Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-10 special epi


Guys I am very much happy as I have completed 10 episodes.Today you will get a big surprise so read it and pls comment.

Shesha goes from there with tears.Seeing and Shivanya feels bad for Shesha.

Shesha is seen snake form and goes to forest.She gets in human form and smiles evily and says

Shesha:What you thought Shivanya that I will let you marry my Ritik?You are very much fool.Ritik is my only and I will save him from all bad.

She laughs evily.

Shivanya goes to Ritik and thinks

Shivanya:Ritik your all dosh will attack me only as I will come between you and your dosh.I don’t know why I am doing this but I feel like if I will not do this then something which is very near to my heart will go away.

Shivanya gets a image.

She is walking in garden with a prince as they both are wearing royal cloths like king and Queen.

She is not able to see boy’s face.His eyes are only visible.

Boy:Shivanya I promise you that just not in this life but in all life I am yours only.

He hugs Shivanya and she hugs him back and says

Shivanya:I know that as we have promised eachother that whatever happens we will be always one in all birth.

She smiles.

Ritik calls her and Shivanya comes in sense.

Ritik:Shivanya what are you thinking?


Ankush comes with medicine.Yamini takes the medicine and gives it to Ritik

Yamini:Have these medicines

Ritik takes the medicine and eats it.Doctor comes inside and says

Doctor:Now you can discharge him.

Everyone get happy and Ritik gets discharge.

All reach Raheja house.

Yamini:Tomorrow Ritik and Shivanya will get marry.

Divya:But ma bhai just have came from hospital then how can he marry tomorrow?

Yamini:If I will not do this then his life will get in danger.

Angad:But ma this all is superstitious.

Yamini:I don’t know but tomorrow only Ritik and Shivanya will get marry.

All agree and goes to their room.

Ritik and Shivanya enters their room and Shivanya asks him to rest.He goes to bed and lye down.

Again flashback comes in Shivanya’s mind.

The boy which was their in her previous flashback but again she can’t see his face as sehra is their above his face.

Both are in mandap.

They start taking marriage vows.

Boy:I promise that I will be always their with Shivanya in all my births.

Shivanya:I promise that I will save my husband from all the dangers.

Boy:I promise that whatever happens I will be always with Shivanya.

Shivanya:I will come in between my husband and his death.

Boy:I will attract my all dosh towards me so that Shivanya gets save.

Shivanya:I will never cheat on my husband.

Boy:I will never cheat on Shivanya whether whatever happens.

Both give eachother promise.

Shivanya’s flashback gets broke.


Ritik goes to Shivanya.

Ritik:Shivanya what happened?


Shivanya is going when Ritik stops her by catching her hand.

Ritik:Look in my eyes and say what happened.

Shivanya looks in his eyes and she gets lost in his eyes and he also gets lost in her eyes.

Both have an eyelock but Ritik comes in sense.

Ritik:Shivanya are you sure that you can marry me tomorrow?

Shivanya:Yeah I am sure.

She goes from his room.She goes to her room and remembers Ritik’s eyes.

Shivanya:Ritik’s eyes was similar with the eyes of the boy which comes in my dream and flashback.

At morning Yamini is seen at main hall and tells the worker to do the work fast as her son’s marriage is at evening.

Shivanya comes down wearing beautiful blue saree.


Yamini turns to see Shivanya.

Yamini:Shivanya you are looking very much beautiful

Shivanya:Thank you may

Yamini:I am sure when Ritik will see you then he would not be able to remove his eyes from you.

Shivanya get shy.

Ritik comes down and sees Shivanya and gets lost.


Ritik comes in sense

Ritik:Yeah ma

Yamini:Ritik now how are you feeling?

Ritik:Ma I am feeling perfectly fine.

Shivanya:You should take rest what are you doing here?

Ritik:How much rest I will do?I have got bored of doing rest and now I am perfectly fine.

Angad and Divya comes there.

Angad:Bhai from now you will not meet Bhabi.


Divya:Bhai it’s our rule and now Bhabi will be with me and Angad bhaiya will be with you.

Divya takes Shivanya to her room.And Angad takes Ritik to Ritik’s room.

At evening Ritik is seen wearing sherwani.

Angad:Bhai you are looking super hot in this sherwani.

Ritik:Thanks Angad

Angad:Bhai I am sure when Bhabi will see you she fall in love at once only.

Ritik:Yeah I know.

At Divya’s room Divya makes Shivanya wear jewellery.

Divya:Bhabi you are looking very much beautiful in this bridal dress.

Divya:Bhabi I will go down and after sometimes I will come to take you.

She goes down.

Shivanya remembers the moment she spended with Ritik and smiles.

Shesha comes their in snake form secretly.

Shesha thinks

Shesha:I will not let you marry with my Ritik.

Shesha comes from back of Shivanya and she places her index fingers on her neck and presses it and Shivanya gets unconscious.

Shesha takes Shivanya in forest.

Ritik comes on mandap and priest starts the pooja.

Yamini goes up to bring Shivanya down but she sees no one and she comes down and says

Yamini:Shivanya is not their in the room and she is no where in the house.

Ritik stands up and goes to Yamini

Ritik:Ma you find properly know

Yamini:Yeah Ritik

Ritik gets worried

Ritik:Where is Shivanya.Angad remove the car we will find Shivanya

Angad removes the car from parking and starts finding Shivanya.

They are finding everywhere but Shivanya is nowhere.

They reach near a forest and suddenly Ritik’s heartbeat starts beating fast and he asks Angad to stop the car.

Angad:Bhai what happened?

Ritik:My heart is saying Shivanya is somewhere only.

He gets out of car and starts finding Shivanya in forest.

Angad and Ritik start finding Shivanya.They both are not able to find Shivanya so they are going when Ritik gets Shivanya’s bangle.He again starts finding her and this time he gets Shivanya and sees her unconscious.


He goes to Shivanya and picks her in his arms and takes her to Raheja house.

Ritik enters with Shivanya in his arms and Angad follows him.

Yamini:Shivanya!What happened to her.

Ritik:Ma I will tell you later first I have to take her to Divya’s room.

He takes her to Divya’s room and puts her on bed and takes the glass of water and sprinkles it on her face.

Shivanya gets conscious and Ritik hugs her.

Ritik:Shivanya are you fine?

All the family are worried for her.


Yamini:But how you got unconscious?

Angad:And how you reach to forest?

Shivanya:I don’t know anything.

Ritik:No problem Shivanya we will not get marry today.

Shivanya:No Ritik we will get marry today only.

Ritik:But Shivanya

Shivanya:Please Ritik

Ritik gets melted with her request and agrees.

Yamini:Now let’s go pandit Ji is waiting in mandap.

All go to mandap.When all go Shesha comes and says

Shesha:Shivanya you got saved.How is it possible.

Ritik helps Shivanya to sit at mandap.

Priest starts the mantra.Priest ask them to stand for pheres.

They take pheres.Then Ritik applies sindoor on Shivanya’s headline and makes her wear mangalsutra.

They get married.

Precap:Shesha:Shivanya after marriage you forgot your revenge?

Shivanya:No I dint forgot and I will complete my revenge.

Shesha smiles evily.
So guys this epi is pretty long so how it is?Hope you will like it and pls don’t forget to comment.And silent readers pls comment on my ff

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