Naagin: question?

Hello guyz, from many days and also from the time when it was relaeved that yamini (sudha chandran) is the 5 th murderer ans she wnats naagmani i am very much confused about one thing

If naagmani can only be touched by a suryavanshi who has that tatto or dynasty mark on their some body then why can,t yamini touch it as she is also a suryavanshi as she says proudly i am yamini singh panchner’s princess

In the first season i thought because she is a woman so does n,t has any mark or thats why she is not able to touch it but when shivangi can touch it why can,t she
I know its just a serial and many things happen
But then how can yamini alwayz say that i am panchner’s princess
Second thing can be that she is not from the singh family she is someone else daughter who stayed at panchner as adopted maybe that is why she betrayed her brother or else she could also have rule of the palace
Was wondering from many days and if some information is missing please help me with it


  1. Hiru Cutie

    Yamini cannot touch the naag mani because she is not a Suryavanshi. Sangram Singh had adopted her as a sister. That is how she got the surname ‘Singh’. So as she is not blood related to that family, she doesn’t have that tattoo on her neck and cannot touch the naag mani.

  2. priya

    No she is sangram Singh’s sautali behen and sangram Singh brought her to Haveli as she was alone.i remember one dialogue of sangram Singh saying in flashback scenes”sautali Ho ya sagi behen behen hoti hai”and Yamini can’t touch it as she don’t have that tatoo and for shivangi its ekta serial yaha kuch bi Ho sakta hai,they may reveal that shivangi has tatoo like ritik or that gurudev gave the mangtika of shivanya which has the tatoo to shivangi

    • abhilash

      When shivangi and her mama’s daughter were having shivanya’s stories of nagmani book (her possession to shivangi) at that time that mama”daughter said about this

  3. abhilash

    May be every first child in suryavanshi famity have the tatto over their neck makes sence
    And may be hritik’s father is that child and then hritik and than now shivangi
    But shivangi’s child will no longer be suryavanshi so he fill not have tattoo

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