Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-107

Rivanya break their hug when they hear the knock on door.It was Karan who knocked on door.

Karan:Ritik and Shivanya i need your help!

Karan says them everything.

Shivanya:We will come with you.

Karan:No i cant come with you

Ritik:So i and Shivanya will go there.

They both get up and leaves to go to Avantika.

They reach a dark haveli.Everywhere was darkness when light comes from a direction.Avantika was catching candle in her hand.

Avantika:So finally Karan send you both to me.

Ritik:Just shut up

Avantika:How many times you will ask me to shut up?

Avantika creates a fire ball and throws at them.Shivanya pushes Ritik and both fall at a side.She again throw fire ball on them but a old man comes in front of them and with the help of mirror the fire ball returns to Avantika.She gets unconscious.Ritik and Shivanya gets up

Shivanya:Thanks uncle for saving us.

Old man:No i have to thanks you for coming back in this mahal.

Old man lits up the lighter.He shows the design of the mahal.

Old man:This is the mahishmati mahal.

Kaun hai voh plays in background

The old man take them to a store room.He takes them to a covered object.

Old man:This will help you to remember everything.

Ritik and Shivanya look at eachother

The old man removes the cover of the object.Ritik and Shivanya are shocked by seeing the photo of The king and queen of Mahishmati.

The photo was of them only.

Old man:You both are the king and queen of mahishmati.

Ritik:Hows that possible?This picture is atleast of 300 years ago.

Old man:You die,you born again and again just to save naagmani.

Kaun hai voh plays

Precap:Flashback of 300 years ago

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  1. Superb dear…..precaps seems interesting

    1. Arni

      Thnx vanisha

  2. Jasminerahul

    glad that rivanya was saved from avantika by that old man.shocking that rivanya are the king queen of mahishmatis.then what about avantika?they are honeybees na?

    1. Arni

      U will everything soon

  3. perfect ..superb..very good..i dont have words to say that how much marvelous it is
    well done dear

    1. Arni

      Thnx geeta?

  4. Shaani

    Woow…. This is very nice… I really loved it… Excellent… Waiting for the next part… Keep writing..

    1. Arni

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