Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-106

The episode starts with Ritik was still unconscious.Shivanya was worried for him including everyone.

Amrita:Lets take bhai to the farm house.

All agrees.They takes Ritik to the car.They are driving towards the farm house but tornado comes towards them.Karan stops the car.The tornado continues to come towards them.

Sweety:If like this the tornado will come then we will die.

Shivanya comes out of the car and stands in front of the car.She takes her half naagin and human avatar.She makes a tornado by her mouth.The two tornado clashes with eachother and everything gets normal.Shivanya takes her human avatar and is going inside the car when Avantika comes there with a knife in her hand.


Shivanya stops and turns towards and is shocked to see her.

Shivanya:Avantika what are you doing here!?

Avantika throws the knife towards Shivanya.The knife was about to touch her but someone catches the knife when it comes very near to her.That person’s hand starts bleeding.Shivanya opens her eyes and see at the person.The person’s face was not visible as he was wearing black hoodie jacket.Avantika sees this and runs from there before Shivanya attacks her.

Karan,Amrita and Sweety come out of the car.

Amrita:Are you fine Shivanya?Where is that person?

Shivanya:I dont know who he was but he saved my life.

Sweety:Now we have to go to farmhouse Ritik is still unconscious

After an hour they reach the farm house and call the doctor.

Doctor:He has high fever.I think its because of stress.

Doctor gives medicine and leaves from there.Shivanya puts wet cloth on Ritik’s forehead

Shivanya:Something is not correct but what?

Karan:That only we have to find.

This all seen by the same person who saved Shivanya.He was wearing same black hoodie jacket.

Person:I have to protect them all from Avantika or else everything will went wrong.

Next day Karan was in his room and was doing some work.He called Sweety but no reply.

Karan:Sweety where are you?

He calls her but still no reply.He gets worried and goes out of the farm house.


Avantika comes in front of him.


Karan is shocked to see her.

Karan:What are you doing here Avantika?

Avantika brings Sweety who was tied with shining blue rope.


Karan goes towards her but Avantika gives him shock.

Avantika:If you want to save her then bring Ritik and Shivanya to me.

Karan gets angry

Karan:Okay but after i will bring them here then will you leave Sweety?

Avantika:Yeah i will

She smiles evily.

Here in the room Ritik is sitting on bed still weak.Shivanya comes in the room and sits besides him.

Shivanya:Ritik now are you fine?

Ritik:I am still feeling weak.

He starts coughing.Shivanya caresses his back.

Shivanya:Ritik i will not ask you what you saw yesterday that made you ill but when you saw that you were scared.

Ritik:Yeah i was,it was too scary.

Shivanya hugs Ritik.He hugs her back.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya comes to Avantika.Ritik was still weak.Avantika attacks them but Shivanya saves herself and Ritik.A truth which made Ritik and Shivanya and Avantika shocked.Mahishmati mahal is shown.A old man says about the king of Mahishmati.Ritik and Shivanya are shocked to see the photo of the queen of Mahishmati.It is revealed Avantika is not the queen of Mahishmati.

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