Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-1


Hi guys I am Siddhi back with new ff.I will update today naagin love forever,I live you and kasam ff so pls comment when will be updated.

Shiv temple is shown where a priest is sitting.The priest says

Priest:The love story of a naagin and human will start and will start soon.

A handsome boy is coming back from jogging in his jogging suit.

Yes it is Ritik

Ritik:Ramu kaka where is my juice?You know that I need juice after jogging.

Ramu kaka comes there.

Raman kaka:Sorry chote malik for coming late.

Ritik takes the juice and says

Ritik:It’s okay kaka it happens.

Ritik drinks the juice.Yamini comes to him.


Ritik keeps the glass on table and turns to see Yamini


Yamini comes to him.

Yamini:Today you will not go to office.


Yamini:Because pandit Ji told that if you will be out of the house today then your life will be in danger.

Ritik:Ma I don’t believe in this all.I don’t know but I will go for office.

Yamini:Please Ritik beta.

Ritik gets melted by Yamini’s request.

Ritik:Okay ma I will not go for office.

Ritik smiles and goes to his room.

A dark place is shown where nothing is there except darkness.Suddenly light comes from a direction.A girl comes from there and her face is not visible.

Girl:They killed my ma and papa and also took naagmani,I will kill them and take back the naagmani.

Ritik is doing some work on his laptop when he hears a knock on his door and asks to come in.It is Tanvi ritik’s fiance.

Tanvi:Ritik thank you as you dint go for office.

Ritik:Don’t thanks me say thank you to ma as she forced me to not to got to office.

Tanvi:I will say her thank you.But today you remember na hat today is our engagement?

Ritik:How can’t I remember.It is very important day.I forgot some files in dad’s room.I will bring the file and come.

Ritik goes to Ankush’s room.He enters his room when he sees Yamini and Ankush talking about a haveli.

Ritik:What are you talking about?

Yamini:Actually beta we were deciding to go today to haveli for your engagement.

Ritik:But ma you told that if I will go out then I will be in danger.

Ankush:She told like this because she wanted you to stay at home.

Ritik:Ma you told lie.

Yamini:Sorry beta.

Ritik goes to shelf and takes the file and goes from there.

At evening every one are ready to go to panchner haveli.

They leave from there.

They reach the haveli at night.Ritik comes out of the car and sees a beautiful haveli but he is feeling that he have already came here in fact he never came here.

Ritik:How can this happen?I never came here then also I feel that I came here.

Ritik is thinking when he feels a hand on his shoulder.She is Tanvi

Tanvi:Ritik are you okay?

Ritik comes in sense and says

Ritik:Yeah I am okay.let’s go inside the haveli.

Everyone go inside the haveli.

Precap:Truck is about to hit Ritik when a girl saves him.He sees in her eyes and is lost in her beautiful eyes.

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    Please continue and update the next episode ASAP.

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      1. I wrote it today and mt will get posted today

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