Naagin : Pyar toh hona hi tha ! ( episode 5)


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Episode 5

In jungle ,

Shesha – why I’m unable to kill that shivanya I have to do something( and smiles)
In rivanya’s room
Shivanya was sitting in front of mirror and filling sindoor on her maang and suddenly ritik comes and lost in her beauty and shivanya says
Shivanya – ritik! where you happen
He comes in sense
Ritik – Shivanya I want to tell you something that I am falling I love with you I did’t know how an when but I love you so much i know that I tell you that we are friend but now I am realizing that I love you but you don’t think that I will take my advantage of being your husband I will wait for your confession till then we are just friends
Shivanya (Suprised) – ( in mind – ritik loves me but still don’t want to force me to take our relationship to next level , he is so good and what di has done to him I am very lukcy to have you in my life ritik ) and suddenly yamini calls shivanya, shivanya says
Shivanya – Yes maa !

Ritik – shivanya at least say something
Shivanya goes from there
Ritik – uffff! maa this is wrong time to call your bahu
In jungle

Shesha was thinking when suddenly that saint cme who tells shesha about her naagin identity after she touches that tree and shesha said

Shesha – guru dev plz tell me that why my power is not working on shivanya I want to snatch all the happieness from her life as ritik Is my fiancée I want him back he can’t love shivanya now ritik is mine

Saint – something is there which is protecting her you have to find out what is it then I will tell you what to do

Shesha – ok gurudev I will find out what is saving her

In rivanya’s room

Ritik is going for sleep when shivanya holds his hand

She was wearing red saree with golden border with beautiful pairs of golden jumkis , sindoor on her maang and her mangalsutra on her neck she was looking stunning he he pulls her close to him by her waist and she wispher in her ears

Shivanya – I love you ritik!
And kisses his cheecks suddenly ritk hears a sound and comes in sense
Shivanya –ritik what are you thinking it is time for sleep you have to go office tommoro
Yes he is seein a dream of romancing with shivanya

Ritik – ( in mind – Oh! So this was my dream but if this is possible)

Shivanya – ritik what happen to you!

Ritik – nothing I am going to sleep
Saying this he goes to take pillows and bedsheet to sleep on the floor and suddenly shivanya catches his hand and said

Shivanya – stop!

Saying this she goes on her bed and make a wall of pillow in between the bed and said

Shivanya – so you in left side and I in the right side like this you will sleep here everyday

Ritik jumped in the bed and said

Ritik – are you trying to come close to me?

Shivanya – what?

Ritik – see while sleeping if I came close to you then don’nt blame me

Shivanya – this is not going to happen

Ritik – you watched me while sleeping evey night

Shivanya sees him angrily and sleeps

Ritk also sleeps smilingly

At night at 3’o clock

Shivanya’s phone rang

Shivanya is shocked to see it’s shesha’s phone

Shivanya – di ! where are you from so many day di tell na I want to meet you tell me where are you

Shesha – shivanya I want to meet you come at shiv mandir near ritik’s pachner haveli

Shivanya – di! di! you stay there I am coming shivanya get up

she and leaves for shiv mandir she was going when ritik awake and searches shivanya he opens his eyes and watches shivanya going somewhere he follows her car

shivanya reaches shiv mandir and sees shesha she hugs her and said

Shivanya – di! where are you from so many days and why you ran away from the marriage

Shesha – shivanya I don’nt want to married that time but now I love ritik he is mine you go out of our life

Shivanya is shocked listening her

Shivanya – di!!!!! what are you saying ritik is my husband now you left him di I marry him to save his life as only I can save his life I can’t go out of his life otherwise his life is in danger di ! I know that you are angry with me but don’t say like this

Shesha – but I don’t know I love ritik and he is mine

Shivanya – but ritik , he loves me today he tells me that he loves me ‘ he is my husband di he has fillen my maang with sindoor made me wear mangalsutra of his name I respect my marriage a lot please don’t say like this

That all conversation is heard by ritik behind them

Ritik – ( in mind – so there is something she also feels for me)

And suddenly after hearing shivanya’s word shesha pushes shivanya but ritik saves her in time by catching her shesha’s finger touches shivanya’s ring and she burning this all is seen by ritik and shivanya and shivanya shouts

Shivanya( cried) – di !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! di!!!!!!!!!!!! what happened to you

She tried to go near sheha but ritik stops her and said

Ritik – shivanya don’nt go near her she is burning as guru dev tells us that something is dangerous in our life I think it was her shivanya please handle yourself

Shivanya cried and hugs ritik tightly

And after sometimes they return home

Precap – Three months leap………….
Is shivanya pregnant???????

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