Naagin : Pyar toh hona hi tha ! ( episode 6) Maha Episode


Hey guys! Thanks for commenting and today is a big twist there is a big twist and today’s episode is maha episode so it will big. so, let’s start

Episode 4

After three months,
many changes comes ritik , now loves shivanya more and more , shivanya also loves ritik very much but still not confessed,

In rivanya’s room ,

Ritik pulls shivanya closer to him by her waist and said say something

Shivanya – what

Ritik – I’ am wating shivanya say

Shivanya – but say what

Ritik – why I tell you

Shivanya – so what should I say

Ritik – it’s 12’ o clock now say

Shivanya – no why I, you say first then I will say

Ritik filled her maang with sindoor and said

Ritik – happy third month anniversary Mrs shivanya ritik raheja

Shivanya( smiles) – happy third month anniversary mr raheja
ritik you came I my life ,my life changes , you mean everything to me , yes ritik “ ILOVE YOU”

Ritik – is am dreaming oh my god what you said

Shivanya comes close to him and kisses his cheeks and said,

Shivanya – yes you heard it right “I LOVE YOU”

Ritik – I am very happy at least you confessed your love I am very happy
And he kisses shivanya’s cheeks and lift up her and said

Ritik –“ I LOVE YOU”shivanya

Shivanya – what are you doing ritik all the family members will come here

Ritik – let them I’ am waiting for this day since 1st day of our marriage, let me celebrate

Ritik comes closer to shivanya but shivanya feels unfcomfortable but let him to do whatever he wants she closes her eyes and ritik kisses her head and said

Ritik – I will love and respect your love but I will not make any relationship between till you are not prepared

Shivanya smiles

Ritik – but please broke the pillow wall between us and we will sleep in each other’s arms everyday okay I want to feel my wife

Shivanya nodded and removes the pillow between them and they sleep in each other’s arm

Next day ,

Angad’s wedding day , yes angad is going to marry his girlfriend nia which looks alike shesha firstly after seeing her all are shocked but they got relief when they came to know that nia is not shesha but from London and first time arrives at India, shivanya treats her like her sister and has a special attachment with her

All the ritual’s going on angad fill nia’s maang and made her wear mangalsutra and kattaka also arrives to give blessing to newly married yamini asks them to take blessing, while giving blessing kattaka said( in mind- something s wrong again in ritik shivanya’s life I have to find out it)

Yamini – Ritik shivanya you both also take blessings from gurudev

Shivanya ritik too takes the blessing of gurudev and he said,

Kattaka – you will become mother soon shivanya

Hearing this everyone becomes happy and rivanya blushes
In angad’s room
Nia is sitting in the bed when angad entered the room , he comes close to nia , and suddenly her eyes turns yellow like a snake and she bites angad and gives him nidravisha( a poison from which a person fall asleep)

Nia – for what thing I am here I will achieve my goal
and she started laughing

In rivanya’s room

Shivanya was smiling thinking about gurudev’s blessing and suddenly ritik comes an hugs her from back and said

Ritik – I know you are happy with gurudev’s blessing
Shivanya – yes ritik! No ! yes ! Oh I mean gurudev just normally gives us blessing to become parent and it is not possible now you know

Ritik – so let us possible it

Shivanya blushes and said

Shivanya – Ritik!

Ritik – ritik what you don’nt want a child

Shivanya – mr husband it is the time to sleep sleep now

Ritik – ok! Mrs raheja

They sleep

Next day, shivanya was in her room and suddenly she fells vomited and she vomited ritik said
Ritik – Shivanya! what happen I will call doctor
Shivanya – ritik no need to call doctor I known what happened to me, and don’nt tell to anybody

Ritik makes shivanya sit on the bed
Yamini is passing through rivanya’s room and she herd all their conversation and thinks this is one of the symtoms of pregnancy and guru dev also gives blessing to shivanya to become mother soon so this means shivanya is pregnant I have to tell everyone she happily leaves from there
Ritik – what shivanya ! what happen to you and why not to tell any body

Shivanya – ritik I was eating and suddenly swallows it’s seed that’s why I vomited and if you will tell any body then they will laugh on me and maa will scold me for this stupidity , I will tell maa my self okay

Ritik started laughing

Shivanya – Ritik!

Ritik – You are so cute shivanya but you have to take care while eating okay

Shivanya nodded and yamini tells everyone about shivanya and calls rivanya in hall

Yamini – shivanya ritik I know what you are hidding from us

Ritik – maa but how

Shivanya – maa who told you

Ritik – maa this is my mistake shivanya is innocent
All started laughing,

Angad – no bhaiya it was your both’s mistake

Yamini – angad ! don’t teased my bahu and son it is the very big day for them they are going to become parents soon , I known shivanya you’re pregnant I herd your conversation and I came to kown about this beautiful news thank you shivanya for giving me grand child

Ritik and shivanya are shocked listening them ritik want to tell everyone but shivanya tell’s him to not do so and yamini said
Yamini – ritik you take shivanya to your room this time she needs to rest

Everyone is happy accept nia , ritik takes shivanya to the room and nia follows them

In rivanya’s room

Ritik – Shivanya why you don’nt let maa knows about this

Shivanya – ritik I have seen maa very happy if we tell her then she will become sad and ask how we know that I am not pregnant , I don’nt want her to know about our relation

Ritik – ya you’re right but you are sure that you are not pregnant I mean you treid to take my advantage several times

Shivanya – ritik!

This all heared by nia and she said

Nia – oh so they had not consummated their marriage , oh that’s the great news for me now after hearing this I am damm more passionate about ritik , he I mine hahahahahahah…………..

Precap – nia’s true identity reveiled

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