Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-108

The episode starts with Old man saying

Old man:My whole family knows the story of you both.

Shivanya:Please tell us the story


Old man:Ritik your name was Narendra and Shivanya’s name was Shivgami

Flashback of 300 years

Ritik and Shivanya or Narendra and Shivgami.They were standing beside eachother without moving and the painter was painting there drawing.The painting got complete and it was the same painting which the old man shown to Ritik and Shivanya.

Painter:Its done

Narendra and Shivgami sees the painting

Shivgami:Its so beautiful.

Narendra:Yeah its just gorgeous like you Shivgami.I will surely give you a reward.

Painter:Thank you so much your majesty.

The painter leaves and Narendra turns towards Shivgami and catches her both arms softly and says

Narendra:You know when yesterday i came to that you are pregnant then i got really happy.

Shivgami:I was also really happy.

They both hug eachother.

In other side a mahal is shown and some people are shown.They are Avantika’s ancestors.

Amarjit:We have to capture Mahishmati.We will attack on them today only.

Anushtha:No jaan,not today.I have listened that the queen of Mahishmati that Shivgami is pregnant.If we will atack today then she will somehow escape from their and her child will defeat us after years but if we will attack after the child is born then Shivgami will get weak and then we can easily kill her and her child.

Amarjit:Wow queen Anushtha your idea is great.Now i just have to wait till jer child is born and then Mahismati will he mine.

After 9 months

Shivgami and Narendra got a baby boy.The lady gave the baby to Narendra

Narendra:My sweet baby is so cute.

He touches his forehead with the baby’s forehead.He goes to Shivgami.He gives the child to Shivgami.

Shivgami:My child is so cute

Precap:Amarjit attacks on Mahismati.Narendra dies in the war and Amarjit follows Shivgami.

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  1. nice loved it

  2. Jasminerahul

    nice to see narendra shivgami having baby boy.sad to see the baddies planning to kill them.painful precap

    1. Arni

      Dont worry

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