik pats on his shoulder.

At night

Ritik was in his room.He was looking out of the window.He was staring at the full moon.

Ritik:I am totally unaware about my identity.

Shivanya enters his room and slowly comes near him so that he does not listens her.

She slowly hugs him from back.Ritik breaks the hug and comes towards her.

Ritik:What are you doing here and that too at night?

Shivanya:I thought you might be sad.

Ritik:I don’t need your sympathy.

Shivanya:Ritik you are something to me.

Ritik:What I am to you?

Ritik looks at her curiously.

Shivanya:A friend

Ritik gets sad and looks out of the window.Shivanya gies from there without telling a word.

Next day Avinash,Ritik and Shivanya are on mandap.

Avinash takes Rajat’s form.

Shivanya:Avantika will come at any time.

Ritik and Shivanya hear the voice of bee.They hide behind a tree.Avantika comes there.

Avantika comes near Rajat or Avinash.

Avantika:Rajat you know what I love you.

Rajat:I dont know you.

Avantika:You know Priya?

Rajat:Yeah I love her.

Avantika:I am only your Priya.

Rajat is shocked.

Rajat:Its impossible.

Avantika:Everything is possible in love and war.Marry me Rajat.

Rajat:No you are lieing.

Avantika:You have to marry me or else I will kill you.

She shows her bees and Rajat agrees.

Rajat:Okay I will marry you.

Avantika ties the knot and both takes 7 vows.The weather gets changed.The wind gets fast.The clouds cover the sun.

Avantika:Now no one can kill me.

Shivanya and Ritik come out from behind the tree.

Shivanya:We can kill you.

Avantika:No you can’t.

Ritik:First see whom you have married.

Rajat turns into Avinash.Avantika is shocked.

Avantika:No it can’t be.

Avinash:Yes it can be.My wife.

Precap:Shivanya kills Avantika.
Sorry guys for late actually i was having exams so was not able to write.In previous epi only 1 commented on my ff.Pls comment.

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    rivanya scene was emotional and romantic. avinash married avantika as rajat and trapped her.interesting.but what’s the back story of rajat priya /avantika?

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    Amazing part

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