Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-109

Shivgami kisses child’s forehead.Narendra smiles when they hear the big bell ring.It means someone attacked.Narendra quickle takes his sword and goes outside and asks his army to be ready.Amarjit orders his army to attack.He takes the arrow and bow and attacks on Narendra.The arrow pierce through Narendra’s shoulder.

Narendra falls down.Some armies come and give him protection.Narendra wince in pain.

On other side Shivgami takes her baby and goes out side tha mahal through secret door as Amarjit’s army attacks there too.Amarjit sees Shivgami outside the mahal and orders some armies to attack on her with arrows.The armies remove their bow and arrow and attack on Shivgami and the baby.They were about to kill by the arrow when Narendra came between them and all the arrow hit him.

Shivgami gets shocked and goes to Narendra.She says i will not go without you.No you have to Narendra says.I want you and our baby to be alive please go he orders them.Shivgami quickly goes from there with tears in her eyes.The baby starts crying.

Narendra dies.Amarjit and his some armies follow Shivgami.Shivgami reaches the forest but before she comes out of the forest Amarjit catches her hand and pierce the sword into her stomach.She screames in pain and dies.

Amarjit takes the baby and says

Amarjit:I killed your mother and father now you are only left.

He keeps the baby on a rock and orders on of his army to poyr oil on him.Amarjit with some wood turns the fire on and and throws the wood with fire on baby and the baby cries and burns.

Amarjit laughs evily.

Amarjit:Now Mahishmati is mine.

He goes to Anushtha.

Amarjit:Queen Anushtha now you are queen of Mahishmati and i am king of Mahishmati.

They both goes towards the balcony.They see people angry.

Amarjit:Now i am your king and you all have to accept my orders.

Some people shout on them.Anushtha calls her bees and orders them to kill that peoples.The bees cover around the people killing them.

End of flashback

Old man:This was the story how Mahishmati king and queen died with their child.

Ritik and Shivanya felt bad and teary.Ritik goes to the old man.

Ritik:What can we do to kill Avantika?

Old man:Make her married.


Old man:If she will marry someone except that person then she will loose her all powers and it will be easy for you to kill her.

Ritik:Who is that person with whom Avantika should not marry?

Old man:Do you have a brother?

Ritik:Yeah I have

Old man:What is his name?


Old man:She is planning to marry your brother so that she gets powerful.

Ritik and Shivanya are shocked.

Shivanya:How can we prevent her to marry Rajat.

Old man:If a naag takes Rajat’s form and marry her then she will loose her all power.

Shivanya:I know one naag who can do this.

Precap:Shivanya calls the naag and asks him to take Rajat’s form and marry Avantika in order to kill her.

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